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Hydrogenation adds hydrogen atoms to the double bonds in unsaturated fats which converts them to semisoild material, which is similar to that of saturated fats (they tend to be solid since their formation is generally stronger than that of unsaturated)

The similarities; (semi)solid form.

For example; margarine.

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Q: How are hydrogenated oils like saturated fats?
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What are some food examples of lipids?

There are two general types of lipids: fats and oils. Fats come from animals and oils come from plants. A neat way to tell them apart is that fats are solid at room temperature while oils are liquid at room temperature. Fats are saturated, they have no double bonds and are as straight as tooth-picks, and they stack the same way, i. e. easily. Oils contain C=C double bonds that turn the straight lipid into those that look like 'a dogs leg'; bent pieces that stack poorly and need a lower temperature to solidify.

An organic compound that is not soluble in water?

an organic compound that is not soluble in water

What is the difference between saturated fat and unsaturated fat?

I'll charitably assume that you don't have internet access properly where you live, since even a child could use Google to look this up online. Saturated fats bad. Unsaturated fats better. Polyunsaturated fats best. Trans fats not good. Hydrogenated fats bad. Unsaturated fats are more easily broken-down in our digestive system, so they cause less damage than saturated fats. They have a different structure from saturated fats, best explained as weak spots in their carbon chains. HOWEVER, carbohydrates are a much bigger danger to you, they keep your blood sugar high, which damages your arteries and all of your organs, especially the pancreas, which then can't control your blood sugar properly and the damage continues. Fat deposits can build up in the damaged areas of arteries, causing blockages. Without the damage the fats would be just pumped around to somewhere they can be useful.

Fats oils and waxes are all classified as what?

Fats, waxes and oils are all also known as lipids.

Lipids that are solid at room temperature are known as?

If a lipid is saturated, then it is a saturated fat and is solid at room temperature (saturated means it has the maximum number of hydrogen atoms attached to the carbon atoms in the atomic structure). If the lipid is unsaturated, then it is an oil that is a liquid at room temperature. Remember: lipids are a broad term covering any fat soluble substances such as fats, oils, fat soluble vitamins, waxes, etc.

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Characteristics of hydrogenated oils?

Hydrogenated oils are made from liquid vegetable or seed oils and are created to mimic saturated fats. Saturated fats are those that are solid at room temperature. Hydrogenation, the process of polymerizing liquid fats[oils] by heating and injecting hydrogen gas into them, creates "trans-fats", or solid "plasticated" fats which we now know, (or are told), are worse for us than the saturated fats they were designed to replace. ANY fats that are solid at room temperature are either saturated fats or trans-fats.

What are hydrogenated lipids?

Hydrogenated lipids are also known as fats or oils. Hydrogenated lipids were treated with hydrogen and are not as healthy as other alternatives.

What type of fat is animal fat?

Animal fats are classified as saturated fats. Eating saturated fats from butter, cream and meat, as well as trans fats found in hydrogenated oils can boost our risk of cardiovascular disease.

Cooking oils from plants like soybeans are hydrogenated in order to?

To make them saturated, or partially saturated.

Are hydrogenated fats bad?

yes. they are just like saturated fat. except that hydrogenated fats are processed chemically to be that way. the more saturated with fat the more solid it is, it deals with the bonds. from worst to best; lard, stick butter,shortening,margarine,vegetable oil, olive oil.

Are hydrogenated oils the same as trans fat?

No, saturated fats and trans fats are different. Saturated fat increases low-density lipoprotein, which is bad for you. Trans fats do the same thing, but also lower high-density lipoprotein, which is good for you. Trans fats are a lot worse.

What process is used to convert polyunsaturated oils into saturated fats?

olive and canola oils are examples of saturated fats

olive and canola oils are examples of saturated fats?

Yes, but it is good saturated fats (monounsaturated fats).

Fats made when manufacturers add hydrogen to vegetable oils?

Hydrogenated oils

What is healthy oil?

The healthiest oils are oils that have polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. The healthiest oils are oils packed with saturated fats.

Is butter high in unsaturated fat?

Saturated. Saturated Fats are solid at room temperature (like butter), whereas Unsaturated fats are liquid at room temperature (like Vegetable oils).

Is margarine considered a polyunsaturated fat?

Margarine and butter fatsNo, because most margarines contain hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils that produce trans-fats, which are just as bad -- or worse!! -- than naturally occurring saturated fat, as found in butter.There are some margarines that have little or no hydrogenated oils in the them. Some of the producers claim their spreads improve blood cholesterol ratios.