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The answer posted previously seems to be taken verbatim from this site, and probably copyrighted there:

Mazda EGR Flow: Low or Excessive?

and if that doesn't work, there are additional tips here:

P0402 EGR code Help - Automotive Message Forums

2007-12-24 04:55:26
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How do you replace power brake booster?

The power brake booster of a vehicle is replaced by removing the fluid reservoir, unbolting the booster from the firewall, and disconnecting it from the brake pedal. A new booster can then be connected and bolted into place.

How do you replace power brake booster 95 blazer?

The power brake booster on a 95 Chevy Blazer is replaced by draining and removing the master cylinder, unbolting the booster, and removing it from the vehicle. A new cylinder is then put in its place and bolted on.

What does it mean when you push the brake petal and the car revs up on a 1990 Crx?

The Brake booster needs replaced

Why is my brake pedal sometimes hard then another time soft calipers were replaced as well as rotors.?

Sounds like it could be a problem with the vacuum booster or vacuum supply to the booster Check for a vacuum leak Make sure the check valve on the booster is working Check the vacuum canister

Dodge 3500 replaced booster no steering when braking but I have braking and steering at separate times?

Replace the power steering pump.

Where is the hydraulic pump located for a 1976 Eldorado?

It is the same thing as the power steering pump - front of engine, left (driver's) side, driven by a single belt. It provides hydraulic pressure for the power steering, and for the power brake booster. Some Eldorados have had the hydraulic booster changed out and replaced with a vacuum booster; this is not factory setup.

Is a power booster and a brake booster the same?

I would say a power brake booster or a brake booster would be the same.

You replaced brake pads on 2001 Focus and calipers witll not engage Please help?

i had a similar prob but it was related to the brake booster. it is a cylendrical device that creates brake pressure and when deffective causes the brakes to be engadged and causes brake wear and slow gas mileage and warpping of brake drums and excessive wear of brake pads..... often over-looked.

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You have to be (4.5) to not have a booster

What is the advantage of having a booster in your computer?


What are booster?

a booster is the first stage in a rocket

How do you repair a brake booster?

This is one job best left to the experts. If you separate the two halves of a booster you will release a large spring which will do serious harm to yourself and or anybody standing nearby. These units can be replaced with a rebuilt or new unit. Ask your local auto parts store.

What is booster in Tagalog?

Tagalog translation of BOOSTER: nagpalakas

Can a TV booster work as a CB radio booster?


Why does your blend door in your Voyager minivan make a closing noise when you brake when had it replaced 1 year ago?

Vacuum leak? Check valve on power brake booster?

Where can you find the 'brake booster line' on a 1996 GMC Sierra?

The Brake Booster is mounted on the firewall and the master cylinder is mounted on the booster. Look at the booster and you will see a very large vacuum line coming from the booster.

Define Bordetella Booster?

a booster to perfent kenndel cough

Where you can find booster pass codes?

In some booster packs.

When was Booster Records created?

Booster Records was created in 2010.

Is there a fuse for the power brake booster on a 1994 Taurus?

No, the brake booster operates off of vacuum not electricity. If the booster isn't working then check the vacuum line going from the intake manifold to the booster. If the line is ok and not leaking then you need to replace the booster.

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Boys' Athletic Booster Club = Athletic Booster Club for boys (plural) Boy's Athletic Booster Club = Athletic Booster Club for a boy (singular)

1997 Dodge Ram running lights stay on after ignition turned off?

day time running module on drivers fender back by the brake booster needs to be replaced

How do you change a vacuum booster 1998 grand Cherokee?

unbolt master cylinder from boosterdisconnect pushrod at brake pedal arm under dashdisconnect vacuum hose from boosterunbolt booster from firewallreverse order to install new booster

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