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What is the skill level 1 low and 5 high of installing a clutch kit on a 97 Nissan Pickup 2.4L?

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I'll give it a 2.5-3 skill level depending on your determination and the size of your toolbox. You'll need about a 2 foot (3/8") extension, sockets, wrenches, preferably an impact wrench (to remove flywheel). You will want a transmission jack or else to be very strong or have a very strong and available friend. Aligning the clutch plate is easy, a clutch kit should come with a little plastic tool that does this. You also need a high quality set of c-clip pliers (the craftsman ones are marginal), Taiwan/china ones would collapse, you need these to take out the shifter. You'll also want to raise your car fairly high, setting each wheel on an old rim worked nicely for me. good luck

___________________________________________________________________________ I Would Say 4. You Need To Know How To Aline The New Clutch Plate, Other Little Tricks Needed To Know. And Parts To Check For Wear And Replacement. Now Think Do You Know About Your Flywheel. Your Oil Seal Replacement,Plus Removing The Tranny. I Suggest Have a Good Mechanic Do This

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Why do you have to turn a lot of RPMs for the transmission to shift in a 1992 Nissan 4x4 pickup?

your clutch may be slipping ,first check and see if your clutch slave cylinder is leaking,check your clutch master cylinder to see if your fluid level is ok.if level is ok and no leaking slave cylinder,then you probaly need a new cluch.

Clutch adjustment procedure for a 1982 Nissan Pick Up Truck?

check your clutch fluid level and your clutch slave cylinder for leaks,if both are ok,then you probly need a new clutch.

Where is the fuel temperature sensor located on a 1996 Nissan pickup?

in the gas tank, it is part of the fuel level sensor

1994 Chevy pickup will run but not go into gear?

Std. transmission? Bad clutch? Auto transmission? Check transmission fluid level

Why would the clutch not retract after you push it in on a 1988 Mazda B2000?

There is air in the clutch hydraulic system. This can be because the Master or Slave is bad, low fluid level, or it was not completely bled after installing a Slave or Master. Usually this problem is caused by a bad clutch slave which has leaked out all of the fluid. Kyrasis6 Owner of

If you just replaced the clutch master cylinder on a Nissan 240sx then why won't it build up pressure?

The most likely case would be that air somehow got into the line. try bleeding the clutch fluid, while making sure that the level in the reservoir does not get low.

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How do you bleed the clutch system for a 1985 Nissan truck?

Down on the passenger side of the bell housing there is a cylinder looks a lot like a brake master cylinder this pushes the rod that engages the clutch have someone push the clutch pedal all the way down and hold while you loosen the bleeder on the clutch cylinder like bleeding brakes remember to check fluid level in reservoir good luck

How do you locate the clutch master cylinder and check the fluid level of the 1995 ford escort?

how do you locate the clutch master cylinder and check the fluid level of the 1995 ford escort

How do you change the clutch in a nighthawk 750?

Remove the clutch cover, loosen the bolt joining the level to the clutch cable and snap. Repeat the process the reverse way to install.

How do you adjust the clutch on a 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier?

the clutch is self adjusting you check the fluid level just refer to the manuel

Clutch is very soft and hard to put in first gear?

check fluid level in clutch master cylinder reservoir

Where is the clutch fluid level found?

the clutch fluid level resivor is located behind the brake master cylender on the firewall on the driver,s side. that is where it is located on my 94 ford ranger.

Why is the clutch when depressed in your Kia Sportage making a squeaking sound?

check your fluid level for the clutch master cylinder or the throwout bearing, the clutch release bearing could do this too.

What would make an air conditioner on a 2000 Nissan Exterra work intermttenly?

Check the following........... 1. Freon level in the system. 2. Power and ground going to the a/c clutch. 3. Clutch front hub air gap. 4. Pressure switches. 5. If the freon level is fine on both the low and high sides it will be a lot easier to just scan the vehicles computer and see what is going on.....

How do you adjust a 1998 Nissan 200sx clutch?

I have replaced the the clutch cable on my '95 200sx 1.6L and it was easy. To adjust the cable go to the end of the cable where it conects to the level looking clutch arm in the engine compartment and look at where the clutch cable connects to the lever. Securing the cable on the backside of the lever there is a washer and screw that you can tighten or loosen to engage the clutch without pushing it all the way to the floor or you can adjust the other way to get the opposite affect. After I installed my clutch cable I had to go back about a week later and adjust the clutch (tighten the cable) because it appeared the cable had stretch a little from brand new to broken in condition. Hope this helps...

Stage 1 clutch?

A Stage 1 clutch is the introductory level clutch used in cars used for daily driving. Stage 2 and greater clutches are designed for racing applications.

How do check the fluid level in a hydralic clutch in a chevy s10 1997?

The clutch fluid reservoir is located on the firewall close to the brake master cylinder. You can visually see the level unless the reservoir is to dirty.

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Your 2000 Ford Explorer XLT will not move when put into gears?

Automatic transmission- check the fluid level. Level okay? Then you have a serious problem. Manual Transmission- You've burned out the clutch. Replace the clutch disk.

Sometime when I come to a stop sign on my motorcycle 03 R6 and put the clutch in the bike doesnt idle and just dies Any ideas as to what might be wrong?

check oil level in your hydraulic clutch if you have a hydraulic clutch. If not and it is a cable clutch check and make sure your clutch is adjusted properly. It may not be disengaging when you pull the clutch lever.

Your clutch on 86 Honda prelude is slipping.can it be that the hydraulic clutch reservoir is low where can you check this out?

No, slipping is not affected by low hydraulic fluid level. The hydraulics of your clutch only DISENGAGE your clutch, they do not engage it. If it's slipping, it's either worn out, the pressure plate springs have weakened or you have oil on the clutch disk.

Where do you check the fluid level in the master clutch cylinder of a 1991 Ford Escort GT with a 1.8L engine?

The brakes and clutch share the same reservoir.

Why does your Nissan Serena have 2 oil lights?

level and pressure.

What do you do when there is no pressure in the clutch of a 1993 Honda Accord LX?

Check your clutch slave cylinder fluid level it looks like a mini brake fluid bottle

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