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Who has control of company vehicles with a cosigner?

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Control in what sense? Sell them, transfer title? The cosigner guarantee's the loan on the vehicles and would need to agree to selling them and sign the title. You can use them for any purpose, do anything with them including burning them. You will still be responsible for the loan and if not you the cosigner will have to pay the loan off.

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Do cosigners for vehicles need a license?

guess what, a cosigner is an owner under the eyes of the law and the dealer....

Does the cosigner on a mortgage need to be on the purchase and sale so the seller is aware of a cosigner?

That is an issue between the mortgage company, the buyer and the cosigner. The seller's only worry is selling the property and getting paid.

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Who is responsible for company credit card after the company declares bankruptsy?

The company. The liability is one of the many the BK will resolve. Of course, if there was a cosigner or such on the credit line, they are involved too.

Can you replace a cosigner for an apartment with another cosigner?

Yes, you can replace a cosigner for an apartment with another cosigner. However, you need to get the consent of the landlord.

What are the benefits of a cosigner?

A cosigner basically is a guarantor for the repayment of a loan or value and serves as cosigner of the debt. If the debtor fails to make payments or defaults, the cosigner is obligated to pay off the debt. No benefits for the cosigner, but cosigner benefits the debtor.

How long does a company have to inform a cosigner that the borrower is in default in payment?

It is their legal right to never inform you and simply allow your credit deteriorate. It is your job as the cosigner to make sure the contract is up-to-date.

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Yes, but why do you have 4 cars any way.

Can a finance company repo YOUR car if YOU are not behind on YOur payments in Washington state?

If you are up-to-date then no, if you are a cosigner there may be complications...

What is fleet leasing?

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How do you control a company?

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Does a cosigner have to have a job?

No, a cosigner can be retired, or just in good standing with the federal credit bureau. They do not necessarily have to have a job. But the deal with a cosigner is that if the individual they are cosigning for does not pay the bill, the cosigner is responsible for the payment.

If we have bad credit will a cosigner help us get a mortgage?

Yes, a person with bad credit can get a cosigner for a mortgage. The cosigner will have to have excellent credit and must go into the office to sign papers to become a cosigner.

If you are a cosigner in someone's loan for a line of credit and he is at default what can the cosigner do to take his name back?

Nothing. The only option for being remove as a cosigner is to have the original loan refinanced without the cosigner participating.

What company makes Dodge vehicles?


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Can you be sued in case of an accident as cosigner?

No. The only obligation the cosigner has is to the lender.

What are the legal rights of a cosigner on a mortgage?

legal rights of cosigner on mortgage

What makes a legal cosigner?

Capacity and intent of the cosigner to be bound is required.

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