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UCF (University of Central Florida) has a degree in Event Management.

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Q: What is best college or university to attend for event planning and what do you major in?
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What colleges in South Carolina have event planning?

University of Carolina is one of the institution of higher learning that has an event planning. The other colleges that have event planning include College of Charleston, Greenville Technical College, and Midlands Technical College.

Conference Event Planning?

Conference event planning services must receive top level attention when guests and presenters will be traveling from near and far to attend your event. The time invested in planning should result in a problem free event.

What college offers a degree in event planning in NJ or PA?

Both Pa and NJ offer degrees in Event Planning.

What is considered event planning?

Event planning is the planning and organizing of an event, such as a concert, gathering, get together, or something along those lines! Generally, you must take in to account the food, how many guests will attend, the main event, set up, and take down.

What do I study to become a certified wedding planner?

You should go to your community college and get your AA. After that you should attend a university and study business and design. If you don't want to take all of that time, then you can find a technical school that offers event planning as one of their specialties.

What Texas college have event planning courses for college credit?

Preferably online courses.

Do you have to go to college for wedding or event planning?

No, you can take classes online.

WHAT colleges in Sacramento for event planning wedding coordinator?

California State University and Northwestern California University are colleges that would prepare a student for a career as an event planning wedding coordinator. A major in business would be beneficial.

Do most event planners have degrees?

Educational Paths There are no strict educational requirements for event planners. Many community colleges offer diplomas in event and meeting planning as well as hospitality management. There are no specified university programs that focus on event planning, but an undergraduate degree is always helpful. College or university programs in hotel and restaurant management as well as event planning can provide a student with skills and knowledge in the areas of managing staff as well as coordinating and planning events such as banquets and dances. Most employers prefer to hire event planners with experience in the coordination and supervision of one or more events with a related college education. Experts suggest volunteering in a planning firm or in a related field. Why not organize a school charity event or dance? Go into the local tourism office and find out if there are any internships or apprenticeships offered. source::::

College Event?

When planning a college event, you may want to consider renting a dance floor, hiring a DJ, and using a few party spotlights to enhance to event, ensuring fun for all attendees.

What does it mean when your going to come?

It depends on the usage. It could mean that you are planning to attend, or planning to join someone, or planning to include yourself in the event. It could also be a sexual slang meaning you are about to reach orgasm.

What Orlando colleges offer event management and planning for graduate studies?

University of Central Florida

What kind of experience does one need to get a job as an event manager?

To get a job as an event manager you need to have a college degree in events planning and a minimum of five years work experience in events planning with job references.

What colleges offer a degree in Event Planning in South Carolina?

The University of South Carolina-Columbia offers a Sports and Entertainment program and you can specialize in event management

What is English to French translation for event planning?

"Event planning" is "événementiel". "I work in event planning" would be "je travaille dans l'événementiel".

What kind of education is needed for a job in event planning and production?

Event planning and production involves planning ceremonies, parties, concerts, or conventions. There is no formal education requirements for an event planning and production job.

How big is the event planning market?

The event planning market is a growing field. Event planners are used in wedding planning, graduation parties, birthday events and now even planning the perfect proposal.

Who can attend a college event?

The type of event really depends on the college in question. Many colleges will let the students visit for a day, or even over night without the parent, but a lot of colleges really like the parents to be involved.

Where can I find out information about recieving my event planning certification?

You can receive certification for event planning at your local college as well as online through many different services. The online courses would be ideal as you will have more flexible time to live your daily life.

Business Event Planning?

Business Event Planning is the organizing and implementation of business related events. For instance, planning a business conference by selecting the venue, organizing the catering and keeping track of attendees is considered Business Event Planning.

Where can I get an event planning certificate?

The best thing to do is to take a course independently at a college in an events planning subject. Alternatively, it may be possible to get a job in the field and have the company train you or pay for training.

Where can I learn more about large corporate events planning?

You can find informationa bout the basics of event planning by searching event planning on About. They have useful info.

Hire an Event Planner?

Planning an event can be a stressful time with many details to organize. The easiset way to avoid frustration during event planning is to hire an event planner.

Are there jobs out there that include event planning?

You can find a good job that involves event planning at They have quiet a few listings for this type of job. The pay for a job that includes event planning is very good.

Where in Cape town can you study event planning?

i would love to know where to study event planning in cape town

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