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How do remove human urine from clothes?

If you are in the US, that detergent in the pink box that is made specially for baby clothes still works best , because who wets their clothes more than babies ?

Pre-rinse the clothing in the washing machine. Then, wash in hot water and soap. For "real" diapers, mix soap in a bucket with water, and, after rinsing the diaper in the toilet, place it in the bucket until you have a full load.


How do you clean fly poop off ceiling and painted walls?

The best way to clean walls is using TSP. Follow the package directions for how to use it.


How do you get rid of pink stains on white clothes?

It depends on the white fabric and if the stain is set in or not. Some fabrics can take chlorine bleach and that should to the trick. Shout in its gel form is another good stain remover, as I have used this to remove cherry juice stains from a white dress shirt. If the stain is small and even if the care label says not to use chlorine bleach, you still might be able to remove the stain with the bleach and then rinsing it off before laundering. (Test this out first) You can always pretreat the stain with a stain remover product and then launder it with a good dose of Oxy-Clean along with your detergent. If the stain is set in by going through a dryer, you'll have to carefully resort to chlorine bleach.

An old solution for this is to mix 1/4 cup of clorox with 1/4 cup of powdered Cascade in a bowl or bucket of hot water. When it is completely mixed, add the clothing. Let it sit for 15 minutes and then wash the clothing -- do not add the mix to the washing machine since you want to stop the action. I've had good success with this.

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How do you clean human feces on concrete floor?

Remove the feces, wash the area with a good disinfectant in order to remove the cause. Use bleach afterwards. If the smell remains, perhaps there is a enzymatic spray that could be used.

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How do you wash and dry a hockey jersey?

Wash it on cold. Gentle Cycle. Hang to dry.

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How do you clean stubborn film from eyeglasses?

In some warm water put a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda, which is also known as baking powder, wash galsses with this , it might do the trick

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How do you clean gas stove grates?

I usually soak them in a sink of hot, soapy water for about an hour and then scrub. I know that oven cleaner works too, but I don't like to use it.


How do you get dried latex paint out of clothes and cloth furniture?

Getting latex paint out of clothes

Ammonia will get latex paint out of anything. It actually dissolves it so soaking would be in order if it has been dried on for some time. Scrub it ever so often to help the ammonia along.

Do it in a well ventilated area as the ammonia gives off fumes. Be aware of what you are soaking as ammonia can also dissolve some glues as well.

Luckily, it is possible to remove the paint, even if you don't find the stain until it has dried. Paint is either oil-based or water-based (latex), so the steps for removing the stain differ, depending on which type of paint has stained the fabric.


What makes stain removers work?

Stain is technical name given to dyes . Different stain work differently hence different methods are used to remove stains . Stains which are prepared in alcohol or any other organic solvent may be removed by same solvent as is done during removal of over staining . Acidic stains are removed by use of basic solutions and vice versa .

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What will clean a bath tub that is old and refuses to come clean?

The process takes minimal effort, on your part, and gives amazing results for the time and effort spent. Do not try this on non-porcelain tubs. Plastic tends to be difficult to remove the paper towels from, and the bleach will begin to eat through the plastic very quickly.

Step 1:

Simply layer the tub with a roll of paper towel. Laying it out along the bottom and the sides would be the best idea, with a little overlap to ensure complete coverage. Then slowly pour the bleach straight from the bottle, on to the bottom layer of the paper towel. When you notice the bleach climbing the walls of the paper towel covered tub, pause to see where it ends, and make sure there is a vent or window open. Step out for a brief moment while it continues to climb, this will minimize your exposure to the bleach's caustic effects. Once you determine if more is needed continue to pour the bleach on to the dry areas until every part of the tub is saturated with the towel and bleach combination.

Step 2:

Once you have covered the entire tub, close the bathroom door, and occupy your self in another part of the home. Wait at least an hour to let the bleach strip the porcelain of the stains; however, do not let it go longer than 3 hours, as at that time you will find the paint being stripped as well. Put on a pair of rubber gloves and pull the paper towel from the tub. As you do, the clean shiny tub will be revealed. Continue to pull the paper towel and dispose of it properly, until the tub is empty again. Get your cup and rinse the tub on all sides, thoroughly and wipe down with the cloth, to remove the remainder of the bleach.

