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In my PERSONAL experience, dealerships are among the WORST places to take a vehicle for repair unless it's a warranty issue. They usually put their least experienced mechanic on the problem and when something goes wrong they say that another part needed to be replaced and charge you again. Go back, have them repair the issue and when they try to charge you tell them that you might have been willing to pay for the part if they had found the problem the first time, but now it just seems like they are trying to rip you off. Why didn't they check out the vehicle when they were finished with it? No, I've told my family to avoid dealers and let me take care of the problems for them.

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2005-11-27 17:48:58
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Q: You just had your clutch replaced at a ford dealership and now your 4x4 wont engage The lights come on when you push the button but the 4x4 wont engage?
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How do you engage the clutch on a car?

The clutch pedal.

What happens if there is no voltage applied to the clutch?

An air conditioner clutch will not engage without voltage. If it doesn't engage, the compressor will not turn.

How do you adjust clutch brake?

If your clutch is properly adjusted and your clutch brake doesn't engage, then your clutch brake is worn, and needs to be replaced. If you don't have 1.5 to 2 inches of free play in your clutch (this goes for both pull- and push-type), then you need to make that adjustment first and see if that rectifies the problem.

John deere 155c - pull to engage blades and blows fuse?

This is most likely a blade clutch problem. Many times they short and have to be replaced.

Why Wont my clutch engage on 1999 Jeep Wrangler?

If the clutch won't engage, the clutch disc or pressure plate has probably broke apart. If the clutch won't disengage, the clutch hydraulic fluid reservoir is empty because of a leak in the system.

What is the function of clutch in automobiles?

Is to disengage and engage

1988 Volvo 740 What is button on gear shift for?

It's the overdrive engage button, which is like a 5th gear. It only engages when the gear lever is in 4th gear and it can be operated without depressing the clutch.

Where does the little rod go in a 1990 Mitsubishi pickup just replaced the clutch and forgot the rod?

If you just replaced the clutch and pressure plate, the only "little rod" I can think of is in the slave cylinder. It is what pushes the fork in to disengage the clutch. If you did not put it in, you should not be able to shift or engage the clutch. The slave cylinder should blow out the seal when you step on the clutch pedal. The rod is about the diameter of a pencil and 2 inches long more or less?

What would cause your rm125 dirt bikes clutch not engage?

bad clutch cable, or not enough oil on the clutch plates.

Why clutch pedal still high after new clutch?

I'm assuming you mean why does the clutch still engage at a high point after replacement; When you replace your clutch it is normally due to it being burnt out from overheating or from extensive wear of the flywheel. Long travel in the clutch pedal is caused by extensive wear on the flywheel, so if it was replaced due to being burnt out, replacement will not alter the travel (the distance between plates has not changed). Either that or the mechanic who replaced it did not properly adjust it.

You have to pump your clutch pedal a few times for the clutch to engage on your Hyundai Excel 1997 how do you fix?

you need to bleed your clutch fluid

Why does the AC clutch engage when the blower switch is turn on and AC button is off 2003 RAM 1500 pick up?

You most likely have a bad a/c - heater controller........

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