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Where is the most dangerous city in the US?


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As of 2008, the most dangerous city in the United States is New Orleans. However, Detroit has been in the top three most dangerous cities more than anyone other major city in recent years.


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Detroit is the most dangerous city in the US.

Currently Saginaw Michigan is considered the most dangerous city in the US.

Memphis Tennessee is the second most dangerous state in the United States.

North Charleston, SC is the most dangerous city in the US. It leads the murder rate and death rate. The crime rate has jumped up and is still steadly increasing.

See: www.fbi.gov and scroll to the appropriate area.

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Well the most dangerous city in the US is Detroit, Michigan. In my opinion, it should also be labeled as the worst city due to its high crime rates.

Detroit and St. Louis are tied for top. Detroit might be more dangerous, though.

Frankfurt is the most dangerous, relating to crime.

Detroit has been the most dangerous city in the United States for several years, and still continues to hold the title.

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If you want to be realistic, Detroit. If not, most likely to be danger city

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The most popular city in he US is New York City.

Quezon City along Commonwealth Ave.

St. Louis was ranked the most dangerous city in the US in a 2010 survey.

No, actually Memphis, Tennessee well some of it is worst and Memphis isn't even the worst

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