When the process is complete, the dingy, ring around the tub, stains, and dirt will be lifted to reveal a beautiful tub.

Some users have suggested using Borax 12 or Bon Ami.

If the tub is very old, it may be made of cast iron and the cracked surface will be the cause of the stains. You cannot improve the look without re-enameling the tub.

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Can you steam mop vinyl plank flooring?

Check with the manufacture of the flooring, but the majority of manufacturers do not recommend steam on vinyl plank floors.

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Can you wash kickers in the washing machine?

Stick shoes in a pillow case and theyll be fine

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How do you get out Sharpie marker?

pure alchohol or hand sanitizer work.OR! toothpaste. this really does work. No joke...

and if it is on a hard surface (not clothes) you can use an expo marker

I can add, that if you use common hair spray (aerosol) spray the spot, blot, spray and then blot, you will see the stain coming up. That works on carpet and upholstery as well.

Inknix is an ink remover that you purchase from an office supply store, choose a small local store to support our small businesses. Call to see if they stock it. If not, they can normally they can get it from their wholesaler and have it the next morning.

I guess they are working on the site for the product because is under construction apparently.

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How do you clean an unsealed marble floor?

A scientific fact states states that marble adheres to saliva. The tongue is recommended in this situation.


How do you get black permanent marker off a hat?

Daubing it with a paper towel and Acetone might lift it, or it may cause it to spread or lift the color of the hat. Acetone will dissolve most inks.

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What cleans dog urine off a ceramic tile floor?

Mix white vinegar in with warm water and scrub it

Any floor cleaner or soap will remove the urine. Ceramic tile is not porous so it will not have been absorbed by the tile. The grout should be sealed so that shouldn't absorb it either. Just clean the floor as you normally would.

What is the best way to clean a tungsten ring?

I got my ring from and they told me to just use a soft cloth like a microfiber cloth. If needed you could use mild soap w/ water. If it has a precious metal inlay use special care for that type of precious metal. Cheers

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Can you use mop n glow on pergo flooring?

You can but it isn't going to do much, laminate is designed to have a low luster/Shine and the mop & glow will likely look more streaky than shiny.. you are trying to shine a floor that isn't supposed to shine...

It will leave a heavy residue and make the floor look extremely dirty.

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How do you get candle wax out of your carpet?

