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Pearl harbor was home to the U.S. Pacific fleet. It was the only fleet powerful enough to interfere with Japan's offensive into SouthEast Asia and the Pacific. They needed to damage/destroy it to such an extent that they would be able to safely take all of their objectives before the U.S. had recovered.

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Q: Why did Japan see Pearl Harbor in the Pacific as a threat?
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Why did japan start war on America?

The reason japan attacked the u.s at pearl harbor was because the Japanese saw the us as the only threat to its power in the pacific ocean

Why did japan destroy the us fleet in the pacific?

Japan wanted to control the Pacific Ocean and needed to remove any threat by the United States to their military. They attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941,

What was the significance of attacking Pearl Harbor?

Japan attacked Pearl Harbor because they wanted to remove the threat of the US naval fleet.

What started the war in the Pacific?

Japan, they bomed Pearl Harbor first

In what ocean did japan attack US at pearl harbor?

pacific ocean!

Where did Japanese practice Pearl Harbor attack?

They made a replica of Pearl Harbor off the coast of Japan in the Pacific Ocean and practiced it exactly how they bombed the real Pearl Harbor.

Who declared war after the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Japan attacked Pearl Harbor because they wanted it. So after that America declared war on Japan and that caused the war in the Pacific

What did Japan do to pearl harbor?

japan bombed pearl harbor

What island did japan attack first after pearl harbor?

Oahu in the Pacific Ocean

Why were there so many warships at pearl harbor?

Pearl harbor was an american military base in the pacific , the US was rightly aware of the danger that Japan would be for their strategic interests in the pacific ocean so they put ships there and created Pearl Harbor . On the Other Hand Japan wanted the US to understand that the pacific was part of Japanese zone of influence and they did so by destroying the Us fleet at Pearl Harbor as we know it today .

Why did Japan pick Pearl Harbor as its target?

The largest US Navy Battle Fleet, in the Pacific, was stationed at Pearl Harbor. It had just "transferred" there in 1940.

Why Japan bombed Pearl Harbor?

Japan wanted control of the Pacific. They hoped that if they bombed Pearl Harbor, that America would be unable to do anything about Japan having control of China, Korea, Philippines, and even Australia.

Why did the Japanese attack the uss lexington in pearl harbor?

Japan wanted US out of the out Pacific

What were first actions of Japan in the Pacific War?

To bomb Pearl Harbor. This triggered the War.

What year did japan attack the pacific fleet of US Navy at pearl harbor?


How far is Japan from Pearl Harbor?

it is 18 hour to get to japan to pearl harbor

Where did japan attack after pearl harbor?

pearl harbor

Was Pearl Harbor in japan?

Pearl Harbor is in Hawaii.

Who was the axis of Pearl Harbor?

The Axis power which attacked Pearl Harbor was Japan.

Why did Japan drop a bomb on Hawaii?

A bomb? Try hundreds! They wished to take control of vast portions of the Pacific and the single biggest threat to stopping them was the US Navy in Pearl Harbor.

For the bombing of Pearl Harbor Why did Japan want to dominate the pacific?

they want to dominate the pacific for hunting whales and tuna for their sushi...

Who Bought Pearl Harbor?

does japan own pearl harbor

When Japan bomb Pearl Harbor?

Japan bombed pearl harbor on December 7, 1941

When did Japan bomb on Pearl Harbor?

Japan bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7 1941.

Japan bombs Pearl Harbor?

Japan bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.