Where is buddism practiced?

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Buddhism is mostly practice in china now it is practice all over the world

When did buddism begin?

Prince Siddhartha was born about 500 B.C. and the teachings of Buddhism were created in one lifetime.

Why did they find buddism?

Seddartha founded Buddism because he wanted to find the end of all human suffering. He realized that the cause of all human suffering is diseire. Wanting something is the cause of suffering, because if you don't get it or if it doesnt come to you, you suffer yourself. -Hope this is better help to y ( Full Answer )

When was buddism founded?

2500 years ago Historians have differing opinions on the precise date of theBuddha's birth but it was around the year 500BCE. He was born intoa noble family in Lumbini, an area that today lies in the South ofNepal.

What is buddism?

buddism is a religion that is practiced in china . Buddism is a religion in China practiced by buddist monks. Buddah is a real person, a prince! I'm not trying to be rasict but in America lots of people dont care for Buddism because its in China! -Lon3wo1f Actually, Buddah is the son of a prince. ( Full Answer )

Where did buddism begin?

Buddhism began in India thousands of years ago. It has now spread to nearly every country on earth.

Who is the god of buddism?

There is no god of Buddhism. However, there are some Buddhists who believe in a variety of gods or goddesses. There are no requirements, either way, though in general it does not acknowledge a "Creator" god, such as Jehovah/Yahweh/Allah. Buddha himself, or Siddartha Guatama, did not claim to be a g ( Full Answer )

Who are the buddism leaders?

- H.H. the Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, India His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama is the spiritual and political leader the Tibetan people. -Jan Chozen Bays, USA Jan Chozen Bays, MD, has studied and practiced Zen Buddhism since 1973. - Ven. Norman Fischer, USA Zoketsu Norman Fischer is a poet ( Full Answer )

Who are the gods in buddism?

Gods do not exist in Buddhism wherein God means a 'creator', 'destroyer' or a 'supreme being'. That way, Buddhism is Atheistic. The personified images and statues that are worshiped are those of Buddha and/or the Bodhisattva. Buddha means the perfected human spirit who has attained enlightenme ( Full Answer )

How did Buddism originate?

Buddhism originated from India. Siddhartha Gotarma was a wealthy prince who had never seen the outside world. On his 27th bIRTHDAY he left the house and the first four things he saw were: 1. death - a funeral 2. Begger - a poor person :'( 3. age - an old man. 4. pirest - holy man,, :O he went and s ( Full Answer )

5 basic beliefs of Buddism?

well.... to start with there are the five precepts. the first of which is abstein from the taking of life. there are also the four noble truths. the first of these is that craving is the cause of all suffering. if you google what i have mentioned above you will find out much more.... hope this ( Full Answer )

What is the holy city of buddism?

There is no holy city of buddhism. While there are places that many followers of the Buddha make pilgrimages to (such as the place where he woke up or the place where he died), buddhists do not consider any city as more sacred than any other city.

What are the symbols of buddism?

this must die. this must die. this must die. this must die. this must die. this must die. this must die. this must die. this must die. this must die. this must die. this must die. this must die. this must die. this must die. this must die. this must die. this must die. this must di ( Full Answer )

What is different from Theravada Buddism to normal Buddism?

Theravada is closest to the original teachinsg of the buddha and uses the Pali language, which is closest to the language the Buddha spoke.. Mahayana came several centuries or so later, and places the bodhisattva vow to deliver all sentient beings to enlightenment before oneself gains enligtenment. ( Full Answer )

What is buddism about?

it is the complete opposite of what JESUS likes he wants us to praise him and love him he loves you it does not matter who you are ask for forgiveness

Who do buddism worship?

I am Buddist and i know we worship Buddha. Answer: Buddhists worship neither deities or people, There is a reverence and respect given to those who have developed Buddhist thought and teaching. These beings however have no power to change fate, manumit ins or grant favors.

Where was buddism started?

Buddhism began in India in the 6th century BC. The founder's name is Siddhattha Gotama. He is referred to as Buddha.

What are the basic beliefs of buddism?

to put it simple, they believe in: peace, loving, kindness, and wisdom Answer: Buddhisms asic beliefs are the Four Noble truths: . All experience is unsatisfactory . It is unsatisfactory becaue of desire . Desire can be controlled . The control comes throuh the Eightfol Path

What year is buddism?

In 2010, it is the year 2553 for Buddhists. To convert the Western calendar to the Buddhist one, simply add 543 years. Answer: Buddhists do not have separate year total like Christian, Jewish or ancient Romans. This is due, in part, to the lack of specific date (year) for the Buddha's birth and ( Full Answer )

Where buddism started?

BC 557 one the Hindu prince started the Buddhism, but he was not the god, he just a man who want to know the truth. but he can't find the truth because he did not know about Jesus Christ. So he was found the wrong way and he taught the wrong theory his disciples , and then his disciples ( who believ ( Full Answer )

What are the 4 noble truths of buddism?

Duhka is everywhere *greed and selfishness causes suffering *greed and selfishness can be overcome *greed and selfishness can be ended by following the eight fold path

What is fate or destiny in buddism?

There is no such thing as fate or destiny in Buddhism. Fate and destiny is connected with something being predestined by a God or other force. In Buddhism there is nothing to believe in. Buddhism has karma which mean all actions has a cause and an effect. What you have done in the past will give you ( Full Answer )

How did buddism began?

Buddhism began when a former prince named Siddartha Gautama became enlightened after meditating for many years, and developed knowledge about the universe that he shared with everyone.

What are teachings of Buddism?

