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What are the torque specs for the front drive axle nut and lower control arm on a 2000 Saturn SL2?


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2004-11-28 13:09:58
2004-11-28 13:09:58

'97 sunfire axle nut is 195 ft-lbs. Should be the same for Saturn


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The front axle torque specs of a 1999 Saturn is 41 ft lbs. It is the axle shaft support bracket to engine bolts.?æ

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No. They are All Wheel Drive or Front Wheel Drive

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The 2001 Forrester front drive axle nut torque specification is 90 pounds. The front drive axle nut should be torqued in 45 pound intervals.

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front bearing torque 151 ft lb rear bearing torque 63 ft lb plus 36 degrees

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