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There isn't much information in that question. Is it cranking? If not, it could be battery, battery terminals, starter, keyswitch, neutral safety switch... who knows what else. If it's cranking but not catching, always go back tot he basics; compression, ignition and fuel. If any one of the three isn't there, it won't run. First and easiest, check the ignition. Find a spare sparkplug, pull a single plug wire from the engine, connect the sparkplug to the wire, lay the plug on a solid piece of metal and crank the engine to see if you have a good strong spark. If not, track it down. If you have spark, go on to fuel. Try a little starting fluid to see if you can get it to start briefly. If it starts with starting fluid you probably have a fuel delivery problem. If it won't start with starter fluid run a compression test.

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Q: What would be the problem causing a 1994 cutlass sierra s not to start?
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Wiring diagram for a 1987 Oldsmobile cutlass sierra?

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Why would a 1994 Olds Cutlass Sierra make a horrible popping noise when you start it until you put it into drive?

Possible loose convertor bolts.

Your 95 cutlass will start then shut right off whats the problem?

There are a number of reasons why a 95 Cutlass would start then shut right off. The problem could be the fuel line going bad, the battery terminals could be dirty, or loose, or wires could be bad.

WhyOldsmobile Cutlass Supreme won't start then will start later?

It might be a starter going bad. Had the same problem and was told that it just needed a new starter.

1998 Cutlass Theft Alarm will arm itself and you can't start the car for 10 mins until it goes off Can you disable it?

The problem may be your ignition key. I have a 97 Cutlass GLS and one of my two keys causes this problem, the second key works fine.

Why does your Oldsmobile stall after driving it for awhile then start back up after waiting?

I believe it has something to do with the "lockdown" where the transmission does not shift down causing the engine to stall....On the driver's side of the engine toward the front bottom there is a BLUE connection that if you disconnect the override should not occur.........have an 85 cutlass ciera have been driving it that way over a decade and solved the same problem for me..........try it......Cutlass~Cutee

Saturn smokes from steering column does not start?

there must be some sort of wiring problem which is causing them to burn.

What can cause a 1995 Pontiac Transam to start but wont stay running?

The Optispark distributor is notorious for causing this problem.

How do you repair a car that start and then switches off?

Could be a problem with the starter motor, might be causing it to short out or something

How do you find out if the remote start is causing my dead battery problem?

One way is to disconnect your remote start and see if the battery dies over the next few days. If not then reconnect the remote start and see if it then dies....if so then yep its your problem.

What would make a 1988 Oldsmobile cutlass ciera start and then die right away?

What would make a 1899 oldsmobile cutlass ciera start and then die right away?

Why does your 1995 vision not start?

The vision could have several problems causing it not to start. Check for ignition fire and fuel pressure first to help determine the problem.

What makes a car jerk and backfire?

Several things could be causing this problem. The timing could be off, or several sensors could be causing the problem. If possible check the computer codes. If not, then start with a possible clogged egr valve, then the crankshaft sensor.

Why my 2000 gmc sierra VORTEC hard to start?

Your 2000 GMC Sierra Vortec might be hard to start because the battery or the starter are worn or dead. The GMC Sierra might also be hard to start because of a clogged fuel filter.

My ford explorer back hatch open went i start the car and the power lock will not lock with the bottom?

A mechanical problem is causing your Ford Explorer not to lock with the bottom when your start the car.

Where does the Tajo river start?

Sierra de Albarracín

What is the best spelling for the name sierra?

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1988 GMC Sierra will turn over but not start?


What is causing your 6.0L ford diesel to quit but start up again has happened several times?

we are having the same problem and we put it in the shop its is the pcm computer....

What are some things to check when 1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme won't start?

The most obvious thing to check when a 1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme won't start is to make sure that the vehicle has gas. You should also check the battery. If the car clicks when you try to start it, it is likely the alternator.

Could a bad egr valve in a Chevy cause the engine not to restart after it has been running?

A bad EGR valve should not cause the engine to not start. There is most likely another problem that is causing the engine to not start.

1995 cutlass will only start in Neutral?

you PROBABLY have a defective park/neutral safety switch

When you run your 94 cutlass for a while and shut it off it wont start back up for about 3 hrs after the motor is totally cooled off you were told its either the computer or fuel pump any help?

I had this problem with a 91 Cutlass Supreme. I had to send it to the shop, and it took them a while to figure it out. Turned out to be an electrical short affecting the number 1 fuel injector. It was a nightmare, we changed the fuel pump and ECM. I don't know for sure if this is your problem, but it might be.

What would cause a metal clanking noise in the upper engine in a 1992 Oldsmobile Ciera It's hard to start and it won't stay running.?

Had the same problem with my 92 cutlass ciera. It turned out to be ac compressor. Probably the clutch.

What is causing my 94 BMW 525i to crank but not start?

Any vehicle in which the engine spins (cranks) but won't fire has an electrical problem with the ignition system (but not the starter) or a fuel problem. There are a number of good answers to the underlying cause of a "no start" on different vehicles in another part of WikiAnswers. And you got links....