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remove the chatter valve

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Q: What can you do to your motor if you drive without a flex pipe?
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Exactly what is the purpose of a flex pipe and what are its components and how does it work?

The purpose of the flex pipe is to give the exhaust some flexibility. On front wheel cars since the motor is mounted crosswise, when you give it gas the motor rocks and would over time break the exhaust pipe or even the exhaust manifold. On rear wheel drive cars, the exhaust pipe can twist which gives the needed flex. As far as components, it is just a woven metal sleeve over a piece of pipe that isn't attached to the ends of the flex tube. The outside woven part allows the exhaust to flex.

Is it necessary to replace the 'flex' part of a flex pipe with another flex piece or can you use regular exhaust pipe?

You can use regular exhaust pipe providing it fits and you can bend it into the location.

What is a flex pipe made of?

An exhaust flex pipe is made of layers of woven stainless steel.

What is an exhaust flex joint on a car?

Some (front wheel drive) cars have a flexible piece of pipe that connects the exhaust manifold to rest of the exhaust system. The length of pipe is designed to allow the engine to rock back and forth on its mounts. Without the flex joint, the movement of the engine would damage the rest of the exhaust system.

How do you repair a flex pipe 2001 Volkswagen Passat?

You need a welder the flex pipe part and a saw and a car lift.

If you replace the flex pipe on a 95 Camry 22L do you have to replace the catalytic converter too?

No you don't. They can cut the pipe and weld the flex pipe into place...otherwise it will get VERY costly

How much does it cost to replace a flex pipe on a 1999 ford escort?

It's cheapest to buy a universal pipe and weld it on yourself. The universal flex pipe part is Walker 42216. It goes for $25-$30. If you bring the pipe to a shop, the shop should charge you around $50-$80+tax in labor to remove the old pipe and weld the new flex pipe in.

What would cause a noise around the catalytic converter and up toward the motor?

most likely the converter is plugged up and caused a leak in the flex pipe

Is there a flex pipe in a 1995 Nissan Maxima?

Yes, there is..

Will your car pass inspection with a bad exhaust flex pipe?

A car that has a bad exhaust flex pipe will not pass inspection in any state that requires it. The pipe will need to be fixed before the car is inspected or it will fail.

Can you drive a car without an air intake pipe?

You can drive a car without an air intake pipe but it may end up pulling hot air in from the engine compartment. This will reduce the engine's overall performance.

Where can you purchase just the flex pipe for a 1995 Camry?


How do you connect a copper water pipe to a flex pipe?

The quick and easy way is to use a compression "Shark Bite" fitting. It slips onto the copper pipe and creates a tight fit. Then use a threaded or pex flex adapter for your for the connection.Sweat on a male adapter to the copper pipe then just screw on the flex hose. You can also cut the pipe sweat on a tee then use a nipple and male adapter.

How much does it cost to repair a flex pipe on a 2002 Toyota Camry?

If its just the Flex pipe replacement it should not cost more than $120 with tax. I recently had mine replaced. -Gokul

What is a exhaust flex pipe?

An exhaust flex pipe is a braided stainless steel pipe that allows for some movement between exhaust pipes (usually around 6-8" long). It is made of interwoven wires of stainless steel. A flex pipe will need to be replaced within the life of a vehicle and a tell tale sign of expiration is when wires are sticking out or loud exhaust can be heard from that area.

What is a flex pipe and how does it work?

It is a flexible section of pipe in the exhaust system that helps absorb some of the engine vibrations.

Can you patch a flex pipe for a muffler?

Yes! This can easily be done with a rubber pipe coupling bought at home depot.

What size is the flex pipe on a 1997 toyota avalon?

2.25 inch

Is a flex pipe illegal to use on a heating gas range I was told by the Philadelphia Gas Works to replace my flex pipe.?

For the purpose of cleaning behind a stove (great hygiene) one would think a flex pipe would be the thing to have installed. There must be approved flex pipes for use with natural gas in the home. Most travel trailers equipped with propane gas have such flex lines as the rigid line would certainly break over time and rough roads.

Is Volvo S40 a reliable sedan?

I've been very happy with ours, 160 000 KM, my turbo control valve went, and my exhaust flex pipe went, other than that no major problems - the turbo control valve was under warranty, the flex pipe I had replaced for about 150$. Very comfortable, very peppy, and a nice drive.

It is a type of steel exhaust pipe you can bend like a bending drinking straw can?

it is called flex pipe its kinda expensive

Why wouldn't you use flex pipe underground for pools in a wooded area?


What is a 'flex pipe' what does it do and can it be the reason a 1990 Plymouth Laser engine is really loud?

The flex pipe is a pipe that conects the exhaust manifold to you exhaust so that when the moter shifts it doesn't shake the whole exhaust syster. Yes it can be the reason that you car is so loud.AnswerOR, it is a cheap way to replace a faulty exhaust pipe. Hi, I own a 1990 Plymouth laser also. The flex pipe is on what they call the "J" pipe. It attaches your exaust manifold to your catalytic converter. There is also a brace for the "J" pipe that runs from the pipe right under the manifold and attaches to your engine block. It has been known to cause a hole in the pipe where it wraps around.

How does a flex pipe on a 1995 Saturn SL1 get replaced?

Front wheel drive vehicle engines move when you accelerate and decelerate, so the exhaust system must flex with it. These engines are equipped with a front exhaust pipe with a flexible section, which accommodates this movement. When replacing this pipe, you must cut the old pipe between the flex section and the Catalytic Converter. Purchase a new front pipe from the parts store, and with it a short "coupling" piece which will be slightly larger in diameter, so to fit over the two pieces. You will also need two clamps sized to fit over the coupling. Install the new front pipe, with the short coupling at the joint with the old section just forward of the converter. You then clamp the two ends of the coupling to complete the repair.

How do you repair flex pipe on exhaust?

You need to replace it by welding a new flexpipe in its place. Flex pipes have too much heat to be glued or wrapped.