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What is wrong if your 93 Jeep Grand Cherokee was running fine then you turned engine off now there is no power to any electrical components?


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2014-02-10 16:10:12
2014-02-10 16:10:12

Sounds like dirty battery cables. Remove cables from battery and clean battery post and inside of cables. When these get dirty the resistance builds up an alt. Thinks battery is charged. After cleaning you may have to jump to start. Other cause could be the alt, and or battery

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there really is no difference in the engine it will be the computer and electrical connections

Engine, transmission, steering, brakes, electrical, suspension

The alternator is run by a belt connected to the engine. When the engine is running the alternator is turning. The alternator is what produces the electrical current that charges the battery & powers everything electrical while the engine is running. the battery is mainly to start the engine.

yes blocks are the same but components might be different ,but will work

It's best not to wash an engine unless you have to. If you have to it's best to use plastic bags to cover electrical components such as the alternator and try not to spray high pressure water into electrical components eg: intake, fuse boxes etc..

Engine fluids are not the only thing that relate to engine performance. There are also all the electrical components, and mechanical components, too. If the timing belt is slipping or out of adjustment the whole sequence of events needed to propel the vehicle are in question. Defective spark plug or spark plug gap ... engine might need a tune up.

Yes, the alternator provides electrical energy to keep the battery charged. If the alternator isn't functioning, the battery will discharge and there will be insufficient electrical energy to operate the ignition and other electrical components. Understand that a battery is only an electrical STORAGE device. Electrical energy is produced by the alternator. The function of the battery is to provide electrical energy for NEXT time you want to start the engine. Once the engine is started, the alternator must take care of all electrical requirements of the vehicle as well as for providing enough additional electrical energy to replace electrical energy to the battery that was last used when the engine was started.

to crank the engine and then function as a capacitor for unused electrical energy when the alternator is running

Have you cheked your alternator? The battery only starts the car and runs electrical components such as your radio and A/C and lights. The alternator is the generator that keeps the engine running once it has been started. Mine was the fuel pump went out

A 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee engine that cranks but is not starting and has no dash gauges is experiencing an electrical system failure. This can be a result of a faulty ignition switch or damaged wiring.

The "electrical pressure" probably refers to the voltage. This is usually provided by a battery. The battery is recharged by the engine when it is running.

A 100 horsepower electrical motor would consume 74,600 watts.

Spark plugs are electrical components that should not have contact with any sort of fluid. The engine warning light is on as a warning for a possible electrical system issue.

The electrical system is 12 volt negative ground. Really about 13.6 volts while the engine is running, though.

The 2001 Jeep Cherokee has an inline 6 engine.

The 2014 Jeep Cherokee has an inline 4 engine.

Depending on what you mean running?? If it is the engine that stops running then it could be something electrical like alternator not charging battery, mechanical malfuction like broken timming belt or water pump, no oil in engine, overheating, extremely worn spark plugs, or catastrophic engine damage.

The 2001 Jeep Grand-Cherokee has a 4.0 L base engine size.

The 2004 Jeep Grand-Cherokee has a 4.0 L base engine size.

The 2009 Jeep Grand-Cherokee has a 3.7 L base engine size.

The 2005 Jeep Grand-Cherokee has a 3.7 L base engine size.

The 2013 Jeep Grand-Cherokee has a 3.6 L base engine size.

The 2014 Jeep Grand-Cherokee has a 3.6 L base engine size.

The 2002 Jeep Grand-Cherokee has a 4.0 L base engine size.

The 2003 Jeep Grand-Cherokee has a 4.0 L base engine size.

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