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You are not allowed to give any personal opinions of the employee other than "Yes, I would ..." or "No, I would not hire this person again. Other than that, its basic; "Yes, Jim is an employee here at Burger Rink. Jim has been with the company about a year and a half. Jim works about 20 to 25 hours a week and his wage is $8.00 an hour plus tips.

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Q: What can you say if an employee is looking for another job and the prospective employer calls you?
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Is it advisable to let a prospective employer call your current boss for references even though the job is not guaranteed?

Don't have a prospective employer call your current boss. If your current boss knows you're looking for another job, he/she could fire you! The prospective employer should realize this. Feel free to give earlier job references, of course.

Why are you interested in the job you are applying for?

WE cannot answer this for you ! The prospective employer is looking for you to tell them why you want to work for them - and DON'T say 'because I want the money' !

In Michigan what can an employer tell anyone about your previous employment whether it is another employee or perhaps someone looking for a reference?

They can only state whether you worked there and what dates.

How can a person find out what skills the employer is looking for in an employee?

>all of the answers are correct<

What actions should an employer take when an employee has been missing staff meetings on a consistent basis and has already received an oral warning?

He/She should start looking for another job

Where are the good local truck driving jobs?

Not in Colorado Springs, I can tell you that. Local jobs are in high demand, and there's a lot of people looking for them. That gives the employer the advantage over the prospective employee, and enables the employer to set the conditions and wages while still maintaining a pool of viable candidates willing to work under those conditions.

I looking for 2008 w-2 form?

i am an employee looking for a copy of my 2008 w-2 form? Contact your employer's HR or payroll department.

Is it better to apply for full time work or part time work which one is the potential employer more looking to hire?

It really depends what type of job but the employer is most likely looking for a full time employee.

What makes interested to apply here?

When asked on a application why the potential employee is interested in working there, the employer is looking for clues on how long they would remain a employee. If a employee answers they needed a job they are not expected to last long, if they are generally interested in the work they may be a long time employee.

Can employers make contributions to roth IRA?

Yes and no, if an employer contributes to your Roth IRA directly the employer must report it as income to you. Since it is income they must also report it to uncle sam as taxable income and the employer will have to pay payroll taxes on the contribution. They can not pay into a Roth as the employer, so that answer is NO. Most employers will not want to deal with the potential IRS reporting nightmare this can have. That being said, the're companies that offer PDP, payroll deduction plans. These plans are employee funded through the employees paycheck. The funds can be used to fund any type of account, i.e Roth, IRA, 529 and so on. The Employer then sends one check monthly to the company of choice based on the amount each employee has withheld from thier individual pay checks, hence payroll deduction. If the employer is looking to offer this as a benefit to it's employee or key employee the employer would increase the employee's pay to match the amount the employer wishes to contribute to the employee. But ultimately it looks like the employee is making the contributions.

If an an employer fires an employee because they found out that the employee was looking for another position can that employee receive unemployment benefits?

Yes as long as you have enough time in the required time frame at the job to collect it. Unemployment benefits are determined by if the loss of the job was by no falt of you own and your looking for another job did not affect your performance in your current job so it was not a justification to fire you unless you looked for a job while you were supposes to be actually doing your current job and it was keeping you from carrying out the duties of your current job then it would be pretty much your own falt.

What type of fees should I expect when looking for a job through an employment agency?

Generally speaking, employment agencies do not charge the prospective employee any fees. It is the employer that will cover the cost of agency fees when they employ you. The exception may be if you are working in a field which requires a CRB check (e.g. education or care), in which case you will probably have to pay for this yourself.

How much money do robotic engineers make?

In general, engineers along with just about any other profession, make either what they deserve or what they can negotiate. It's all about perception. If an employer perceives that an employee or candidate can provide greater value, the employee MAY be entitled to more money. If an engineering degree is all the employer is looking for, he/she may be willing to pay more for that piece of paper. On the other hand, if an employer needs an engineer to produce, the employee will more likely be paid based on his/her value to the company.

What do you say when an employee leaves a job?

I would say that I hope you find what you are looking for if it is another job that you are going to.

Why you want to join insurance job?

A prospective employer may ask why you want to join the insurance company. They are looking for an answer that shows you have thought of the reasons you want the job. Your answer should show you know the company and tell them what you can offer them

What are you looking for from your next employer?

looking for people who can get the job done

What are the main points of legislation affecting employers and employees?

Employee/ employer legislation is a vast subject. It is also country specific. You will need to state where and what particular aspects of it you are looking for.

Is it illegal for an employer to ask if you're looking for another job?

of course not, it is also not illegal for you to look for a job. this is American

Can a freshmen be accepted in a job that qualifies only a person who has a college degree?

That's up to the prospective employer. The employer sets the qualifications and decides whom to hire. If an employer can't find someone with every single qualification they're looking for, sometimes they'll take what they can get. But the current job market in the U.S. suggests that's not likely. There's a pretty big gap between freshman year and graduation.

How do you answer why are you seeking employment when already employed?

Regardless of why you left, don't speak badly about your previous employer. The interviewer may wonder if you will be bad-mouthing his company next time you're looking for work. You could say I found myself bored with the work and looking for more challenges. I am an excellent employee and I didn't want my unhappiness to have any impact on the job I was doing for my employer.

What is a good statement when applying for an data encoder?

It is good to do some research on the employer and find out what they are looking for in an employee. If you honestly match the company's needs, it is smart to mention how you can help the company when you apply or during an interview.

When looking for a job you should stress to prospective employers how you can meet their needs?


Can a prospective employer contact your present employer without your consent?

Let's turn this around and say that you are the prospective employer. Would you want to know more about the prospective employee from his former employer(s). Wouldn't you like to know what kind of person you will be hiring? If the person you are thinking about hiring doesn't want you to contact former employers, would you think he has something to hide? Bottom line: after considering all of this, would you hire a person at point blank, no questions asked?...what if you are currently employed and you don't want your employer to find out you are looking for something else???You completely missed the question, "Can a prospective employer contact your present employer without your consent?" Get it? present employer and it is not illegal, but it is a legal liability on the prospective companies part as a lawsuit can come about if the job seeker's current position results in terminate or damaged work environment.If someone knows you are gainfully employed they owe you a duty of care in their dealings with you.Until a person accepts a job offer, there is a fiduciary responsibility to keep these meetings confidential (unless of course permission is given to the contrary).By violating his/her trust and his/her privacy, that would show a lack a concern for his/her well being. That is negligence. You need trust in any successful relationship.If he/she lost their job or promotin as result of this breach, they could sue and win. Why? A contract of privacy does not have to be in writing, it can be verbal. And in this case, it is implied by the nature of the communication and would be expected by any reasonable and prudent person.If you negligently cause someone to lose their job (whether or not intentionally) by violating a confidence, that is a compensable matter. You cannot put some one in a lessor position than you found them without consequences.

What is famous daves employer indentification number?

still looking

Under confidential cover?

A confidential cover letter is used by a person who is currently working yet looking for another potential employer. It can be used to explain one's situation.