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im having a similar problem. but NONE of the back lights work. i checked the fuses - all good. then i moved to the bulbs. i changed the blinker bulbs on all 4 lights and that fixed the blinker problem. im still having a reverse light and emergency flasher problem, though. im going to change the rest of the bulbs first, to see if that fixes the problem. if its not the bulbs or fuses then check the switch on the steering column. as a last resort. its gotta be in the wiring. that's a punk of a deal to fix, though. oh well, that's all i can help with right now.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 15:51:57
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Q: Turn signals brake and emergency flashers dont work?
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Why does your emergency flashers work on your 93 g20 Chevy van but not the turn signals?

There are two relays, one for the emergency flashers, and one for the turn signals. Your turn signal flasher is defective and needs replacing.

Why does the emergency lights work and the blinkers don't on a 1991 mustang?

this car may have separate flashers for the turn signals and the emergency flashers

02 Monte Carlo turn signals not working but fuse is ok?

Turn the emergency flashers on and make sure that they are flashing at a normal rate of speed. Then turn your emergency flashers off and try one of your turn signals and it should work.

Caprice turn signal relay?

The turn signals on a 91 caprice do not work, the emergency flashers do.

Why would the blinkers on a 1996 Mustang not work if the flashers do and the bulbs are good?

It has 2 different flashers. One for the turn signals and one for the emergency flashers.

Are flashers reqired on motorcycles?

No turn signals are not by law required, as long as you have your headlight, brake light, and you know the hand signals for turning on a bike than you don't need flashers. But if you're not using flashers, you are still required to use hand signals

What is a quick fix if the turn-signals stop working on a Mercury Sable?

If your turn signal flashers stopped working, play with the emergency flasher button on top of the steering column. Our 97 Sable turn signals quit once and luckily I pushed the emergency flasher button in and out many times and the signals have worked ever since. But the emergency flashers don't work, but I can live with that.

How many signal flashers are on a 1996 Honda accord turn signals and emergency flashers separate?

No, there is only one flasher which works both the turn signals and emergency flasher. It is located on the drivers side, under the dash, above fuse block, mounted on kick panel.

Turn Signals and Emergency Flashers stopped working on my 2002 Chevy S10 where is flasher at?

it is behind the glove box.

Where are the emergency flashers located on your 1997 Royal Star Yamaha motorcycle?

You have to quickly flip the turn signals back and forth in order to simulate an emergency flasher.

Where is the fuse located for the turn signals on a 97 cougar?

To the left of the emergency brake in a panel

Why would the emergency flashers work but the turn signals do not on a 1994 Pontiac sunbird?

Bad switch in steering column? diffrent fuses.

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