Wiki s contributors suggest these methods:
  • Lift the carpet, put a roasting pan under the spill. Then slowly pour boiling water on the wax spill. The wax will melt down though the carpet into the roasting pan. Then do the same for the carpet pad, if it needs it . By the way only the boiling water and roasting pan method is from me. I tried the hair dryer method but boiling water works faster and you don't have to worry about the heat. My friends also tried dry ice with no results.
  • Well I tried the iron and towel method and it worked perfectly. There was a very large mound of wax and it came right up. First, you scrap off any excess wax with the side of a spoon or something smooth and sharp. Second, you place a rag down over the was spill and you place the Iron on the highest heat and the most steam on top of the rag. The wax will mely and be absorbed right into the rag this was a life saver.
  • Use a hair dryer and a towel so you are constantly rubbing it off. If you have a huge mound of wax you should definitely scrape some off first. Oh yea- and don't get the carpet too too hot because the carpet fibers are plastic and will melt, but wax has a lower melting point- use common sense with it and watch your hands.
  • You should first test each method in an inconspicuous area to be sure it won't cause even more damage to your carpet, like melting synthetic fibers, or removing color.
  • Place towel over hardened wax, them press the iron over the area until wax melts and sticks to the towel!!!!!!!!!
  • Sponge with a small amount of dry-cleaning solvent. Blot. (Use small amounts to prevent any possible damage to sizings, backings or stuffing materials. Do not use gasoline, lighter fluid, or carbon tetrachloride).
  • Mix one teaspoon of a neutral detergent (a mild detergent containing no alkalies or bleaches) with a cup of luke-warm water. Blot.
  • You can also try using ice to make it harden and then scrape of with a spoon.
  • First take a dull knife and cut away the excess wax. then lay a clean rag over the spot and gently iron until the candle wax is gone. i promise it works like a charm!(there is a little bit of staining sometimes)
  • Ditto on the iron and clean rag. I tried it and it worked. I scraped off the excess wax and then I placed a clean rag over the area and ironed it off. It melted into the completely removed the wax.
  • I just spilled red wax on my carpet, and we are renting. =*( However the iron thing worked wonderes. I did pour some water on the wax before I ironed it and it came right up, there is a little bit of staining, but I would recommend this to anyone.
  • You can also try using methylated spirits or turps in the same way as the dry-cleaning fluid method above,if your carpet can take it.
  • Ive always used the hot iron and a brown paper bag. Always worked and I never had to ruin a towel (Old rag or otherwise)
  • Try soaking it in hot water for a day.
  • Thank you! The ice and spoon didn't work for me, but the iron and paper towels did.
  • Many people say to use the iron trick with paper. This is not good because more often than not, it works the wax further into the pile. The other suggestion people make is to use a cube of ice, which doesn't really work well either.
  • What worked really well for me is a variation of the iron an paper bag trick. I do not own an iron, so in place of an iron, I boiled a big pot of water and then covered the pot (to keep in the heat). I then put the pot on the paper bag (instead of the iron). This worked amazingly well!
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How does a person with a felony find a job after he has served his time?

  • Help yourself, and others, by assisting with the world's first felony friendly employer listing at They are a non-profit listing service, designed to help those with background convictions, find employment.
  • Where you're at: If you are still under a supervised release program, then following the direction and assistance given by a parole officer is most prudent. At this stage, your primary goal is to complete your probation or parole, after which you may begin your new life. If you absolutely need cash, and cannot market your previous skills, then strongly consider a temp agency that will hire you out, and pay you, on a daily basis as a manual laborer.
  • If you are already past the supervised release stage, then it's time to rebuild.
  • Where you're not: Although it's disheartening, there are jobs you can't have pretty much without exception--exclude anything and everything that involves firearms, and explosives. Bonded positions, highly regulated and licensed positions, and most government jobs are off the prospective list as well. Positions working around minors are probably out too.
  • Where you can go: You will most likely find your new career home in a small to very small company, where you will work closely with the owner. Most small companies struggle to survive, and rely heavily on each employee they have. You will probably be working with or near the owner, because they are down working in the trenches to keep their company afloat on a daily basis.
  • Where you can't go: Most medium to large companies don't want to be involved with any real or perceived liability in hiring you. If this is the route you really want to pursue, than plan on adding a lot of positive factors to your resume between the time of your conviction and the time you apply. Do not lie on the application since you will be fired if they discover the lie.
  • What you can do: Unskilled and semi-skilled labor positions are high on a convicts new job list, as most employers need to keep these revolving door type jobs filled. Residential construction labor is a good starter job. You can build your skill level, increase your wages, and maybe find a long-term home with a contractor.
  • Assume you will have to discuss your conviction, and that a background investigation will be done. Employers want to know that you have moved-on from your experience. A simple statement is all that's needed. "I was convicted of -xxx- , and have fulfilled my obligations to the Court/Society/etc. I know that crime is wrong, and I also know that I have to try harder, and be better than the average person. I am ready to do this." (Don't go into a tirade about how life has done you wrong, or that you're a victim etc. The above statement is clear, concise, and should be accurate.)
  • What else can you do: You will now need to prove that you are in fact trying harder.Education is a must: If you need a GED, get one. Enroll in Community College classes (education) and courses (skills). If you have a skill or specific education, consider teaching Adult Education classes. Use counselors to help develop a new career path.
  • Volunteer for Community Service. It looks good on a resume, it puts you in a networking position, it exposes you to potential employers, it keeps you away from an unsavory crowd, and it should make you feel better about yourself. Two full days (or the equivalent) per month is the norm. Use peer support to explore new career options.
  • Consider church. It has the same exposure as Volunteering, and can be a source of support for some. Use church leaders for career guidance and support.
  • Try to expunge your conviction, or apply for a Certificate of Rehabilitation (or the equivalent.) All felony convictions can be made to go away; Some are just harder than others (such as Federal convictions requiring a Pardon or Clemency, or Registrant Crimes which may require continued registration.)
  • Prevent future convictions. This is a no-brainer, but still needs to be said.You have been given (a sort of) second chance. You have fairly permanent legal handicap. Try to earn what you need to live comfortably, but look for success outside of monetary achievement.
  • Many communities have people who work as an Employment Specialist who have connections to employers and job positions that allow felonies/work release. A good place to register and check in with is your local Workforce office, or a city office that helps with employment. When you call, ask specifically about anyone who works directly with felons, people with backgrounds, or any other barrier you might face (language, Veteran status, etc.). Goodwill is also normally a good contact, or may be able to give you the name of someone who can help. Other places where I have had luck finding people employment (I am an Employment Specialist working with felons)are temp or temp-to-hire agencies that primarily hire for production and warehouse work. This day labor, while not your dream job, will provide money for survival while you find THE job.
  • Here, in Delaware, there are no community release people to talk to, nor will the parole officer try to assist you. In some ways this is for your benefit, as this motivates you to find alternate solutions. But when you have a number of restrictions that prevent you from doing normal job hunting (such as restricted to home, not able to drive, must have supervision, et al.) then things get complicated.

