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A low-temperature thermostat will not prevent overheating so much as delay just a little bit. It will also cause poor fuel economy and with most electronically controlled FI systems, it will cause fuel control errors.

If the engine is overheating with a properly functioning 190 degree thermostat, a 180 degree thermostat shouldn't make that much of a difference. Make sure the existing thermostat is working properly, make sure the radiator isn't blocked or partially blocked, and that the cooling fan and water pump are working. A computerized car needs to have the thermo specs call for.

Changing the engine temp can alter the comp readings which can cause bad running, high fuel usage and costly repairs later on down the road.

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If you have got a 190 degree thermosat in your car if you put a 180 degree thermostat in it will the car run cooler?

Thermostat will open sooner car may not necessarily run cooler

If you have a 190 degree thermostat in your vechile and replace it with a 180 degree thermostat will it run cooler?

It may run cooler, but this depends on if your radiator fan has a thermostat controlled temperature gauge or if your fan is mechanical. A mechanical fan has a fan belt attached and runs when the engine runs.

Is 180 degree Fahrenheit thermostat ok for 2001 jeep 4.0L?

No, should be 190

My temp gauge goes to Cold after just a few miles after changing thermostat on 1976 Ford F-150 360CID V8?

I noticed that lists 3 different thermostats for the 1976 F-150 with 360 V8 ( a 160 degree / 180 degree / and 190 degree . I'm guessing that you installed the 160 ? and maybe had the 180 or 190 before That would make your guage read cooler

What is the normal operating temperature of a 1968 Chevrolet Camero Z28 with a 302 cubic inch?

The manufacture requires a 180 degree thermostat. If your fan clutch is operating normally and the radiator has good flow it will probably be around 190 to 205. It may run a little cooler when the car is moving.

Replaced thermostat on 89 Ranger w 160 degree unit still runs cold heater air won't warm up gage doesn't register warm Suggestions?

Check your heater core. ANSWER I'm not a mechanic but isn't the thermostat supposed to be a 190 F unit. With a 160 F the engine would run cooler , read cooler on the guage, and the heat from your heater wouldn't get as warm as it should ( just like what happens when a 190 degree F. thermostat sticks open )

What type of thermostat should go in a 1978 Chevy Caprice?

190 degree

What is 190 percent of 180 equals?

190% of 180= 190% * 180= 1.9 * 180= 342

What temperature thermostat is in a 96 s10 4.3?

A 180 degree will work just fine. You could go as high as 190 if you live in a cold climate and drive relatively short trips. In that case the 190 would help you warm up a little quicker but for most applications 180 is probably best.

What thermostat comes in a 2006 GTO from the factory?

Looks like 190 from the factory. See link for discussion on optional 160 degree thermostat.

What is a angle called that is over 190 degrees?

An obtuse angle. There cannot be an angle with more than 180 degrees so it starts to count backwards when it hits 180. So instead of having a 190 degree angle, you have a 170 degree angle.

What is the normal operating temperature for a 95 model jeep Cherokee?

temp should be 190 for a 4.0 ....AlsoIt depends on the thermostat that you have installed. If it's a 180 degree thermostat, the engine should run at right around 180 degrees. Recognize that stock engine temp gauges are notoriously inaccurate so don't blame the thermostat if everything else seems ok but the gauge says the temp is off.

What is the normal operating temperature range for the radiator coolant in a ninety five Olds Cutlass Supreme 3.1 liter?

If you have a 180 thermostat, the coolant temperature shouldn't get much above 180. If it's a 190, it shouldn't get much above 190.

You are replacing your radiator on your 1995 Honda Accord Ex 4 cylinder Which thermostat do you get When you look it up it gives you two options 180 or 190 Which one should you get?

Go with the 180.

How hot should an engine run?

Depends on the engine, but 180 or 190 is a pretty common temperature for a thermostat to open and release coolant from an engine.

What is the normal operating temperature for the cooling system on a 1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport?

180 degrees to 190 degrees depending on what thermostat you use

What is proper coolant temperature for 1996 eldorado?

I assume where it has a 195 degree thermostat that operating temp should be in that range 190-220

How much Celsius in 190 degree Fahrenheit?

190 degree Fahrenheit = 87.7777778 degree Celsius.

What temperature thermostat should a 1995 Ford Explorer use in the winter?

Motorcraft . com lists ( Motorcraft RT1161 ) a 190 degree Fahrenheit thermostat for the 1995 Ford Explorer to be used year round

Would a 396 Chevy run cooler with a 160 or 195 degree thermostat?

Theoretically it would run cooler. The temperature rating on a thermostat tells you it's fully open position. So when the coolant temp reaches 160 then coolant will be allowed to flow to the radiator. Where as the 190 will open 30 degress warmer. And generally a lower temp is better. Just make sure you replace it with the OEM for the winter... or your engine won't warm up enough when it's cold.

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190 degree.

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