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Which countries in the world have the largest populations?

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Here is a list of the 10 most populous countries in the world as of mid-2010:

1. China

2. India

3. United States of America

4. Indonesia

5. Brazil

6. Pakistan

7. Bangladesh

8. Nigeria

9. Russia

10. Japan

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Which of these countries had the largest populations in 1750?


Where do most Muslims live today?

The largest Muslim populations are in Indonesia and Pakistan, both non-Arab countries. Although there are Muslims in every country in the world today, the largest Muslim populations are in Indonesia, Pakistan, and the Arab countries.

Which countries in the world have a larger population than Indonesia?

There are 3 countries that have larger populations then Indonesia. Indonesia is ranked forth largest in the world in terms of population. Third largest is the United States, second largest is India, and the country with the largest population in the world is China.

What country is lslam strongest in?

World Top Ten Countries With Largest Muslim PopulationsCountryMuslim PopulationPakistan150,365,000India122,570,000Indonesia116,105,000Bangladesh110,849,000Turkey64,714,000Iran64,707,000Egypt57,780,000Nigeria49,000,000Algeria30,442,000Morocco27,736,000

Which 12 countries have the largest populations in the world?

The 12 largest countries in the world, by population, are: China, India, United States, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Russia, Japan, Mexico, and the Philippines.

Which countries have the largest Asian populations?

China and India

What two countries have the largest populations in the world?

CHINDIA(China and India) current ppoulation for both the countries combining is more then 2 billion

Where is Judaism poular?

Jews live in more than 100 countries of the world, but the largest populations are in Israel and the United States.

To quickly locate the countries with the largest populations on Earth?

population maps

Which regions of the world have the largest Muslim populations?

Indonesia .

What three countries have the largest populations?

China, India, United States (in that order)

What countries have the largest populations?

China and India they have over 1 billion people

What are the seven largest countries in the world?

Seven largest countries

What three countries have the largest Kurdish populations?

turkey, iraq, iran & also sryia

What are the 3 main countries that the Kurds live in?

The three countries with the largest indigenous Kurdish Populations are Turkey, Iraq, and Iran.

Which countries have the largest Muslim populations?

India is one of the most populated country in the world and India has almost 50 percent of Muslim population...and they are growing in furutre India would have the largest Muslim population in the world.

What is one of the largest Islamic nations in the world?

By population: Indonesia, Pakistan, and India have the three largest Muslim populations. By area: Kazakhstan, Algeria, and Saudi Arabia (only countries with a majority Muslim population).

What are the main countries of Asia?

Asian countries with the largest populations are China, India, and Indonesia. In terms of land, the biggest countries are Russia, China, and India.

What are the four countries with the largest Spanish-speaking populations?

Argentina Mexico Ecuador Spain

Where are the largest Muslim populations in the world?

South Asia, specifically Indonesia.

Name the largest country with the largest land population in the world and on which continent is it located on?

As the areas and populations of countries are not in correlation, I can only bring out those countries that have the best population and area ratio. Those would probably be: USA (North-America) and China (Asia)

What countries have the largest populations of people that follow Jainism?

There are the most Jains in Canada, India, Pakistan, and Japan.

What countries have large Catholic populations?

The country with the largest Catholic percentage of the population is Vatican City, at 100%.

What country is Hanukkah held?

Hanukkah is celebrated by Jews all over the world, in any country they live in. The countries with the largest Jewish populations are:IsraelThe United StatesFrance

What countries are Buddhist?

China has the largest populations of Buddhists. Other countries with a large percentage of that faith are Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka, and South Korea.