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Q: Why would a 1987 Jeep Cherokee not start after replacing the clutch?
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Why would an alternator start whining after replacing the serpentine belt on a Jeep Cherokee?

Worn bearing and new belt is tighter than worn one?

John deere 318 pto blows fuse?

i would start by replacing fuse disconnect pto clutch,turn ignition switch on engage pto switch if fuse doese not blow, the problem is in the pto clutch or re-set air gap in the clutch

Why would a 2000 Jeep Cherokee the heat slow to come on 15 to 20 minutes and not very hot?

Start with replacing the thermostat, it may be stuck open.

You have a 95 cavalier that will not start by the key but you can pop the clutch or turn the key off and by pass the starter and it will start Why would it do this?

The clutch start switch is will find it at the top of the clutch pedal

1997 S10 clutch releases at end of pedal would replacing master cylinder solve problem Clutch doesn't slip or chatter Thanks Phil?

when the clutch releases at the very top, that usually indicates that the clutch needs replacing. the clutch may just need adjustment. one more thing, the clutch on Chevy s-10's usually release high anyway.

Can a bad distributor cap cause a manual transmission to jerk?

A corroded distributor cap and rotor will cause a vehicle to be difficult if not impossible to start and may cause the motor to run rough. If a manual transmission is jerky the clutch slave cylinder or clutch may need replacing ( clutch slipping ). It would also do to check the clutch lines for leaking fluid.

What would cause your 1993 Jeep grand Cherokee Limited 4.0L inline 6 to not start?

on the 4.0 jeep, if it cranks, but wont start, try replacing the crank sensor, located at the top rear of the engine, at the transmission

How do you replace clutch self adj pedal?

The clutch parts that wear out would be the clutch master cylinder and the clutch slave cylinder. Replacing the clutch master cylinder requires disconnecting the hydraulic line, unbolting and removing the master from the vehicle, bench bleeding the new master, install the new master then bleeding the system. Replacing the clutch slave cylinder requires removing the transmission assembly. I would recommend purchasing a shop repair manual for that vehicle if you want to DIY.

Your clutch screams when you depress the clutch pedal?

The throwout bearing is bad. This bearing sits in the center of the clutch. Replacing it requires removing the transmission from the car, and it would be a VERY good time to replace both the clutch and the pressure plate while you have it apart.

When a vw cabrio's clutch goes out can it break the fly wheel?

A slipping clutch may cause cracks on the flywheel wear surface from excessive heat. The cracks would be reason enough to replace the flywheel when replacing the clutch assembly.

Why would a 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt not start?

after replacing the stearing colum what would cause it not to start. You may have disconnected the ignition switch.

Why is your clutch pedal catching at various locations on a 95 civic?

This may be due to a faulty clutch. If the vehicle has over 70K on the clutch it is reccomended that it be replaced. If the clutch "slips" or takes a min before it finally engages then i would reccomed replacing the clutch. Make sure to change the Release Bearing and the pilot bearing as well this may also contribute to the problem.

What would cause a 1988 Cherokee to fire by not start?

possable a fuse is blown

2001 gmc sonoma it will not start you can start it by poppin the clutch which would indicate to you that the starter is ok you have replaced the starter relay switch and the clutch switch any ideas?

How do you figure the starter is okay just by popping the clutch? Popping the clutch uses the driveline to turn the motor over. The starter is not involved at all.

What would cause a 93 probe gt not to turn over with clutch engaged it will start by jumping starter but not like it should using clutch?

Misadjusted or bad clutch safety switch? Usually located at the upper end of the clutch pedal

Will your car push start if the clutch interlock switch is bad?

Clutch interlock should only prevent you from cranking the starter without the clutch depressed. You should be able to push start with this malfunctioning since the rotating motor is doing just what it would be if the starter worked.

How do you replace the clutch cylinder slave in a 1997 Chevrolet S10 pick up?

Replacing the clutch slave cylinder requires removing the transmission assembly. I would recommend purchasing a shop repair manual for that vehicle if you intend on DIY.

When you turn the headlights to full the lights cut out. Where do you start?

you probably would first start out with replacing the headlight bulbs then work to the dimmer switch and electrical system from there you probably would first start out with replacing the headlight bulbs then work to the dimmer switch and electrical system from there

Why would my alarm and remote not work on my Ford Explorer?

Start by replacing the battery in the remote.

How do you jump start a motorcycle?

When i used to jump start my rm80 i would find a small hill or have a friend push me at a decent speed, pull in the clutch shift to 1st gear, let out the clutch and give it some gas that will start it right up.

Why would it be impossible to shift into fifth gear after replacing the clutch on an Escort Mark Five?

your shift linkages arent aligned proper, or there is something wrong with the cable.

Is the fan clutch is bad on my 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis if it doesn't spin all the time?

If the clutch is bad, you would be able to hold the fan and start the car. The fan will not spin if the clutch is bad. If the clutch is good the fan spins at a high speed.

What would cause a 1997 park avenue not to start?

I would try replacing the fuel pressure regulator. That was my problem.

Why would your 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee run hotter after replacing the water pump?

not the right mixture of coolant Was the serpentine belt put back on correctly?

What would cause clutch fluid to leak from the slave cylinder so when you start the vehicle the clutch stays to the floor and is floppy with no resistance?

The slave cylinder has failed and will need replaced.