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What countries were on each side of each of the World Wars?

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What countries fought on each side in world war 1?


Who side was Great Britain on in WW1?

Oh dear. Agreed. Great Britain was on the Allied side in both world wars from start to finish. In each war, America came in later, on the Allied side. Just to make sure - Germany was on the other side in both World Wars.

What are the two countries that participate on each side in World War 1 and World War 2?

Great Britain and Germany were the only one countries who were face to face,what about usa

Which side of Bulgaria did it fight on?

Bulgaria was on the side of Germany in both World Wars.

Why did America not join in world wars?

They did join in the world wars,in ww1 the Americans joined the British/french side in ww2 they joined the side of Britain again in 1941.

Whose side did America fight on during both world wars?

America fought on the Allied side during both World Wars and now they are one of the major Western Powers.

Who led each of the countries involved in World War 1?

There were 4 major powers on the Allied side, and 3 on the Central Powers side. Also,there was another 20 or so so European countries affected by WW I.

Whose side was Australia on in world war 1?

Allies for both World Wars.

What countries were in charge of each section after World War 2?

If you are talking about Germany.The left side was in control of the united states,france,and britian.The Right side was all controlled by Russia.

What two countries lie on each side of the Bering Strait?

The USA and Russia lie each side of the Bering Strait

What side was Bulgaria on during world war 1?

Bulgaria was an ally of Germany in both World Wars.

On which side did Switzerland fight during world war?

Switzerland was neutral during both World Wars.

What countries were on Germany's side in world war 1?

Not sure. (:

ON WHAT SIDE did Switzerland fight for during World War 2?

Switzerland did not fight on any side in during both world wars it chose to stay neutral.

Is Indonesia far from Mexico?

Yes. It is almost on the other side of the world. Both countries are some 16,867 Kilometers (10,480 miles) apart from each other.

What side was Bulgaria on in World War 1?

Bulgaria and their previous rulers, the Ottoman Empire, both fought on the side of the Central Powers in World War I. Bulgaria hoped to get help from Germany and Austria in regaining territory lost in the Balkan Wars. Instead they lost still more land to neighboring countries.

Russia side in ww1?

yeah man sorry about that my freind was messin. russia was on the allies side, i believe. for both world wars

What countries were on each side in World War 1?

lsdsd Great Britain, France and Russia made up one side called the Triple Entente and Germany, Austria and Italy made up the other.

Which countries were on the losing side in World War 1?

The central powers

What is the difference between Starwars the clone wars and starwars?

In the clone wars, the clones were on the bright side, but then in star wars, they were on the dark side.

What makes a civil war different from other wars?

Civil wars are between two groups from the same country. One side will try to keep it together and the other to make two countries.

In how many countries do car drive on the right side of the road?

Most countries throughout the world drive on the right side of the road. Some of these countries include America, Canada, China, Russia, and Israel.

Why was world war named world war?

World War I was so named in retrospect with reference to World War II. At the time that World War I was being fought, it was simply known as "the Great War". These two wars were termed "World Wars" because they involved so many more countries than had every been part of any previous war. In the past wars were usually fought between two factions within a nation or a couple of nations or perhaps 2 or three nations allied against 2 or 3 other nations. In these wars, many, many nations were allied on each side and the battle fronts reached across the continent and out into the oceans. In the case of WW II, the battle was being fought in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Atlantic, and the Pacific - truly a world-wide war.

Which countries fought on our side in the world war 2?

all the best ones

Which countries fought on the side of britain in world war 1?