If brief they are this: The Four Noble Truths, which are: 1) There is suffering (discontentment, unhappiness) in the world 2) There are specific causes of this suffering. 3) There is a state (a mindset, a way of life) where suffering ceases. 4) There is a path (actions, practices) to atta ( Full Answer )

What is the buddism?

Buddhism is a religion, with no deities and people who beleve in it think that "that the notion that one exists as an isolated entity is an illusion" and that nature can teach you the truth about reality. for more information,(as where I found the information,) visit the following website: http:// ( Full Answer )

Where is Buddism practiced in the world?

With the cosmopolitan nature of the world today it is likely that Buddhism is practiced almost everywhere. The main bloc of adherents continues to be in Asia.

What do buddism believe in?

The traditional starting beliefs are the Four Noble Truths, which are; . Suffering exists . Suffering arises from attachment to desires . Suffering ceases when attachment to desire ceases . Freedom from suffering is possible by practicing the Eightfold Path The Eightfold path connects with th ( Full Answer )

Can women be in buddism?

Yes. Womans are having equal status in Buddhism like men. Buddha himself allowed woman to become monks or to join sangha. In past several woman have achieved enlightenment.

How do you become a member of buddism?

ask your mum if you can be a buddist then throw a ceromony and your a buddist by the way i think worshipping there god and doing what they do like being a vegetarian is part of it too Answer: A Buddhist can: . Be born into a Buddhist family and maintain the family tradition . Read and learn o ( Full Answer )

What are the major belifes of buddism?

They believe in reincarnation. Their religion is quite similar to Hinduism when it come to the afterlife. Buddhists believe that when you do the right things throughout your life after you die you reincarnate to the higher social status. You continue to reincarnate until you finally make it to the h ( Full Answer )

How are buddism taoismm and shinto similar?

I would suggest that a principal similarity between these three traditions is that they are all non-theistic (i.e., they do not make any assertion one way or another about God, in contrast to atheism, which asserts that there is no God). While each of these traditions has deities (divine figures, ar ( Full Answer )

What is the language of Buddism?

Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese , Burmese, Thai, English, the languages of India, French, German etc.

What is the purpose of buddism?

To explain the true nature of all things , thus enable sentientbeings to follow a path to liberation if they wish.

Where did buddism develop?

Buddhism developed in Nepal / Northern India around 500BCE based upon the teachings of The Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama.

Who worships Buddism?

Worship is a term used in religion to define the relation of the worshipping people towards their god(s). Buddhism has no god(s) so there is no worshipping going on. Buddhists however to revere and respect Buddha for defining the path to enlightenment. As he was simply a man, not a god, this would n ( Full Answer )

What did Buddism teach people?

Buddhism teaches morals such as avoiding killing any creature, stealing, adultery, lying, corrupt speech, freed, anger and ignorance it is rooted in the teaching of a man who never claimed to be God (or a god) nor did he claim to be a prophet of God.

What is buddisms main belief?

I would have to say the Four Noble Truths, which are: 1) There is suffering (discontentment, unhappiness) in the world 2) There are specific causes of this suffering. 3) There is a state (a mindset, a way of life) where suffering ceases. 4) There is a path (actions, practices) to attain this ( Full Answer )

When was buddism religion first founded?

The religion and philosophy of Buddhism originated during the lifetime of Siddhartha Guatama, around 500 BCE. He became known as the Buddha, the Enlightened One.

What are the ten commandments of buddism?

Buddhism doesn't have ten commandments or any for that matter. Its principles are not based on command and control but on suggestions on how to lead one's life more skillfully to avoid pain and suffering of all types. The Eightfold Path is a numerical list of these suggestions but a Buddhist is not ( Full Answer )

What is the social hierarchy of Buddism?

I answer this question in view of ordinary good Buddhist in Thailand which is Hinayana Buddhism and not as a buddhism expert, the Buddhism does not have rigid class or race like India .In general we respect people in our society by seniority both in our social life and in temple, secondly we respect ( Full Answer )

Buddism only believe in one god. Buddism?

God Buddha is the creator of the Buddhism religion but he was a Gayman! He spent his days in the forest away from people wanking all day & when any one would try and speak with him he would folds his legs and pretend to meditate to avoid confrontation.

What do the buddism believe in?

Sometimes when I'm asked to describe the Buddhist beliefs, I say this: (1) Everything is connected; (2) Nothing lasts; (3) You are not alone. These first three are really just a restatement of the traditional Three Marks of Existence: non-self, impermanence, and suffering. The fact that we a ( Full Answer )

What is the hierarchy of buddism?

There is none. Unlike many Christian churches, in which there is a hierarchy of responsibility and control, Buddhism has no overall structure or central church. There are different Buddhist traditions, called lineages, such as Tibetan Buddhism, or Theravada Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, etc, but each lin ( Full Answer )

Where is buddism from?

Buddha was born into a noble family in Lumbini, an area that todaylies in the South of Nepal. He lived and taught across NorthernIndia and Southern Nepal between 560BCE - 480BCE. Modern historiansare not in agreement over the precise date of his birth but it wasaround the year 500BCE.

Can Buddism have pork?

There is no specific rule against pork. Practicing Buddhists doabstain from killing, however. Some Buddhists see the chain ofcausation between the purchase of meat and the killing of animals,and thus are vegetarian. The Chinese version of the Vinaya , the rules for monks and nuns, forbids the eating ( Full Answer )

What is founder of buddism?

Prince Siddartha Gautama is the founder of Buddhism. He wanted toteach people how to overcome suffering.