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slave trading become illegal inbecause they were black people.

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Q: When did slave trading become illegal in Africa?
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Where and why was there a need for slave trading in Africa?

. Brazil it was not this country there is a hint!!

What was the name of the largest slave trading station in west Africa?


How did the Portuguese slave trade develop in Africa?

The Portuguese slave trade developed in africa because the remnants of the Portuguese army took up slave trading from Luanda towards the interior.

Which group was responsible for slave trading in Africa before Europeans?

Arabs and Africans

Which group was responsible for slave trading in Africa long before the Europeans had arrived?


When did slavery become illegal in the US?

1865, the 13th amendment. Slave trade illegal in 1808

How slave were obtained in west and east Africa?

Slaves were obtained in east and west africa by nearby villages capturing the inhabitants and trading them to the slave shippers in return for guns and other goods.

When were the first African slaves taken from Africa?

1st African slaves were taken from Africa to England by slave trader John Lok-in 1555-also John Hawkins was also invloved in slave trading in the 1500

How will slave labor become a problem?

Slaves hve become illegal in most countries You talkin about one imparticular?

What year did slave trades become illegal?

Slavery was outlawed in all the Americas in 1888.

What does slave trade mean?

- trading slave

Was Portugal the first to trade African slaves from Africa?

Portugal was the first nation to both start and end their slave trading.

Why was West Africa initially colonized?

West Africa was initially colonized for: trading posts, including the slave trade. Italy's exertion of power in Africa. civilizing the natives. France's Suez Canal

If the slave trade was banned in the US how did slavery still thrive?

It was only the international slave trade which was banned after 1808. After that time it was illegal to import any new slaves from Africa. Domestic slave trading, within the US, was still perfectly legal. All children born to slave mothers were also slaves, so there was a source of more slaves in this natural increase. Some illegal importation also continued. Men in this trade, called "blackbirders", often landed slaves in Mexico or Texas. Texas did not become a part of the US until 1845. From Mexico or Texas the illegally imported slaves could be brought overland into the US.

How did one become a slave in Africa?

Some were captured by slave traders. Some were sold into slavery by enemy tribes or their own relatives.

Who started the slave trade in africa?

who started the slave trade in africa

In what location was slave trading outlawed by the compromise of 1850?

In what location was slave trading outlawed by the Compromise of 1850?

How many slave state?

Fifteen - eleven Confederate, four Union. District of Columbia was a slave-state for the first few weeks of the war, though slave-trading was illegal there. The new state of West Virginia was also a slave-state that had seceded from Virginia and the Confederacy, and joined the Union in 1863.

What is illegal trafficking?

Human trafficking is the crime of forcing a person to move to a different country and become a slave and or prostitute.

5 motives of imperialism for nigeria?

The British wanted to establish trading posts and forts on the Western coast of Africa. It did not want other big colonial powers like Germany and France to stake claim in Nigeria. Britain wanted to open markets for their manufactured products in Africa. They also wanted to expand their palm oil trade and ivory trade along its coasts. There were many illegal slave trading activities going on in Nigeria.

What was it illegal to do to a slave?

to kill them

In what year was slavery made illegal internationally?

Slavery has never been made illegal on an international level. However, Britain made slave trading in the British Empire illegal on March 25, 1807, and the United States made the international trade of slaves illegal on January 1, 1808.

What year did the slave trade become illegal in the USA?

The 13th Amendment to the USA Constitution abolished slavery in the country in 1865.

What was going on in Africa between 1550 and 1650 ad?

Between 1550 and 1650 AD Europeans were purchasing people in Africa to place in slave trade. To purchase humans from Africa the Europeans were trading products such as glass beads and iron bars.

When did Slave ships became illegal in America?

Slavery became illegal to all americans in 1888.Slave ships technically aren't illegal even today.