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Turns the Overdrive on and off. Used for towing because you should never tow with the transmission in overdrive.

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Q: What for is the button on the side of the gear shift lever of a Cheyenne?
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Where is the overdrive button on a 98 Ford Taurus located?

On a 1998 Ford Taurus ; On the column shift the overdrive button is on the end of the gear shift lever On the console shift the overdrive button is on the drivers side of the gear selector lever below the button you have to press to shift out of PARK

Gear shift lever button will not engage to move the gear shift lever out of park 2006 dodge stratus?

check the brake pedal switch

Shift lever will not lock into a gear?

700r4 gear shift lever want lock in place

What is the button on the end of the gear shift column in a 1003 crown Victoria?

I assume that is the button that allows you to turn off or turn on the overdrive for the transmission ( my Ford Explorer also has a button on the end of the gear shift lever for that purpose )

What is the little button on the side of the gear shift lever for a 1997 Honda prelude?

isn,t that the over drive button

1988 Volvo 740 What is button on gear shift for?

It's the overdrive engage button, which is like a 5th gear. It only engages when the gear lever is in 4th gear and it can be operated without depressing the clutch.

How do you change into or out of 4 wheel drive in a 98 Toyota 4Runner?

Press the button on the left side of the transfer case selector lever. It's the lever on the console next to the gear shift lever.

What is the function of the shift lock button on the Toyota Yaris?

The shift lock button is used when the battery has discharged or the ignition isn't turned on, once the button is pressed it allows the gear lever to be moved from P (parking) to N (neutral).

What can you do if the gear shift button will not engage and the gear shift is stuck in park so you can't move your 1995 Corvette?

== ==

What does it mean when the hold light is blinking on 2000 kia sportage?

you have the transmission locked in the " hold " for that gear. To get rid of it push the button on the automatic shift lever below the one you push to put in gear from park.

What component causes my 94 Lexus SC400 to not start unless you giggle the gear shift lever?

sounds like your shift lever is not locking all the way. *the button on the drivers side (1/2inx1/8in) is the shift lock override, this could be stuck, take the trim piece off and check it.

What is the location of the overdrive button on a Kia Sedona?

The button is located on the left side of the gear shift. (right under the main shift button)

What does a cable shift mean?

Quite simply it means that the connection between the gear lever & the gearbox is a cable. Other means of connection are. Direct from the gear lever into the gearbox Rod linkage between the gear lever & the gearbox.

Is there a gear shift release button for the dodge magnum?

On the right side of gear shift lever, there is a long narrow plastic bin probably 1 inch wide and about 3 inch long and 1.5 inch deep.Pull this bin up by grabbing inside.You will find a window below and a pink plastic tab.Gently push this pink plastic tab to release gear shift lever from park in case of emergency (only).

What causes a motorcycle to shift out of gear?

check the pressure spring and arm on the end of the shift drum, or the gear lever is not moving far enough (obstruction somewhere)

Is there a way the shifter can be moved without a gear shift knob?

on an a manual transmission, just grip the shift lever.

1989 Jeep Wrangler stuck in gear 1st gear?

your shift lever bushings are bad, easy fix.

How do you adjust motorcycle gear shift angle?

loosen the bolt on the lever, remove the lever and replace in the new angle, then retighten.

What do warning lites mean on gearshift lever Dodge Grand Caravan 1995?

There are no warning lights on the gear shift lever.

Where is the button to turn on and off Overdrive in almera 1.8 auto SE?

the button is by the gear selector lever

Whats the function of ECT Button in Toyota Hilux Surf?

Red button in front of my gear lever, What is it?All Automatic Models: Pressing this allows you to move the gear lever out of park without turning the ignition

What is the hold button for on your shift lever of your automatic 1992 Mazda protege lx?

Its a old button for a certain gear. Say you are in overdrive but going up a hill and you need to down shift, hit that button and the car will automatically downshift until you release that button. The same thing applys as when going down a hill, you will want to keep the car at a lower gear so not as to use the brakes as much. It will slow you down automatically.

Why is the gear shift not working unless you press the Shift Lock release button on your 2002 Volvo C-70?

So that you don't shift the gear selector by accident

Why would a Cadillac Catera not shift into low gear?

If your not starting in low gear check the little snow flake button next to the gear shift. If this has been pressed your starting in 3 rd. gear.

What is the triangular chrome lever behind the gear shift that can go up or down on Jag s type?

Your emergency brake lever.