Here are some of the things I have learned:

  • 1. DO NOT APPLY WITH PLACEMENT AGENCIES! These people have no mercy with you. You will not bring them any money and as such do not want to deal with you. Some even trade information between themselves and say "this is a bad person". They are under no obligation to remove old data on you after a period of time. Save them for the far future after you get a few years of work under your belt.
  • 2. Apply direct. Use sites such as and others to e-mail your resume to places where they are hiring. But be careful, many of these so call "We have a job open...." are really placement firms wanting to contract you out or sell you to the companies you normally would work for. Always check the name of the company and throw that into a search engine to see if you can get to their own site and avoid the middle man.
  • 2.a Apply to state and federal agencies. They have to hire you if you qualify. Your conviction should not count against you unless you are forbidden to work in a area that would violate law, or prevent you from getting a security clearance. (Hit the latter with one company myself)
  • 3. Check the local news papers online. Check the local papers and click the classified sections. Most will allow to you get to them for free, or you can read the paper at the library. Some say you have to pay to read the paper, but the classified section may be free. Check around.
  • 4. Check online state run job sites. Some like actually uses for their engine. So it does not do you any good there. It is also noted that a number of states are using third party engines. If you use the state entry point that may get you into the engine better than trying to go into the job search site directly.
  • 5. Yellow Pages Baby! - get the names and addresses of companies that you think would have jobs like the one you do. Send letters to them. "Cold Call" is the term. However, if you are like me, you cannot afford a $41.00 for 100 stamps, plus paper, plus envelopes, plus $20 or $40 ink for your printer (times 3 to 5 depending on your printer) but it is a good method to get the information directly to the people.
  • 6. NETWORK! Get a hold of your pastor, friend, relative, anyone that could put in a good word for you. Even if you don't know someone, make a flyer and ask if you can put it up in church, or up in a place where you find other fliers. If you have the money, put a ad in the paper.
  • 7. TIME - You did time, now time is something that you have to face. The more jobs you apply for the more likely you will be to find one. Every Monday, try to find five good, likely jobs and apply. Then, keep looking. I hunt over 8 hours a day. I surf the job sites constantly. I visit company web sites and look for "Employment" or "Careers" at the bottom or top of the web pages (most are very small print with colors that are hard to find) and type my butt off in having to deal with all the variety and myriad ways of applying online. (Visit and try their system - be sure to have a wrist brace and Motrin for when you are done...)

