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Normally it would be one of three things.... ONE- tranny fluid too low TWO- Torque Converter Three-(worst case) bands in the transmission worn or out of adjustment

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Q: What could be wrong with a 1.8 liter 1994 Plymouth Colt if when you stop at a light your car will not move in drive or reverse if your linkage is attached?
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Why won't 1969 Corvette shifter go into reverse?

The linkage that connects the shift lever to the transmission could be out of adjustment or the reverse gear in the transmission itself could be bad. Usually it's the linkage.

No reverse on a Chevy S10 4wd extended cab 2000 but all forward gears are fine Is the tansmission fried?

Yes. Could just be that the linkage is not engaging reverse properly, try disconnecting the linkage at the transmission and manually putting it in reverse, if this works then you just need to adjust the linkage appropriately.

Your 1997 Chevy cavalier wont goe in reverse and the headlights come on when you put it in reverse you have no idea why?

Could be a linkage problem..

Why wont riding mower go in gear either forward or reverse?

If you physically can not move the gear shift lever into gear, it could be a problem with the shifter linkage or the transmission. If you can select a gear by moving the the lever which is attached directly to the transmission, it is the linkage. If the lever moves into a gear but the mower doesn't move, it could be a broken belt or a bad transmission.

You have no reverse gear drive works fine what could be wrong?

Mis adjusted shift linkage, internal failure

Why will my Lt185 not engage reverse?

The shift censor could be going bad. There may also be a problem with the transmission linkage which would cause this problem.

What could be wrong if your 1991 automatic Honda Civic goes forward but engine will only rev when put in reverse?

could be either transmission shift linkage not engaging reverse ( stops at neutral ) worn joint connectors sometimes cause this. or reverse clutches or gears bad inside transmission.

What could be wrong if the reverse went out on my 1995 Chevy Silverado manual transmission but drive is fine?

Possible shifter or linkage problem? ie: not actually going into reverse. Ummmm, you didn't zoom the tires in reverse and blow the gear did you... Hope that helps.

Why isn't my reverse gear working '78 VW type 2 reverse not engaging when trying to engage reverse gear It just ends up In second and when in fourth gear gear lever is sloppy and hits your knee?

The linkage could be bad.

What causes the reverse lights to stay on all the time on my 1999 Hyundai?

pretty vague, could be worn linkage in your gear box that pushes the switch.

Why won't your 1996 GMC Sierra truck go into reverse?

Your 1996 GMC Sierra truck might not go in reverse because the transmission fluid is empty. You might also have damaged the transmission or the transmission linkage could be broken.

1996 GMC Jimmy V6 4wd Auto has no reverse The linkage is working and when you put it into reverse the engine idles down and kind of whines but tranny acts like its still in neutral What could it be?

Check fluid level Could be a bad pump inside the transmission

Why does your transmission only engages in reverse and not drive?

There are several reason why this could be happening. There could be a linkage broke, a bad pump or just a bad transmission in general. Most likely the pump is bad or the transmission is bad.

What is the problem when a truck will reverse but won't go forward when put in drive?

Could be cable or linkage out of adjustment. Verify from underneath is actually in drive before you do anything else (with a helper)

Won't shift into reverse?

Type of vehicle and is it a standard or automatic? Could be shifter linkage, clutch, something stuck around the shifter. If standard, will it shift into reverse when the engine is off? If so, it is most likely the clutch slave cylinder. Could be the master cylinder, but the slave usually goes bad first.

What does my 95 blazer 4.3 liter spit and sputter when your giving it gas in forward gears but not in reverse. Does the computer override something in reverse that could be bad?

Check to see that transmission linkage not making contact with wiring while gear selector in forward position.

Your Saturn is stuck in reverse Could it be the clutch linkage?

There isn't any linkage, it has a cable, check to see if the cable is loose. There is a U clip that holds the cable in place,if the U clip is in place and there isn't any slack in the cable, it could be your tranny. Is the clutch disengaging? If when you push the clutch in the engine can be turned over or the car can be pushed, it is not a problem with the clutch.

1998 ford ranger 4cly XL 5spd manual transmission will not shift into 5th and reverse gears?

it could be the shift linkage being that both gears over there wont work

What is a linkage cable?

Never heard of it, it's either linkage or cable. Carburetered vehicles could be linkage or cable operated. Throttle body would be cable operated or even electronically operated. Older transmissions could be linkage and later models would be cable operated.

Why would a 1992 Ford F-150 stall when put in reverse?

could possibly be the torque convertor. wiil it go if you give it some gas going from neutral to reverse or does it still stall ? check shift linkage for pinching a wire when shifted , good luck !

You have just purchaed a 1993 Volvo 940 - great shape except that when you place the trasmission in reverse it takes up to 15 seconds to catch Any ideas?

Maby it's not going completely into reverse. The linkage could be adjusted wrong or the plastic bushings in the linkage under the car may be gone. Replace the bushing before adjusting. Or you could be low on trans fluid. Check it warm in park with the engine running. For details see the Brickboard FAQs Good Luck

How come your car goes in to reverse but you can not get the shifter in drive?

This could mean that your shiftier linkage has bent somehow. You need to replace the linkage as bending it back will only result in having a weakened part. If may also mean that your fluid level is low in the transmission and it won't shift into a specific gear. Add fluid as necessary.

What causes the shift lever in a manual transmission to stick in reverse?

That could be a bad linkage (popped off or broken) or it could be internal. You ought to take this to somebody who can put the vehicle up on a lift and check it. I hope your car isn't too far from the shop.

In a Jeep What could cause the throttle to be stuck wide open after reinstalling exuast and intake manifolds?

check your throttle linkage. it may be stuck open and make your adjustments from there. this is located at the top of your motor attached to the carburators.

Why won't the transmission shift into high gear?

It depends on the type of transmission. If it is a manual transmission, the first thing to check would be the linkage. If the linkage is not the problem, then it could be the bushings or the synchronizer. If it is an automatic transmission, then it could be a problem with the bands, though you could have debris in the valve body or a servo problem. In some cases, linkage bearings could be an issue.