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The intake portion of the 3100 starts where the throttle body (where the accelerator cable attaches) attaches to the plenum (upper intake), below the plenum is the lower intake. The exhaust manifolds are between where the Exhaust pipe connects to and attaches to the cylinder head. The first answer is great, but here's some more as I have just finished replacing the intake manifolds on my 1997 Pontiac GrandAm with the 3.1L engine. First of all, this is a two-piece manifold which is unusual, the first one I've see like this.... This engine is a 60 degree V configuration, and the lower intake manifold bolts directly onto both heads, essentially filling in the center of the "V", and providing air/fuel to the head intake ports. Its mostly obscured by the upper intake manifold that bolts directly to the lower portion. The upper and lower intake manifolds are cast aluminium. The exhaust manifolds are each on the outside of the "V", and bolt directly to the heads. They are cast iron (usually rusty iron color), and are covered by silver sheet-metal heat shields. There is a crossover pipe that connects them to a collector which connects to the rest of the exhaust system.

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Q: When looking at a v6 3100 engine how do you tell what is the intake and what is the exhaust?
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On a 3.1L 3100 SFI V6 engine the pushrods keep breaking after you replaced the head any idea why?

the push rods for the exhaust and intake on that cylinder are reversed. the exhaust pushrod is 6.07 inches whereas the intake is about 6.

Where is the thermostat on a 1996 gm 3100 V6?

as your standing in front of the car, on the right side of the engine bay, behind the exhaust running along the right side of the engine (again, as your looking at it from the front of the car.

Where do you find both O2 sensors in the upstream of a 1997 Grand Am with a 3100 engine?

There is one in each of the exhaust manifolds.

Where is thermostat on a 3100 SFI V6 Lumina engine?

if the car is a 95 and up, it under the exhaust crossover pipe

What is the purpose of a manifold in a 1957 Chevy pick up 3100 series?

The intake manifold distributes the air fuel mixture from the carburetor to the cylinders. The exhaust manifold collects the exhaust gases from the cylinders and directs them out the exhaust pipe.

What is the pushrod order for 1996 lumina 3100 v6?

the intake pushrods are shorter of the 2, all intake valves you can see with the intake off those pushrods go there, the rest are exhaust pushrods install in remaining holes

99 Chevy Malibu engine - push rod order- some short and some long?

Not sure which engine you are working on. It should be a 3100?? Intake valves use the short ones, exhaust the long ones. It's been a while since I've done mine so I don't have the exact order memorized. The valve closest to the intake port will be your intake. Fairly easy to determine which is which.

Spark plug Firing order for a 1995 chevelet lumana 3100 engine?

The firing order for a 3100 Chevy engine is 1-2-3-4-5-6. The number one cylinder is on the right side of the engine, looking at it from the front.

No compression on 3100 motor just changed the intake gasketthe car is a lumina?

The intake and exhaust pushrods are different lengths. If you mix them up you can cause bent valves upon the first crank which would cause a no compression condition.

What is the risk in not replacing a leaking lower intake gasket on a 98 Chevrolet Monte Carlo with the 3100 engine?

A vacuum leak can cause the engine to idle high, but worse than that it can cause one or more cylinders to run lean. That can result in exhaust valves and pistons running at a higher than acceptable temperature and cause premature engine failure.

3.1 engine same as a 3100 engine?


Is the 3100 engine the same as the 3.1?

yes it is, 3100 is in cc and the 3.1 is in letres

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