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Should you disconnect the positive or negative battery terminal first?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-13 22:45:32

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Negative, that way if hit a ground while on pos bolt it wont short out.

2006-08-13 22:45:32
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When removing the battery leads from the terminals you do what first?

Disconnect the negative - terminal first, then the positive + terminal. Unfasten the battery hold down clamp. When reinstalling the terminal connections connect the positive terminal first.

What does the negative terminal of a battery have?

The negative terminal of a battery has a - sign and positive terminal has a + sign.

Should you disconnect the positive or negative battery terminal first - 45k?

Always the negative cable first.

Does the positive end of a battery go to the positive or negative end of the terminal?

The positive end of a battery goes to the positive end of the terminal. In retro spec, the negative end of a battery goes to the negative end of the terminal.

Which battery terminal do you hook up first?

Connect the positive + cable first and negative - last. When disconnecting them disconnect the negative - first and positive + last.

How do you remove the battery on a 1999 Ford Escort ZX2?

Disconnect the negative terminal first. Then disconnect the positive terminal. Pull the ends straight up. Unbolt the top of the battery frame and lift up the cover on the battery.

How to install a new battery in your car?

make sure radio settings/presets are saved disconnect negative battery terminal disconnect positive battery terminal unscrew the battery mount take battery out put new battery in put the mount back reconnect battery terminals

Where is negative battery terminal on a citroen?

The negative battery terminal is on the battery. They don't have a wire coming from it like they do the positive. For charging purposes, the engine block acts as the battery ground. When disconnecting the negative at the battery, the negative terminal usually has a black wire and the positive has a red.

What is the difference between a positive terminal and negative terminal of a battery?

The positive + terminal is slightly larger.

What happens when you inadvertanly crossed the positive battery terminal from a negative to a positive and a positive to a negative.?

What happens when you inadvertently crossed the positive battery terminal from a negative to a positive and a positive to a negative.?Read more: What_happens_when_you_inadvertanly_crossed_the_positive_battery_terminal_from_a_negative_to_a_positive_and_a_positive_to_a_negative.

How do you run your power wire at battery with oldmobile alero 99?

Red, positive + cable to Positive + battery terminal. Black, negative - cable to Negative - battery terminal.

How do you reset the service engine light on your 1992 wrangler?

Disconnect the POSITIVE battery cable and touch it to the negative terminal OR disconnect the POSITIVE battery cable for about 30 minutes (either way drains the capacitors in the electrical system)

When putting in new battery do you connect the positive term and then the negative?

Yes. That is correct.An easy way to remember/ installation is the opposite: When replacing battery: FIRST disconnect the NEGATIVE -Terminal (black) then the POSITIVE +(red) Installation:Connect the POSITIVE Term FIRST then the NEGATIVE Term.

Is it safe to disconnect car battery while raining?

Disconnecting Auto Battery Terminal ConnectorsYes, it is safe to disconnect a "car" battery while it's raining, IF you do it properly.When disconnecting a vehicle battery, raining or not, ALWAYS disconnect the NEGATIVE [--] terminal first, and when reconnecting, always connect the NEGATIVE terminal last.

What way does electricity flow in a battery?

Outside the battery:The path for conventional current goes from the positive terminal (+, usually a red wire) to the negative terminal (−, usually a black wire).A wire's electrons flow from the negative (−) terminal to the positive (+) terminal.Since the current forms a continuous a loop in the same direction, the direction inside the battery is "backwards".Inside the battery:Conventional current flows from the negative (−) terminal to the positive (+) terminal.Positive ions flow from the negative (−) terminal to the positive (+) terminal.Negative ions flow from the positive(+) terminal to the negative (−) terminalConventional current assumes that all flowing charges are positive. It simplifies the situation because it hides the more complicated electrons, positive ions, and negative ions.

How do you disconnect and reconnect your battery on your 98 Cadillac?

Disconnect the negative cable first and connect the same negative terminal last when installing the new battery.

How do you replace the battery in a 2004 mini cooper S?

The battery should be in the hatch compartment (behind the rear seats), under the floor mat. Disconnect the negative terminal (black), then the positive terminal (red). Remove the battery, and install the new one in the same position. Reconnect the positive terminal, then the negative terminal. NOTE: The terminals are also designated by plus or minus symbols.

What is a positive terminal on a battery?

There are 2 battery terminals. A positive or hot and a negative or ground. The positive is slightly larger than the negative.

Electrons flow into what terminal of a battery?

they leave the negative terminal and return to the positive terminal

How do you disconnect the battery on a 2002 Beetle?

This is fairly easy... however: DISCONNECT NEGATIVE TERMINAL FIRST!! # Make sure your car is off # Keep your oem head unit codes handy in case you need to reset it # Disconnect you're negative terminal (use a rubber coated socket wrench to loosen the screw holding it in, make sure you wrap it in a rag to avoid it touching any ground on your car, and tape it off or hold it somewhere) # Disconnect the positive terminal # Reconnect your positive terminal # Reconnect your negative terminal # Then secure your battery covers and start your car and you're done!!

How do you install a battery for a 2003 Mercury Mountaineer?

Using 8mm socket or wrench disconnect negative battery terminal first and then positive terminal. Then unbolt battery hold down located on side of battery near engine. Pull off plastic battery cover then remove battery. Clean battery terminals with wire brush. If bolts are corroded replace them. Replace battery, battery cover and hold down. Then put positive terminal on and then negative.

How do you change a battery on a smart car?

Battery is located under passenger floor board. Pull back carpet to locate. Disconnect the negative termainal first, then disconnet the postive terminal. remove old batter - install new battery. Connect Negative Terminal first - then connect the positive terminal.

How you can indicate the current direction in the network?

If we go for the diagramatic representation then battery positive is represented by the long terminal and battery negative is represented by the short terminal then the direction of the current is given by an arrow from positive terminal to negative terminal (Therotically electrons flow from negative to positive but we represent current flow from positive to negative. This is the sign convention )

Do electrons flow from negative terminal to positive terminal in the battery?

i think yes

Which way does electrons flow in a button cell battery?

Electrons flow from the negative battery terminal to the positive battery terminal.