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For the most part German Spies were very ineffectual. Most German Spies, who tried to infiltrate Britain, were caught immediately and turned(They stood out because all the communities were close knit and any stranger was immediately reported). German Spies did operate brazenly in Mexico, as in ww1, but little has been published on this matter. The Germans were trying to pump money into Mexico, because they hoped the Mexican Govt. would invade the U.S. On the Russian Front, Terrible without a doubt. The Russians always seemed to be a step ahead of the Axis before they could mount any major offensive.

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Q: What effect did German spies have in World War 2?
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What happened to spies caught in World War 1?

During World War 1, there were hundreds of German spies who were caught in the United Kingdom. They were all killed upon captivity.

Did Germany have spies in World War 2?

During World War 2, Germany had spies and practiced espionage. German espionage began before the World War, and dates back to before the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

What information did the enemy spies find out in England World War II?

None. All German spies were captured before they had a chance to start operating.

Why did the names of some places in Australia change during World War 2?

to fool German spies.

What kind of disguises did spies use in world war 2?

They used disguises of the enemy, as in... American Spies wear German Clothing Itailan Spies wear French Clothing Spies in World War 2 were more like "moles" than spies. A "mole" is like a spy, but they work for both sides, but provide info and really work for only one side.

How many German spies where there in World War 2?

German Spies of WWII. World War II had been over scarcely a week when a U.S. Army ... there would be later reverberations: His exaggerated reports of Russian military ... German intelligence veterans, many of whom were fellow fugitives. ...In January, 1942, Britain had a total of 19 German spiesworking as double .... As an exile in Switzerland he maintained contact wit many of his friends from .....In March, 1942, the Japanese had invaded Java and from therehad started ...

When German spies reported the Russian military was mobilizing for war who declared war on Russia?

actually, its Germany

What effect did spies have on the Civil War?

Both sides in the US Civil War used spies. Many Union spies lived in Richmond and vice versa regarding Washington DC. Espionage however had little to do with the outcome of the war.

What were the long term effect of World War 2 on German soldiers?

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What did the women spies do in world war 2?


Who were the World War 2 German spies born in US?

Hitlers Spies That Were Born in America were part of 2 families. The Brennan Family and a Family with the name of Whitehead. They Were th most brutal spies kow in american history and the US goverment is still looking for them today!

What effect did operation torch have on the outcome of the World War 2?

The German force had weaken from Africa

How many Japanese spies were in world war two?

See: List of Japanese spies, 1930-45.

How did World War 2 effect the British economy?

the war had a negative effect on Britain. They lost many citizens and soldiers in the war. their cities were also in shambles because of the German bombers.

What is Another word for spies in world war 2?

an informant.

What did the british spies do in world war 2?

they spied on their enemy

Where there any female spies in World War 2?

no there wasn't,

Were there American spies in Japan during World War 2?


How many women spies were there in World War 2?

1000 from all the countries which represents 1% of spies in WW2

What has the author Walter Nicolai written?

Walter Nicolai has written: 'The German secret service' -- subject(s): World War, 1914-1918, Secret service, Spies

What did the English Spies do in World War 2?

Not all of the spies who reported to England in World War 2 were of English descent, but they operated in neutral or Axis-occupied countries, and they supplied information to England, the same as the spies of any country in any time do.

Who were the spies in the Civil War?

The spies in the civil war were the woman.

Spies in World War 2?

Yes there were many on all sides.

Are there any famous spies in world war 1?

Mata Hari

Was it only girl spies that were sent out in world war 2?

Uh, no.