What countries have oligarchy?

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The word oligarchy comes from two Greek words; oligo meaning few and arkhein meaning to rule. Hence, an oligarchy is a system where the power is in the hands of small elite group rather than a democracy where it is theoretically in the hands of all the people. It is now usually associated with abuse of power but that isn't really the definition.
Some people suggest that Saudi Arabia constitutes an oligarchy. The truth is that most countries are oligarchies because small elite groups control power and true democracies are rare.
  • A more universally acceptable answer to your question might be, Kazakhstan
  • Pakistan
  • The AP Government final almost always uses China as its example of an oligarchy.

chia,asia ect..
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What is the structure of an oligarchy and what are some past or present countries with an oligarchy?

An oligarchy is "rule by the few". It does not specify how those few are defined, though traditional methods are by membership in some organization, birth into a specific set of families (or social class/caste), or wealth. In modern usage, it generally EXCLUDES forms of government like a monarchy ( Full Answer )

What is an oligarchy?

A government in which a small group holds all the power is calledan oligarchy. Governments where power is concentrated in the hands of a smallgroup of people and successors are hand picked based on their viewsthat are close to the views of the other members of the government. Oligarchy is the rule o ( Full Answer )

What country is an Oligarchy?

Oligarchy is a form of power structure in which power effectively rests with a small number of people. These people could be distinguished by royalty, wealth, family ties, corporate, or military control, but in modern usage the term usually refers to government buy a small number of wealthy people. ( Full Answer )

Countries with oligarchy?

countries with an oligarchy goverment are literally "countries ruled by a small group of people". A good example is present Saudi Arabia, formally a kingdom run by one king but in fact being completely run by the members of the House (the extended family) Saud; hence the name of the country.

Examples of oligarchy?

An oligarchy is a dominant ruling class in a country, a small group of \nelites that keep all of the power and do not allow any opposition. \nRussia under the Tsars could be considered an example of an oligarchy. . Has been said that a democracy is at best a mask hiding a particular ruling elit ( Full Answer )

What countries have Oligarchy form of government?

im not sure...im trying to find the answer my self partly America. we have a mix of democracy, oligarchy, republic, Constitutional, and alot of other ones i don't know of...but don't put that answer on your homework or something cause I'm no good at social studies.

What countries use oligarchy?

Cuba Venezuela North Korea Tunisia it can be found in cuba, north korea, and tusanmi and idk google

What advantages are there to oligarchy?

An oligarchy is any type of government in which power is held by relatively few people. An oligarchy may take many different forms. For example, a republic may be an oligarchy if only a relatively few people have the right to vote. In most oligarchies, the ruling group has power because of its wealt ( Full Answer )

What countries are an oligarchy?

First of all not many people know what an oligarchy is. It means when a small group of people have all the power. The group gets its power from either military, wealth or social status. E.g.: China, Saudi Arabia, Bolivia, North Korea some countries in South America.

What country is oligarchy?

an oligarthy is a country where the means of production and sales are owned and controlled by the state. Regular citizens do not have authority to invent or build their own organizations.

The way of oligarchy?

An oligarchy is an elite group of men(never women) that control city-states. Oligarchy was usually greedy and harsh, and citizens and mercenaries, or Hoplytes (hOp-Lights) eventually overthrew the elite group and which became Tyranny.

What are the characteristics of an oligarchy?

In the traditional definition, oligarchy is "government by the few". From a political science standpoint, this means that there is a certain governing class of individuals, from which all meaningful positions in government are drawn. The defining characteristic of an Oligarchy is that only members o ( Full Answer )

What Country has an oligarchy government?

An oligarchy is a control system of in which a small groups are in charge (rule by a few). It can be believed that any system eventually evolves into an oligarchy (the iron law of oligarchy) . According to this school of thought, 21st Century democracies should be considered as oligarchies because ( Full Answer )

What is the synonym for oligarchy?

The synonym for oligarchy is autocracy. Other synonyms foroligarchy are monocracy, fascism, totality, despotism, cruelty,coercion, oppression and domination.

What is the opposite of oligarchy?

seems to me, the opposite of oligarchy (rule by the privileged) would be democracy (rule by the people - by elected representation of course)

Is Iran an oligarchy?

I do Believe it is a theocratic Oligarchy. There is a supreme leader, yes , but there are also Revolutionary Guard Generals and There is many big time Clerics , such as Rafsanjanis , There are also Grand Ayatollas. All in All i do believe it is an oligarchy.

What are characteristics of oligarchy?

The characteristics of an oligarchy include the act that the poweris held in a very small group of people. The people in anoligarchical society usually have no say in what happens.

What is theocratic oligarchy?

this type of government is mostly practiced in southwest Asia, it is ruled by a few religious leaders

Who ruled Oligarchy?

An oligarchy is a form of power structure in which a small group ofpeople reign. These people often come from prominent families butnot always. They could also be chosen or distinguished by wealth,education, or other factors.

What countries are oligarchy in Europe?

There are no countries in Europe or the world who have an oligarch government. The oligarchy was created in Ancient Greece and it is a rule by a small group of people, usually the wealthiest.

What is financial oligarchy?

A financial oligarchy would be a system of government where power rests in the hands of an elite but wealthy few.

Who has the power in an oligarchy?