While you are doing all of these things, get your free credit report. Ex-Cons are the targets of identity theft. People figure you won't need your ID for a few years so.... Get the credit report and see what's there. You can be sure that most employers will run a background check on you these days. If you show up as someone else they may not hire you.

Banks will most certainly do one on you. When they see that your last address was prison, then they will be very reluctant to give you an account other than "restricted", or give you an ATM or Debit card. (but that's for another WIKI)

For second ID's get one from the library, or take one (1) class from a college in the area. (Can you say Pell Grants?)

I have had this problem. I tried different ways to approach this: 1. I applied only with small businesses that are more open-minded and are willing to hire people despite past mistakes. 2. I became an Independent Contractor in the retail field. As such I was contracted out through various companies (most of which do not do a background check, and seem to not even care about your record as long as you can get the contracts done). There is a lot of money that can be made by someone willing to work, travel, or live in a metro area. 3. I am now involved in my family business, where everyone here knows, supports and doesn't care about my felonies.

I to have seen this being a problem and going back to school was not the answer either. So I have started my own home base business it looks to me that may be the only answer for us that have made a mistake in our lives. I am beginning to think we need to ban together on this area of our lives. would like to offer what I am doing to others it would be great for all of us

It is very difficult, but with patience and persistence-it is possible.

Starting your own business or working for a small business owner who is willing to take a risk are best. Many, many large companies won't hire someone with a felony.

Good Luck. Your best bet is word of mouth or under the table. Even though by law the majority of businesses are not allowed to turn you away because you are an ex-con. They will. Obviously they aren't going to come right out and say that's why they didn't hire you, but it probably is.

In Michigan, start with your local CAP agencies...(Community Action Program) They are non-profit and usually have an employment specialist to assist you in finding employment.

There is no straight forward answer to this question. You just have to keep looking and try real hard to find a job here in Florida! Even though a lot of places run background checks, not all of them actually do!

It may not provide the pay that an individual needs to survive, but there are entry level positions available in every state. Proving one's self is a part of the process.

The answer is to call employment temporary agencies that have a listing of some employers that do hire some convicted felons depending on their background relation to the felony charge. I wish everyone good luck in trying to contribute to society in a positive way and I pray that your search is a successful one.

The only way to do it is to find the companies that do not inquire about your background and work there without it. Don't mention it, don't glorify it, and obviously don't give them any "reason" to inquire about it! Meaning Don't screw them because 99.9% of the company's that require that check (minus government, extremely high money;banks, rocket building plants, you get it.) have been screwed (illegally) in the past.


Can paper really charge your phone?

Yesss It Does

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How do you keep a fuzzy North Face always fuzzy?

I would try, if you are not a person who sweats a lot, not washing it as much as you do. Washing and drying the North Face makes the material less fuzzy as before. If you do sweat a lot and need to wash it, i would try to only wash it, but notdrying it using a dryer. I would air dry it, because the force of the dryer makes the plush material compact.

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What the meaning the valet runner?

in housekeeping

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What will get primer out of your hair?

For a small amount, like spatter, of paint (latex, acrylic, or oil, top coats and primers), use a good quality hot oil treatment, followed by a regular shampoo and conditioner. That will remove any kind of paint.

For a large amount of paint, use VO5 cream (in comes in a tube) or something similar, like Brylcreem... you can find it in the men's hair conditioning section.

Or you can use olive oil, any soft margarine or shortening (or even peanut butter) if you have nothing else.

Work it into the paint and slowly and carefully break up the clumps of paint.

Very carefully pull the paint off the shaft of the hair, be patient and work slowly and carefully. Try not to use your fingernails on the shaft of the hair as it will damage the hair.

Shampoo the oil (etc) out of your hair and finish with a good conditioner.

As a last resort you may have to have a haircut... but that is a very drastic step and one I do not recommend.

In future... a hat is a must when working with any kind of paint and I often put a hot oil treatment into my hair before I start... particularly if I will be working with oil based paints.

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Removing melted plastic from a wood stove?

It's next to impossible. You could try chipping it off, or you bring the stove outside and burn off the plastic.


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