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there are 2 types of 5-speed transmissions the Mazda 5-speed uses dexron 2 or higher ex. dexron 3 is higher. the other 5-speed is a zurich or the german made, wich is the better of the 2 and i know it takes oil not Transmission Fluid what kind i dont know. as for the transfer case my 89 Ford took dexron 2 or higher transmission fluid. I bought a rebuilt mazda 5-speed for my truck took it in 6 times then after warranty ran out and it broke down again they said the transmission was never anygood when new and was screwed out of $2300.

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Q: What type of fluid do you need for a manual 1989 F-150 transmission and transfer case?
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How do you check your transmission fluid on a 1989 Ford Probe?

how to check the fluid on a manual transmission for a 1989 ford probe gt

Where do you put transmission fluid in a manual 1989 Toyota celica?

you dont put transmission fluid in a manual transmission. you need gear oil, and it should be done by a transmission shop

What is the transmission fluid capacity for a 1989 Ford Festiva?

The transmission fluid capacity on a Ford Festiva is 3.75 litres for a manual transmission.

How many quarts does a 1989 corvette manual transmission hold?

A person must maintain the fluid levels of a vehicle to keep it running well. The 1989 Corvette Manual transmission holds 3 quarts of transmission fluid.

What is the Transmission fluid capacity for a 1989 700r4?

what is the transmission capacity for a 1988 700r4 with transfer case

What type of transmission fluid is used in 1989 Chevrolet K1500 manual transmissions?

The transmission fluid needed for the 1989 Chevrolet K1500 with a manual transmission is Synthetic Synchromesh transmission fluid (5W-30) (MTFQT). If the transmission you have is the MG5 5-speed, the capacity is 4.2 pints. If the transmission is the SM465/M20, the capacity is 8.5 pints.

1989 Ford Escort gt type manual transmission oil?

Mercon automatic transmission fluid.

What kind of transmission fluid does a 1989 manual 5 speed?

It may or may not use transmission fluid. It may use transmission gear oil. Listed in your owner's manual. Any shop can provide this info.

Manual transmission fluid spec. for 1989 Toyota Corolla?

When owning a car it is important to maintain the fluid levels. A 1989 Toyota Corolla uses 1 quart of Universal ATF transmission fluid.

How do you check transmission fluid on 1989 dakoda 4x4 5spd manual?

most have drain plug on side of transmission

What type of transmission fluid does your truck take?

What type of transmission fluid does my 1989 toyota pick up truck take, manual 4 speed.

What is the Transfer fluid for f350 1989?

If you are talking about the transfer case on the would be any brand of 90 weight oil.

Where is dipstick for mantransmission 1989 mustang?

Actually , the manual transmission does not have a dipstick , the fluid level is checked at the fill plug on the transmission

What type of transmission fluid use a Isuzu pick up 1989?

The best way to confirm the type of transmission fluid to use in a 1989 Isuzu pick up is to refer to the owner manual. A retailer who sells the transmission fluid will be able to advise the correct purchase.

Where is the transmission fluid tank on Mitsubishi lancer 1989?

The 1989 Mitsubishi transmission fluid tank can be found on the bottom of the transmission. The transmission fluid tank is known as the transmission fluid pan.

How do you know if the transmission fluid is full in a 5 speed mustang 1989?

There is a fill plug on the body of the 5 speed manual transmission

What oil do you use in a 1989 jeep wrangler transfer case?

Automatic transmission fluid, dextron +4

What kind of transmission fluid to use on a 5 speed manual 1989 Saab 900 Turbo?


What type of transmission fluid do you put in a 1989 Chevy pickup with a 5 speed manual transmission?

It is important to maintain the fluid levels in a car, and it is important to put the right type of fluids in the car as well. A 1989 Chevy Pick up uses Dexron III transmission fluid.

Your 1989 civic manual transmission is hard to shift?

If you clutch is working fine then try to change the gear fluid in the transmission. My Isuzu shifted hard to and the fluid changed helped alot

Where do you addc transmission fluid on 1989 Honda prelude?

On a manual transmission there should be a flush plug that will directly accept a1/2" ratchet less the socket. Remove this to check manual transmission fluid and to add it. This plug can usually be found on the passenger side of the transmission just being the tire.

Where is the transmission dipstick on a 1989 Ford F150 4x4 5 speed truck?

The manual transmission doesn't have a dipstick , the fluid level is checked at the fill plug on the transmission

Where do you check manual transmission fluid level in 1989 vw jetta?

Under the car on the upper side of the transmission. There you will find a plug. Remove it. If fluid comes out you are full. If you stick you finger in the hole and can feel fluid, you are fine. If not, add the proper lube as outlined in your owner's manual.

What is the correct transmission fluid for a 1989 Toyota Camry manual 5 speed with an aluminum case?

DEXRON II or equivalent

What type of fluid goes in a 1989 Ford Ranger 5 speed?

That would depend on which 5 speed manual transmission you have in your 1989 Ford Ranger : The Mitsubishi ( transmission code " D " ) takes ( 80-90W gear lube ) The Mazda ( transmission code " M " ) takes ( MERCON automatic transmission fluid )