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What countries do Buddhists live in?

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Even though Buddhism originated in India, it has died out there but expanded to china and other parts of Euro-Asia. large members of buddhists resided there.

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What area in the world do buddhists live in?

Buddhists live in almost all areas of the world. The only exceptions are countries where there is no religion freedom, such as some Muslim countries.

Do Buddhists wear special clothes?

No. With the exception of some of the lamas and monks Buddhists blend in with the clothing styles of the cultures and countries where they live.

What country does Buddhists live?

Buddhists live in all continents (except maybe Antartica) and most countries on Earth. The highest concentration of Buddhists is in South-Est Asia. But Buddhism is the fastest growing religion in Europe and North America.

What countries have the highest Buddhists?

Japan, China, and many other Asian countries have the highest amount of Buddhists.

How do Buddhist get married?

Buddhists get married in many different ways because there are many sects of Buddhism in many countries. However, Buddhists see marriage as a secular event and are only expected to follow the laws in the countries they live in.

Where do most Buddhists live?

Most Buddhists live in Asia, primarily in China, but are dispersed all over the world.The majority of where buddist live today is in Japan Most Buddhists live in the country of Thailand and Cambodia.

Where do most Buddhists livenowdays?

The majority of the world's Buddhists live in Asia.

What region of Jammu and Kashmir do Buddhists mostly live?

Buddhists mostly live in the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir.

North Americans and Buddhism?

There are Buddhists in North America. Many Buddhists from other countries have emigrated to North American countries. In addition, teachers from other countries came to the Americas to offer the Buddha's teachings, and there is now a growing population of "first generation Buddhists" in North America.

Where do the most Buddhists live?


What type of houses do Buddhists live in?

Buddhists live in the same houses as everyone else in their city or country - they have no restrictions on living accommodations.

What other countries has Buddhism spread to?

Buddhists are present in most all countries of the world.

How do Buddhists live today?

Buddhists live in just about every country in the world. The largest majority lives in East Asia (i.e., China and Japan).

Where the people of the Buddhism culture live?

Buddhism is not a culture, it is a religion. Buddhists mainly live in Asia but thier are many Buddhists throughout the entire world.

How was Buddhism similar to other tribes?

Buddhists are not a tribe. Buddhism is a religion. We Buddhists live throughout the entire world.

Do Buddhists honor the caste system?

The Buddhists originally opposed the caste system but in Buddhist countries such as Japan similar systems were set up.

Which country has the most Buddhists?

The country with the most people that practice Buddhism is China. Other countries that have a lot of Buddhists are Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan.

Where are Buddhists located today?

Most of them are in Asian countries such as China or India.

Can anyone be a buddist?

Yes as long as you are wiling to live the way Buddhists live

What kind or places do buddhists live?

anywhere and everywhere I live in Gulfport Fl.

Where Do Buddhists Live In The World?

they live all over, especially in India and Japan

Where do most Buddhists live nowadays?

guya house

Where do Theravada Buddhists mainly live?

Sri Lanka

Why is the tripitaka so important?

The Tripitaka is the Holy Book for the Buddhists. It has all the Buddha's teachings in it and also tells the Buddhists how to live their life.. This book helps the Buddhists to follow their religion.

How many buddhists live in the US?

around 300,000There are about 300,000 buddhists currently living throughout the United States of America.

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