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What is a cloning vector?


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The original plasmid defined as a DNA molecule that can carry foreign DNA into a host cell and replicate there.


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The cloning capacity of pBR322 vector is 1-5kb.

i have no idea wat plasmid,cloning ,and vector means so haha 2 u

Gene Cloning is used to clone a gene of interest in a vector called plasmid. The chimeric DNA or rDNA formed by cloning is stable and can be used to propagate and sequence the DNA. producing vector containing inulin gene is an example.

plasmid is the type of the cloning vector. other cloning vectors includes cosmids, bacteriophage, phagemids, artifiical chromosomes. clonong vectors are the carriers of certain traits to be inserted in non coding regions of the DNA.

The insert capacity of a cosmid vector is about 35-45 kb.

The good cloning vector should have small size, high copy number, own origin of replication, restriction sites for many restriction enzymes and selectable markers.

About 1-5 kb (kilo base) can be inserted in a plasmid vector.

Expression vectors contain translation start and termination codons. Moreover, it contains promoter region

To cut the gene and connect the gene to the vector DNA

No, not really since it is just for cloning. But their should be enough promoter/sequence to provide antibiotic resistance.

The cloning vector, or host, will anneal with your desired DNA fragment and express this gene as it replicates.

there are two types of vectors cloning vector and expression vectors.

We can insert about 5-25 kb sized foreign DNA in a lambda bacteriophage vector.

"Vector" is an agent that can carry a DNA fragment into a host cell. If it is used for reproducing the DNA fragment, it is called a "cloning vector". If it is used for expressing certain gene in the DNA fragment, it is called an "expression vector".

In a M13 phage we can insert about 1-4 kb of target DNA sequence which is its maximum insert capacity.

Time-saving service for ORF cloning in your customized vector at the best price One-stop platform including downstream services for protein expression and functional analysis

TA Cloning is one of the most popular methods of cloning the amplified PCR product using Taq and other polymerases. These polymerases lack 5'-3' proofreading activity and are capable of adding adenosine triphosphate residue to the 3' ends of the double stranded PCR product. Such PCR amplified product can be cloned in a linearized vector with complementary 3' T overhangs. TA cloning is brought about by the terminal transferase activity of certain type of DNA polymerase such as the Taq polymerase. This enzyme adds a single, 3'-A overhang to each end of the PCR product. As a result, the PCR product can be directly cloned into a linearized cloning vector that have single base 3'-T overhangs on each end. Such vectors are called T- vectors. The PCR product with A overhang, is mixed with this vector in high proportion. The complementary overhangs of a "T" vector and the PCR product hybridize. The result is a recombinant DNA, the recombination being brought about by DNA ligase.

1. A vector such as plasmid is needed along with a host cell. Restriction enzymes and DNA ligase are enzymes that are used to introduce foreign DNA into a vector.

You can add maximum 70-100 kb of genetic material in a P1 phage vector.

pBR322 advantages is it widely used for the analysis of prokaryotic transcription and translation as well as topological changes in DNA conformation. then the disadvantage is it has only few cloning sites and the selection procedure is therefore time consuming.

viruses are used as biopesticide in agriculture to protect the crops from pests. Also it is used as cloning vector to develop genetically engineered plants.

"Vector" is an agent that can carry a DNA fragment into a host cell. If it is used for reproducing the DNA fragment, it is called a "cloning vector". If it is used for expressing certain gene in the DNA fragment, it is called an "expression vector".Commonly used vectors include plasmid, Lambda phage, cosmid and yeast artificial chromosome (YAC).

Niki Sharan has written: 'Cloning of the marine apoptosis inducer, interleukin-1B converting enzyme (ICE), into a yeast expression vector'

They are gene cloning, reproductive cloning and therapeutic cloning. (Hope this will help you)

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