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Where is the EGR valve on a 1999 Mazda 626?


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On the 1998-2002 Mazda 626 v6 the Egr valve is located on the back right side toward the bottom of the engine. It is located in a very hard area to get to between the engine and the firewall. If you take out the intake system and the throttle control you can see it more clearly. there are two coolant lines connected to it. There are some picture of it at


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Remove the air breather and its underneath.

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located in the haines manual found at auto zone or advanced.

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The EGR valve is located at the right rear corner of the intake manifold, near the firewall. before unbolting the EGR valve, disconnect the vacuum line. - Mazda Repair Manual

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it is in the right back of the engine right under the throtle body

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