An oligarchy is a form of government in which all power is vested in a few people or in a dominant class or clique . The people in charge have a large amount of land , family has power , or the can have a large amount of money. Sometimes the people in charge are elected other times they are born i ( Full Answer )

Who has an oligarchy?

Oligarchy is a form of power structure in which power rests with a small number of people, either by royalty, wealth, family ties, corporate control, and military control. The former Soviet Union was an oligarchy where members of the Communist Party were over-privileged. South Africa was an ( Full Answer )

Who is a oligarchy leader?

IAn oligarchy is ruled by a few people that are selected by social stats or wealth

Are there any countries today that could be considered Oligarchies?

Pakistan, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Tunisia. These countries are not oligarchies. They would be considered autocratic. Tunisia is currently in a transitional government. There are no longer any modern oligarchies in the world today.

What current countries are oligarchies?

An oligarchy is a country ruled by a small group of authoritarian rulers, like a dictatorship, but with more than one dictator. China, which is ruled by the Communist Party Politburo Standing Committee, could be considered and oligarchy. Burma/Myanmar (just which name to use is controversial, not a ( Full Answer )

Which country practices oligarchy?

One nation that is an oligarchy today is the country of Russia. Itis ruled by a wealth elite group of people seeking even more wealthand power.

What are facts about oligarchy?

Supported by the military Citizens can not vote They are ruled by rich people A form of government that is ruled by a group of people.

Who governs oligarchy?

An oligarchy is a form of government that has a long history in human society. One of the most famous ones were in the ancient Greek City State of Sparta. In an oligarchy the power in the government is centered around a relatively few number of people. This small number can come from a family or a g ( Full Answer )

What places have an oligarchy?

Oligarchy means, "rule by a group." It is the most common form of government in all of history. And it is the most common form of government today. Most of the nations of the world are ruled by a powerful few. Every king has his council of nobles or earls. Every dictator has his bureaucrats. And e ( Full Answer )

Why are oligarchies rare?

They are rare because many know that it is not fair at all, and no citizen can change the leader. It was used in Ancient Greece and the Middle Ages, but the leaders chose the other leader, so no person had any right.

How does an oligarchy function?

Oligarchy means the rule by a few especially for corrupt or selfish purposes. A modern example is rather like South Africa during the 20th Century when a small population of white people denied access to trade and educational systems to the coloured population. This process had been going on since t ( Full Answer )

Countries ruled by a oligarchy government?

The Russian Federation has been considered an oligarchy since thecollapse of the Soviet Union. Privately owned corporations such aspetroleum, natural gas, and metal producers have created theseoligarchs.

Which country in the world is Oligarchy?

There are no countries with the government of an oligarchy today. Some argue many Western European countries are, but in reality they are not.

What is the purpose of the oligarchy?

An oligarchy was a rule by few. This meant that there were a few prominent and powerful families in power, who passed on their power from generation to generation, maintaining that family's power. Because there wasn't one ruler fellow rulers could keep that leaders power in check. The purpose is ess ( Full Answer )

How do you beat oligarchy?

The Oligarchs own the banks and those who control the money control governments. Governments enforce the laws created by the law makers who are owned by the Oligarchy. The best and most peaceful way to beat the Oligarchs is to reject their system of money, employment servitude, patriotism, political ( Full Answer )

Why is oligarchy undemocratic?

Instead of free elections in these countries the elections are controlled and only one candidate is offered. Any kind of opposition is suppressed. It is a rule of a minority- a small group of people - over the majority, who do not have a say in the government and the law-making process.

Is their a country that is run by an oligarchy government?

Well, there's China. First response is accurate. A another example is the government ofthe Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. This is commonly referredto as North Korea. Although China is run by a communist party, itis a huge nation and has a huge government. Speaking in terms ofoligarchy, only e ( Full Answer )

How do you get power in an oligarchy?

An oligarchy is a government where the power is centered among a small number of people. To gain a place in this type of government requires that either by wealth or family ties one can generate support among the members and join the oligarchy. Generally speaking, unless one has some kind of powerfu ( Full Answer )

What is another country with oligarchy?

Russia and China still use oligarchy in the today world. They are small communist countries that still holds power using military, money and been highly sociable.

Is Antarctica an oligarchy?

According to the Wikipedia definition of oligarchy: "a small group of people having control of a country, organization, or institution." . . . Antarctica is governed by the Antarctic Treaty, signed by governments representing 80% of the earth's population. Then, is is not an oligarchy.

When was an oligarchy government?

Oligarchy originated in ancient Greece and meant 'rule of the few'.The few means anything short of the full population, and could benarrow- a group of aristocrats, or broadly-based, such as all thosewho were landowners and warriors. In modern usage it applies to themore limited definition, but most ( Full Answer )

Why is the oligarchy the best?

It isn't, and certainly not by definition. While it cannot be saidthat democracy is a guarantee for excellent government by highlyqualified and responsible people, democracy if it is workingeffectively at least ensures that rulers and representatives haveto 'sell' their qualifications to the elector ( Full Answer )

Is Mexico oligarchy?

Mexico is officially a federal presidential representative republic. As such, it is ruled by government representatives (the executive and the legislative powers) elected by the populace. Just like any country in the world however, there are groups within the country with more influence and power t ( Full Answer )