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What is the special procedure to refill a 99 Chevy Venture cooling system?

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The following has absolutely nothing to do with the question asked. Just someone blowing off steam.

First of all there is a lawsuit against dextrol and dexcool anti-freeze that the gm vehicles are using,it causes sludge in the radiator and heater core,and it disolves the intake manifols gaskets.. ! Put the heater control on hot ,so to open the lines to the heater core so it will drain out.. Then drain the system ,there is a small drain valve right under the radiator on the drivers side,drain ,take off the radiator cap,so it will drain faster,..rust and sludge should come out!! .you can close the valve and pour in a radiator flush ,sold at all parts stores,such as Prestone, etc.. or just put a garden hose in the radaitor cop opening .let it run for a couple of minutes,,if your ambitious take off the bottom radiator hose,and alot of water will come out of the block faster,Sometimes I will start my vehicle and let it idle while the engine is running,so the thermostat will open and allow water to go into the engine block...but don't let it overheat!! after about 15-20 minutes let everything drain out ..close the drain valve and leave the heater control on hot , refill the system with anti-freeze.....".Advance Auto Parts" has a replacement anti-freeze , use the one in the yellow gallon jug ,it says for "use in all systems" ...Don,t put that Drexcool or Drextrol back in !!!! I even had my venture drained and refilled at my local Chevy dealer,in the past .it still had that sludge in it..I took it right home and drained out their anti-freeze, and refilled it with Advance Auto Parts brand.Van runs great ..doesn't overheat ...and I have NO Sludge !!! P.S. gp to Google and type in Drexcool, or Drextrol....You'll see !!!

2011-09-15 10:38:34
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Why is my car overheating after cooling system flush?

Probably still has air trapped in the system from an improper refill procedure.

What is the cooling system refill procedure for a 1988 Buick Regal?

A 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and distilled water.

What is the procedure for refilling antifreeze after fixing a leak?

I assume you are referring to a fixed leak in the cooling system. In that case, add a solution of 50% antifreeze and 50% water to refill the system.

What is the cooling system refill procedure for a 1991 Olds?

you should mix antifreeze half and half with clean water and fill radiator to full, then add to cold line in the overflow tank

Should you leave stop leak in cooling system after the leak has been repaired or drain and refill radiator with fresh coolant?

Drain, flush, and refill.

How do you bleed air pocket from cooling system?

drain the whole cooling system and refill it. You will never know if you don't give details of your car!

Why is the oil light and water light flashing on your car?

It means, that you have to refill oil and cooling water.

How do you refill a Chevrolet Venture power steering reservoir?

You need to get a long hose funnel and insert in power steering fill.

Where is the transmission dipstick located on a 2005 Toyota 4Runner?

there is a fill plug on the passenger side rear of the transmission, toward the top. its a 15/16" hex. there is no dipstick. you can find the refill procedure in the sequoia section under "how do you refill transmission fluid in a 2005 seqouia" the transmission and the procedure are the same.

Where is the AC refill port 2001 venture van?

Hi, The port is between the engine and the radiator. I have included a link that shows its location. Good Luck

Is it safe to change your transmission fluid?

Special tool required to refill it. Must have tool .

Do you need a special syringe like the Inkjet Cartridge Refill Injector Kit to refill ink or will any one do?

It is recomended that you use a syringe that is designed for ink refills.

Do you just drain the cooling system to get rid of the gurgling sound and refill it?

A cooling system is supposed to be drained not just to rid the gurgling sound. It also helps the plumbers to clean and unclog any accumulated residue.

How go you change a water pump on 1998 Chevy Venture?

Here is the procedure to do the job. 1 - Drain the cooling system until the coolant is below the level of the water pump. 2 - Remove the guard for the drive belt. 3 - Loosen the bolts for the water pump pulley (do not remove them yet). 4 - Remove the drive belt. 5 - Remove the bolts for the water pump pulley. 6 - Remove the water pump pulley. 7 - Remove the bolts for the water pump. 8 - Remove the water pump. 9 - Remove the water pump gasket. 10 - Clean the water pump mating surfaces. Reverse the procedure to install the new pump, making sure you use a new gasket. Refill the cooling system & check for leaks.

What part of speech is the word refill?

Refill is a noun (a refill) and a verb (to refill).

Should you drain refrigerant and then refill on 97 jimmy?

No, not unless you have the right tools and training to refill it properly. You must evacuate the system before you can refill it; that requires special machines. Contrary to popular belief you cannot back-fill the system using the compressor to evacuate it.

Why does your 1998 Sebring blow cold air while idling and hot air while moving?

This is often caused by air being trapped in the cooling system. Get a qualified mechanic to drain, flush and refill the radiator/cooling system.

About how much should it cost to refill freon in a home ac system in West Virginia.?

Why do you want to refill it is there a leak? It depends on the type of refrigerant and how much refrigerant will be needed. Check with 3 or 4 heating and cooling service establishments and get an average of what there charging in your area.

Can you manually refill a Canon mp460 ink cartridge?

It is possible to refill your own cartridges, however it does require a special kit and supplies to do so. It is easier to send in the cartridges to be recycled and get a small amount of money for it.

What is the GM approved procedure for draining and filling the entire cooling system radiator and block for a 98 Pontiac Transport?

Hey Nancy==Simply remove the drain plugs from each side of the block and the bottom of the radiator. CAtch the old coolant and dispose of it properly. Refill the system with 50/50 mix of coolant and water. GoodluckJoe

No heat 1993 Mercury Villager van?

You are most likely low on coolant or if you have had a coolant change recently the problem is due to insufficient coolant within the system which is also results in having air trapped in the system. Check your coolant level in both the radiator and the overflow bottle. I also recommend that you follow the procedure for removing trapped air in the cooling system. It can be found as part of the coolant refill procedure, which can be found at

How do you bleed the cooling system after replacing the thermostat on a 1995 camaro 3.4L v6?

no bleeding necessary, just run the engine and refill the radiator/reservoir back to capacity.

How much oil does a 3.4 liter venture take?

2000 CHEVROLET VENTURE MINI-VAN 3.4L 6-cyl Engine Code [E]CAPACITIESEngine, with filter ..........4.6 quarts[1]Wix Filter # 51040Cooling System, W/O RR HEAT HD Initial Fill..........11.0 quartsCooling System, W/O RR HEAT STD Initial Fill..........9.5 quartsCooling System, W/ RR HEAT STD Initial Fill..........12.0 quartsCooling System, W/ RR HEAT HD Initial Fill..........13.0 quartsAutomatic Transmission, 4T65-E Initial Fill..........7.4 quartsAutomatic Transmission, Total Fill4 speed 4T65-E..........10.0 quarts1. After refill check oil level.TORQUESOil Drain Plug.....18 ft-lbs

What is the procedure to check blood flow?

capillary refill action. Squeeze the person's fingernails. They will go white. If blood is flowing, they will go from white to light red.

What does the medical abbreviation refill prn mean?

Refill prn means refill as needed.