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When can a manager of an apartment complex change the locks?

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In Canada if there has been several break-ins in the complex then the landlord has the right to change ALL locks, but the tenants must be notified and given a new key. The only other reason would be if the tenant has not paid their rent, then the landlord can change the lock on that particular apartment with the contents still in it until the tenant pays the rent. In the US a landlord cannot use self-help to hold the renter's personal property for rent due, unless it was so stated in the rental agreement. Before a landlord can seize property and lock a delinquent tenant out of the residence they must use due process of law, receive a Writ of Possession and serve the delinquent tenant with the writ. If the tenant does not recover his or her belongings within the specified time limit, the landlord can consider them abandoned and dispose of them in whatever manner chosen. If the landlord wishes to remove the property from the residence before the set time expires he must secure those items in a storage area.

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Can I change the locks after tenant has moved out?

If you are the landlord, and the tenant has moved out and surrendered possession of the apartment, you are free to change the locks.

Why do some songs change key?

If the song's girlfriend cheats on him and refuses to move out of the apartment the song must put new locks on the doors when the cheating slag is at work. Because the locks are different, the song must change key.

How do you evict someone who is not paying rent and living with you?

You call the landlord. If you own the place, you can give the person one month to get out of the apartment after which you can change the locks.

Is it against the law to change the locks on your apartment without telling your roommate?

My roommates changed the locks on the house two days before I was to move out.. When I went back to get my stuff, several things were missing. Can they be charged with anything?

Who pays to change locks if it is the tenant that wants the change?

The tenants as if the locks are ok then why change them.....

Can a former landlord charge the tenants to change the locks on the property?

No, a former landlord can't charge the tenants to change the locks on the property. All sorts of situations can happen between landlords and tenants when it comes to changing locks. Whether landlords change the locks or tenant changes them, both need to know what otherone can and cannot do. So all should know evrything before going to buy a property. I have some idea regarding Las Vegas Eviction Services of RocketEviction, which offers quick, efficient Nevada eviction services for apartment complex owners, high-rise condominium owners and other multi-family rentals in Clark County, Nevada.

Is it legal for an apartment manager and co-leaser to change locks and remove the other leasers name from the rental agreement without their knowledge or consent?

Not enough information is disclosed about the rental contract or lease agreement, and the circumstances, to render an opinion. Consult with an attorney or speak with someone at landlord/tenant court.

If your desktop locks up you can use to refresh it?

Task Manager

Is it legal to change the locks on your own home?

It is legal to change the locks on any home that you own.

Do you have the right to change your apt locks in the state of PA?

If you are living in a property owned by another business or person, no. You have to contact the property owner and have them change the locks (or provide you with the new locks so you can change them). If you are the property owner and there is a person renting you can only change the locks after you've notified the renter about the change in writing. If you have evicted the renter and they refuse to leave/turn in keys or there is no renter then you can change the locks at will.

Can your spouse change the locks if you moved out and you are not legally separated?

No your spouse can not change the locks as you both are legally married.

Can you change the locks on the door if your husband has moved out but your not divoriced?

yes mostly you can change locks on any doors

If husband moves of house during divorce can you change locks?

Yes, you can change the locks if you have a formal separation agreement and you have received the house temporarily. If you don't have control of the house, you cannot change the locks.

How long after a spouse leaves before you can change the locks in Texas?

Same day. Don't waste time, change the locks.

Can you change the locks on your house right away legally after a breakup?

If you own the property, you can legally change the locks whenever you want.

How do you anger your roomate?

change the locks

What to do when your girl leaves you?

Change the locks

How do you change locks code?


How do you evict your girlfriend?

Change the locks

You live in new jersey and your tenant requested that you change the locks because her husband moved out and is no longer living with her Can you change the locks?

A landlord could get in trouble with the husband for changing the locks, but that seems unlikely, especially with a letter from the wife asking that they be changed. There is also no reason why the wife cannot change the locks herself.

Can a landlord change locks of commercial business owner without notice in Texas?

can a landlord change the locks on a commercial building without notice

How do you evict your son from your house?

change the locks

Can you change the locks after your partner moves out?


Is it the landlords responsibility to change the locks?

Yes And No.

Can a wife or husband change the locks when the other leaves the home?

Yes, either one can shane the locks if they have exclusive possession of the property and a separation agreement has been filed. If there isn't a legal precedent, you can't change the locks.

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