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The U.S.S.R. (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics), representing communism and socialism, and the U.S.A (United States of America), representing democracy and capitalism. These two countries were the "leaders", per se, of two opposing organisations: The Warsaw Pact, and NATO, respectively. This is incomplete. I highly recommend finding a better answer. I personally suggest either Wikipedia ( or Google (

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Q: Who were the major powers in the Cold War?
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Who were the major powers during the cold war?


Which major powers were responsible for the Cold War?

The Soviet Union and the United States.

Who were the two major powers in the Cold War?

The Soviet Union and the United States of America.

How did a local struggle in Vietnam turn into a major event of the Cold War?

Two different topics/questions here; "Local Struggle..." and "Major event of the cold war..." 1. The VN War wasn't a local struggle. It involved the world powers and potential atomic war. 2. Any SHOOTING war during the cold war was a major event.

What two major powers squared off against each other during the Cold War?

The United States and the former USSR were the two major superpowers that clashed against each other during the Cold War.

What were the major events of the Cold War?

a major event in the cold war was the space race

Who were the axis powers in the cold war?


Who were major rivals during the cold war?

The major rivals of the Cold War were the US vs. the USSR.

What is major battles of the cold war?

No battles . I think you are missing the point of the Cold War because there were no battles it was called "Cold". There were a few standoffs and threats, but for the most part it was the western powers looking at the communist dictatorship through the lens of containment.

What grew out of the cold war?

The Space Race between the United States and the Soviet Union grew out of the Cold War. The rivalry between these two super powers led to major technological advances and achievements at the time.

What were the two super powers in the cold war?

russia and america

What countries were super powers in the cold war?

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