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Why did the Americans win the Revolutionary War?



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The reason the Americans won the Revolutionary War was because of three major things.The reason the Americans won the Revolutionary War was because of three major things.

1. In 1777 the Battle of Saratoga

2. France's aid

3. Americans wouldn't have had a chance at winning the Revolution if Britain wasn't occupied with a multi-power World War at the same time.


1. In 1777 the Battle of Saratoga was a turning point in the war, the Americans won this decisive battle at Saratoga, New York. Because of this win it showed that even though in the early years of the war the Americans had heavy loses, low supplies, and demoralized troops that rebellious colonists actually had a chance of winning and showed potential foreign allies (i.e. France!).

2. France's aid proved to be a decisive factor in ultimate American victory. After the Battle of Saratoga France realized that colonists had a chance of winning and saw this as a chance to get back at Britain for humiliating defeat in the Seven Year's War also known as the French-Indian War. The French had no use for democratic ideals of American Revolution but was motivated purely by desire for revenge. Spring 1778 France began providing troops, weapons, money and military advice.

3. Americans wouldn't have had a chance at winning the Revolution if Britain wasn't occupied with a multi-power World War at the same time. Not only did France decide to help but Spain and the Netherlands join the Americans against British, too. Dutch and Spanish naval attacks threaten British supply lines. Also, other European powers who were "passively hostile" towards Britain. In the end Parliament ends costly, draining conflict and the Americans win the Revolutionary War and ends the war with the Treaty of Paris in 1783.

Answer 2

The Americans won the war because they had taken help from France, Spain, and the Dutch Republic by accepting the war weapons given by the French in order to help them to win/draw the war for them to get the independence and to help the French and the other countries to get their independence as well.The only reason why the French helped the Americans and not the British was because everyone was against the British because they wanted to rule and have a control on every country village etc. And because "some" wanted the British out due to them being the supreme.On the other,hand all the British wanted was the fact of having the most power and the control over everyone which was not fair.

At the time of the Revoloutionary War the British were fighting 3 other wars in diffrent parts of the world at the same time. France was an allie to the US fighting alongside them in the US but Napolean and the French Empire also decided that it would be a perfect time to attack the British over in Europe. The British were also fighting the Mongol Empire ( wich was the 2cnd biggest Empire on earth) and also the Japanese Empire. These 3 other Wars had everything to lose and everything to gain for the British the war with the US had nothing for them to gain as it was too young of a country,so Britain moved on to concentrate on fighting those 3 other wars wich they won all 3.

Answer 3

Because George Washington was a great leader for his army.

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Despite the handicaps the Americans faced, there were several factors working in their favor. The rebels were fighting a defensive war and they knew their surroundings. The advantage to the Americans was that they only had to hold out to win. The British had to take the offensive and defeat the colonists at all the major battles in order to win. The British not only had to wipe out the colonial forces, they had to occupy and hold the territory as they won it. This cost too many troops and led to the British hiring foreign mercenaries. The Americans also had the support of foreign nations, especially the French and the Dutch. Pro-American sentiment was also strong in England. Many members of Parliament supported the arguments of the colonists. The Americans had good officers. While no match for an all out fight with the British Army, the American leaders, like Washington, knew the military advantages of hit and run. Washington became a master at hitting the British when least expected and then disappearing into the countryside. The British never seemed to be able to adapt to the fighting in America. The troops had been trained in the European style of battles and the Americans did not "play fair," as they hid behind trees and snuck up on the British forces.

they used, dishonourable guerrilla warfare, had loads of help from France, Spain, holland, pirates, native Americans. they promised African slaves their freedom if they helped, but what did they do when they won? put them back in chains!

they also knew the territory better than the british soldiers. they outnumberd they british at least 4 to 1 and they considered themselves patriots, but who were the real patriots? the british! why? because they stayed loyal to there country.

PS the british had to tax us for the french and Indian war otherwise they (and us at the time) would have went bankrupt.

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Primary Reason: Other British Wars
The primary reason for the US victory in the American Revolution was due to internal decisions from the British monarchy about the useful disposition of forces and the value of its constituent territories. Enemies of the British Empire saw the American Revolution as an opportunity to push for control of British territories that they otherwise would be unable to take control of. France, Spain, and the Netherlands pushed for control of British territories in the Caribbean. Conversely in India, the Indian Kingdom of Mysore was determined to push the British out of India with local French assistance from Pondicherry. The Caribbean and Indian territories were of far more value to the British, because of their production of sugar (in the Caribbean) and tea and spices (in India) than the North American colonies (which primarily exported tobacco and cotton and could be replaced to a certain extent in the Caribbean). As a result, when Colonial General Washington defeated British General Cornwallis in the Battle of Yorktown, the British were not willing to send in another army. Rather, they wanted to deploy those soldiers to defend the other territories (which the British were able to hold).

Secondary Reasons:

  • The Colonial Forces received military equipment from France and Spain, military alliances with France, Spain, and the Netherlands, and military expertise from Prussia (Baron von Steuben) and Poland (Tadeusz Kosciusko).
  • Colonial General Washington was an effective and charismatic leader for the Colonial Forces, who used effective guerrilla tactics against his numerically superior and better-trained British opponents.
  • The French Navy helped to break up British supply lines and allowed Colonial Smugglers to more effectively bypass the British blockade in order to more easily bring supplies to the Colonial Forces
  • Colonial Forces were able to drag the war on for far longer than the British had originally intended the war to last.

A quick note on the Community Answers, while Answer 1 is correct in its analysis, reaching similar conclusions to this answer, Answer 2 is nonsense in its first paragraph and incorrect in its second paragraph. (The British were not fighting the Mongol Empire -- which had not existed for nearly 400 years by this point -- or the Japanese Empire -- which would not form for nearly another century.)