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What are the negative effects of imperialism?


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Imperialism and its partner, colonialism did great damage to under developed nations. Because of their power, the imperialists were able to exploit the workers in these nations and export the wealth of minerals these nations had. Later, these nations found themselves without the resources that the imperialists had stolen from them.


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The negative effects of imperialism (colonization) is that the indigenous people are often times oppressed and relegated to being second-class citizens.

Imperialism, led to wars between other European nations. Imperialism in Asia became a negative force in that it released its liberal ideas on the homefront in pursuit to influence colonies away.

Imperialism led to more political instability. There were feuds among the leaders. The liberals fought for new land reforms. Many new independent countries were struggling with civil wars. These were the various negative effects of imperialism in Latin America.

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the positive affect was the fact that they were given new resources to work with

There are three effects of imperialism. The three effects are small colonies, large nations and no rights.

Negative: loss of culture, the country was split up and no longer unified Positive: advanced in technology, medicine, education

Wars and rebellions are the basic negative impacts on imperialism.

The positive effects of the invasion of Iraq was that the people were free of a murderous dictator. The downside is that it inspired the latest murderous dictator.

Positive effects of imperialism in Egypt are the industrialization of the nation and better sanitation and education. Negative effects are the amount of money that had to be paid to the British and that the British brought new disease.

Poverty, corruption, and a considerable inequality in the distribution of income are among the most important outcomes.

Imperialism was more negative in India because it destroyed India.

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There is no positive effects of imperialism.

There was no "African government " before imperialism.

Well some positive effects of american imperialism was the involvement in the panama. This helped them maintain liberty and establish a democracy. And another was the involvement of puerto rico;which help them from a democratic government a negative effect was the annexation of hawaii illegally;which left the hawaian people not wanting to be under u.s control.

The imperialists, for all their faults, imposed peace, brought jobs and sometimes schools and medicine.

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