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Replace your heater selector switch

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Q: What could be wrong if the front defroster and AC on a 1991 Chevy Corsica are not working and it seems to be the blower motor because when you turn the setting to heat it works?
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Why is the ac and heat working at the same time?

The ac unit compressor will run when it is in defroster mode and heat setting is on.

What would be the problem for rear defogger not working on a expedition?

Check that the wire on the rear defroster is connected to the defroster. If broken off repair it.

How do you fix the defroster on a 1995 Toyota Corolla?

you have to make sure there is no short and check for voltage amount at the strips of the window to make sure defroster is working

Why does the rear window defroster cause the radio to quit working?

you either have a blowed fuse or a wire crossed

Why is your fan not working when defroster is on?

most likely your air conditioner needs recharged per my mechanic brother-in-law

What should you check if your heater stopped working in a 1993 Jeep Cherokee?

Which part isn't working? Is it blowing air but it stays cold, is it not blowing at all or is it just blowing to the defroster?

Does the heating element on a rear car defroster heat up enough to clear morning dew?

It should if the system is in good working order.

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What would cause the rear defroster and the electric mirrors and cigarette lighter and door locks to stop working on a 1993 Pontiac grand am?

Bad fuse

Heater is not working in a 2002 ford foucs only work when fan setting is place in?

Heater is not working in a 2002 ford foucs only work when fan setting is place in?

What repairs might be necessary for a non working turn signal on a 1994 Chevy Corsica when the fuses are in good condition?

change the bulb

What causes the temperature gauge to quit working on 1993 Chevy Corsica?

bad temp sender usually. Bad gauge rarely.

Why would the heat stop working in a 96 Chevy Corsica?

My 96 corsica does the same thing, so maybe this will help: I have a small coolant leak, and I have to put more antifreeze in quite regularly. when my coolant level is too low, my heat stops working. try checking your coolant levels, remember to use universal or dexcool.

How do you repair a rear defroster that stopped working on a 1999 Oldsmobile Alero?

There is a repair kit available to repair the grid. A test light will find the break in the grid.

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How do you troubleshoot the rear window defroster for a 1989 Toyota 4Runner?

First things first, make sure that the wires are connected at BOTH sides of the rear window for the defroster. There needs to be a path for the burrent to flow, so both need to be connected. If not, you can purcahse kits to re attach them, or if you are handy enough...solder it yourself. If they are connected, push the button that turn the defroster on...if you hear a click or a change in the sound of the engine (like its under load) then the defroster is working, but you have a connection problem between the device up front and the wires on the window. hope that helps

2004 Chevrolet Cavalier gets hot while using defroster?

The defroster turns the AC compressor on so if the vehicle runs hot with the AC on it will also do so with the defroster. To fix this look first to see if your Ac fan motor is working. On this year model I believe there are two different cooling fans, 1 for the motor and the 2nd for the air conditioner. A lot of times it may just be a fuse or maybe even a relay. Anyhow, start there.

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Why is my blower motor rear defroster and AC controls not working all of a sudden Not even the LED lights light up on a 1998 Cavalier Help The blower motor was starting to fail as I had to tap it .?

Ok..I figured it out. Turns out the rear defroster is the problem. When I unplugged it from the back windshield, blower/heater works great!! all those out there..if your blower motor blows fuses...check the blower motor first...then the HVAC and heater fuses, then rear defroster if you have a cavalier!

Why Ac fan does not work on Max?

Your AC fan is not working on the maximum setting because you have a bad blower motor resistor. This is located under the dash or next to the blower motor.

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Why doesn't defroster on drivers side of 1995 Chevy truck work?

Disconnected or plugged air duct? Vacuum acutated motor not working - due to a vacuum leak or defective motor?