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What is the skill level 1 low and 5 high of installing a clutch kit on a 97 Nissan Pickup 2.4L?



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I'll give it a 2.5-3 skill level depending on your determination and the size of your toolbox. You'll need about a 2 foot (3/8") extension, sockets, wrenches, preferably an impact wrench (to remove flywheel). You will want a transmission jack or else to be very strong or have a very strong and available friend. Aligning the clutch plate is easy, a clutch kit should come with a little plastic tool that does this. You also need a high quality set of c-clip pliers (the craftsman ones are marginal), taiwan/china ones would collapse, you need these to take out the shifter. You'll also want to raise your car fairly high, setting each wheel on an old rim worked nicely for me. good luck

___________________________________________________________________________ I Would Say 4. You Need To Know How To Aline The New Clutch Plate, Other Little Tricks Needed To Know. And Parts To Check For Wear And Replacement. Now Think Do You Know About Your Flywheel. Your Oil Seal Replacement,Plus Removing The Tranny. I Suggest Have a Good Mechanic Do This