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Many Americans didn't support the Vietnam War because they didn't feel that America should have gotten involved. They did not believe that it was America's place to involve themselves in another countries issues.

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Q: Why didn't many Americans support the Vietnam War?
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Why did many Americans questioned US involvement in Vietnam primarily?

A. the government of South Vietnam seemed to lack popular support

How many americans died in the vietnam conflict-?

About 51000 Americans died in the Vietnam conflict.

How many Americans live in Vietnam as of 2014?

As of 2014 there are about 5000 Americans living in Vietnam.

How many Americans were wounded in the Vietnam war?

Around 300,000 Americans were wounded in the Vietnam war.

How many Americans were sent to fight in Vietnam?

There were approximately 536,100 Americans sent to fight in Vietnam.

How did the American feel about the Vietnam war?

A large number of Americans did not support the Vietnam war and actively protested against it. There were changing messages from the government regarding why American involvement was necessary and many people believed it was not.

How many Americans served in Vietnam?

About 2.1 million American served in Vietnam.

How many Americans were in Vietnam in 1961?


How many Americans served in Vietnam war?


Was there support in Vietnam during the Vietnam war?

While I served in Vietnam in 1968, we received many packages sent simply to "any serviceman" filled with baked goods, paperback books, playing cards, candy, magazines, newspapers, socks, and letters from kids and families. The media spent a great deal of coverage on protests - but a great many Americans continued to quietly lend their support and encouragement to military serving in combat.

In the US you mainly know about Vietnam because of the Vietnam War?

Yes. Before the US committed to the Vietnam War, many Americans had not even heard of Vietnam.

How many Australian support in Vietnam war?

all of them

How many Americans were involved in the Vietnam War?

About 2.1 million US servicemen and women served in Vietnam.

Did the Vietnamese win the Vietnam war?

I am 100% sure that the Vietnamese won the Vietnam War. Too Many Americans were assassinated.

What booby traps did the Americans encounter in the Vietnam War?


How many americans were killed in combat in vietnam?

58200 people

Why was the Vietnam war dividing Americans?

because many american were against the vietnam war so there was 2 groups.

What are the names of soldiers dead in Vietnam?

There are many soldiers that died in Vietnam, if you want a complete list for Americans go to the Vietnam memorial in Washington D.C.

What convinced many Americans that the Vietnam war could not be won?

The Government.

How many Americans died in vietnam war in 1966?

6,143 in 1966

How many Americans went into the Vietnam war?

Approximately 2,594,000 US servicemen served "in country" during the Vietnam War.

How many Americans died during the Vietnam war?

58,226 American soldiers died in Vietnam or were listed as missing in action.

How many African Americans were killed in the Vietnam war?

About 7,300 African Americans were killed. About 48,000 European Americans were killed.

When Many Americans marched in large cities to protest the Vietnam War?

2 americans, they were just big people

What group was the silent majority in the Vietnam war?

The "silent majority" were a group of American people that were supposed to support the USA in the Vietnam War, as compared to a large amount of vocal demonstrators that were protesting the war. After many years of fighting in Vietnam and seeing no end in sight, the vast majority of Americans wanted it to end, and for the the USA to leave the quagmire. Which they did in 1973, and South Vietnam fell to the communists in 1975.