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Your thermostat is shot! they're only about $10. and easy to replace but don't install it upside down.

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Q: What would cause the internal vents to blow cold air when the heat is on?
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What would cause my air only to blow out of the floor vents and not the panel vents in a 1995 Camaro?

The most likely cause would be a vacuum leak at the rear of the engine or a defective selector switch.

Left side vents blow warm but right side vents blow cold while using ac?

Either the a/c system is low on freon or the evaporator has an internal restriction....

What would cause low air blow through vents if nothing is clogged and blower is good?

Check the cabin filter if applicable.

What would cause air to only blow from the defrost and floor vents and not blow out of the panel vents even when the switches are turned to the panel vents in a 2002 Ford Explorer?

Any of the following can cause this......... 1. Bad a/c - heater controller.. 2. Bad a/c - heater controller inside door operation.. 3. Bad, broken or cracked vacuum line/lines..

Why would air only blow out the floor vents and the two outside dash vents not out the center dash vents?

The flap that directs sir to the selected vents is jammed or broken...or the switch that controls it is.

What would cause air to only blow from the defrost vents and not blow out of the panel vents even when the switches are turned to max ac in a 1995 Ford Explorer?

Check all of your vacuum lines from the ac control panel and under your hood. You have lost vacuum somewhere witch controls your vents. There is one of them loose, disconnected or broken. Should be easy to trace. Good Luck!!

92 lumina and when you turn on the heat or air it will only blow from the floor and defrost it wont blow from the front vents what would cause this problem?

vacuum leak the vacuum reservoir is below the left head light, check the hoses

Why would a 2004 jeep grand cherokee only blow air out of defroster not the vents?

Either you need to pen your vents or there is some vent obstruction.

Can a plugged air filter cause the ac not to blow?

A plugged cabin air filter could cause poor air circulation coming out of the ac vents but you would still hear the blower motor running.

Would a faulty alternator cause a headlight to blow out?

Yes it can cause bulbs to blow.

Why would hot steam blow from the heater vents?

Leak in heater core. Replace core.

Why do engine have breather?

The Gaseous buildup inside of the internal combustion chamber would cause engine failure, the engine to blow, and explode litterally

Heater on but not blowing warm air?

heater on at idle and will not blow warm air. when moving it blows the warm air from the vents. what will cause this

Why would air only blow out the floor vents and the two outside dash vents not out the center dash vents or the defroster no matter what setting the Heat and air controls are on in a 2003 Ford Taurus?

some thing is probley cloging the vents take it appart and ckeck.

Why would the vents in the middle seats not blow air if the front and rear work fine?

probally closed or clogged

What would cause Water to blow into the car from the defrost vents?

If we are talking rain water not engine coolant I would suspect the drains under the cowl are plugged up with debris (leaves and such). If it is engine coolant then I would suspect the heater core is leaking.

What would cause a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee to have no ac to front vents but blow ac from defroster vents instead?

Check for vacuum leak either under the hood or under the dash Check the operation of the vacuum actuators Check the selector switch Defrost is the default setting on this system

Why does the 2 drivers side air vents on a 1998 Chevy Venture blow warm air and the 2 air vents on the passengers side and the rear vents blow ice cold air when the AC is on?

The blend door actuator may not be working.

Why would the vents in your 1999 Suburban blow air through the defroster but not through the dash?

thats because your blower went out

Why would a 95 Ford Taurus blow a mist through the inside vents?

Hey Mike==If your car has A/C when it is exceptionally humid outside, it is common for the vents to blow some vapor. It is generally more visible when the sun is shining inside the car. Nothing wrong. GoodluckJoe

2006 gmc envoy Denali will not blow air out of main dash vents anyone know what the cause may be?

The mode door actuator has gone out.

What would cause starter relay fuse to blow when trying to start 1997 expedition?

An Electrical Short Cut somewhere would cause it to blow the fuse. A pinch wire would ground the system, and cause a shortcut.

Kia Sedona HTR RR switch do?

The HTR RR switch in a Kia Sedona determines which air vents the air is blown through from the rear heating. When it is pushed in, the lower vents blow hot air, and when it is not pushed, the roof vents blow cold air.

Why do Heat vents blow gas smell?

you need a head casket

When was the Chevy van G20 made?

air want blow out vents