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Where is the door light switch in a 95 Ranger?


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2006-02-27 10:23:58
2006-02-27 10:23:58

it is inside the door panel


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Is your chime continuing after cranking vehicle and door is closed. If so, there is an electrical switch in the door that gets stuck. Use a spray lubricant inside the door latch to free switch.

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I would assume you have either a "Door Ajar" indicator or the Dome light stays on. I don't know if it applies to the 95 but on our 97 the switches are located on the door latch mechanism inside the door. WD40 spray on the door latch really worked for the Dome Light problem, I would guess it will work on the door ajar switch as well.

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find the switch on either the door or the door jam and glue a penny to it so that it reads shut all the time!!

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I would think you have a faulty door jamb switch. The drivers door is used the most so I would replace that switch first. I hope this helps you. Mark

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