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If all of them have stopped working simultaneously, then most likely you have blown the fuse. The fuse box is lower left of the steering column. The cover snaps off, and you will find a guide to which fuse is which, on the back side of the cover. Locate the 10 amp fuse for the Turn Signals, and use the fuse puller (plastic tool in the center of the fuse box) to remove the fuse. Hold it up to the light to see if the metal "U" shaped element has been broken. If, so simply replace with an identical 10A fuse - if you are lucky there should be a spare right in the fuse box.

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My Chevy S10 turn signals stopped working altogether hazzards still work Anyone know why?

I think there are two different flashers one for blinkers and one for the flashers.

You just put in an amp and subs in your 1994 maxima and shortly after the blinkers stopped working what would cause this and how can you fix it?

make sure if someone unplugged the flashers and all you would have to do is plug it back in

What is wrong with a 2001 Nissan Xterra if the blinkers stopped working and the flashers still work?

I believe the flashers are on a separate fuse than the blinkers, that is where I would first start to look, is the fuse box

Turn Signals and Emergency Flashers stopped working on my 2002 Chevy S10 where is flasher at?

it is behind the glove box.

Four-way flashers should be used when?

while your vehicle is legally stopped or disabled on the highway or shoulder.

Four-way flashers should be used?

while your vehicle is legally stopped or disabled on the highway or shoulder.

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Why did my headlights taillights and dash lights stopped working when flashers brake and turn signals work fine what happened?

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If the vehicle is stationary in the roadway blocking traffic, with its hazard flashers on (UNLESS IT IS A SCHOOL BUS OR EMERGENCY VEHICLE) you may proceed cautiously around it providing oncoming traffic is not a hazard.

The turn signals on your 97 continental stopped working after you had a little trouble turning on flashers High beams were slow to react but now they and flashers are good-no turn signals tho-any idea?

You may have a relay problem your flashers and turn signal are on different relays or there could be a problem with the wiring in the steering column that goes to the turn signal

When should you use four way flashers in a commercial vehicle?

When stopped and a possible hazard to traffic on the roadway, or when moving so slowly that you are a hazard to overtaking traffic.

When are the use of 4 way emergency flashers required by law?

Driving below 40 miles, long line of traffic, stopped along side of road

What is the problem if the blinkers flashers and headlights stopped working in a 1986 Toyota Corolla?

Sounds like an electrical problem, check your battery, alternator, and fuse box, and light wiring.

Four way flashers should be used?

When stopped and/or disabled at the side of the road - OR - in unusual circumstances, when travelling at a low speed SIGNIFICANTLY slower than the prevailing traffic flow.

The windows on a 04 Malibu stopped working does anyone have any suggestions?

Check the fuse in the panel on driver side door

Your air conditioning fan and heater both stopped working any suggestions?

Check for blown fan motor fuse.

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2000 Toyota Camry-the turn signal flashers just stopped working-no interior blinker clicking noise and emergency flashers also are not functioning-All fuses are good?

It's the relay. Check the relay box behind the fuse box or the fuse/relay box in the engine compartment.

1995 Pontiac sunfire stopped running and now wont star it just cranks over any suggestions?

check your timing

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1999 town and country van coolant fans stopped working and you changed the temp sensor and it still does not work Any suggestions?

Fan Relay

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What is a quick fix if the turn-signals stop working on a Mercury Sable?

If your turn signal flashers stopped working, play with the emergency flasher button on top of the steering column. Our 97 Sable turn signals quit once and luckily I pushed the emergency flasher button in and out many times and the signals have worked ever since. But the emergency flashers don't work, but I can live with that.