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There are glucose carriers in the plasma membrane

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Q: Why does glucose pass through the membrane faster then mannose and galactose?
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What does galactose galactose and glucose make?

The monosaccharides galactose and glucose, when bonded together through a condensation reaction, form the disaccharide lactose.

What two monosaccharides make up milk sugar?

The 2 mono saccharides that make up lactose are glucose and galactose. Glucose is basically sugar in its most basic form. It is made by plants through photosynthesis.

How do sugar glucose molecules able to pass through the cell membrane?

facilitated diffusion - a solute binds to a specific transporter on one side of the membrane and is released on the other side after the transporter undergoes a conformational change. includes glucose,urea,fructose,galactose,and some vitamins.

What are examples of monosaccharide?

Glucose and Fructose are examples of monosaccharides.

Why does glucose have a higher energy of confirmation than mannose?

Glucose can make more ATP through glycolysis since it is the preferred source. Whereas, Mannose have to undergo conformational changes to enter glycolysis and that change uses up extra ATP

What are the products of hydrolysis of maltose?

When a molecule of lactose is hydrolyzed the monomers that had linked together to form lactose will be pulled away from each other through the addition of lactose. Lactose is made from GLUCOSE AND GALACTOSE, henceforth these two monomers will emerge through the hydrolysis of lactose. Hope this helps...

What will not diffuse through the cell membrane?


How do glucose pass through the membrane pores?

by moving.

What does not freely diffuse through the plasma membrane?


Where is glucose taken into cell?

through the plasma membrane

How are glucose molecules moved Ino a cell?

The glucose goes in through the membrane and can in or out either ways.

Does glucose plus glucose make sucrose?

Fructose. Sucrose is the disaccharide made from two monosaccharides, glucose and fructose. The other disaccharides are lactose (glucose and galactose) and maltose (glucose and glucose). The monomers are bonded together through glycosidic linkages.