There are a total of seven continents on earth: Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America. This category should contain questions regarding the continents.

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What continent is Odessa in?

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There are multiple Odessa's in two continents. - NORTH AMERICA: Odessa, Ontario, Canada Odessa, Saskatchewan, Canada Odessa, Washington, US Odessa, North Dakota, US Odessa, South Dakota, US Odessa, Kansas, US Odessa, Texas, US Odessa, Minnesota, US Odessa, Missouri, US Odessa, Michigan, US Odessa, Florida, US Odessa, Delaware, US Odessa, New York, US - EUROPE: Odessa, Ukraine
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Which continent has the fewest flowering plants?

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Antarctica is the continent that has the fewest flowering plants.
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What countries are on the South Asian sub-continent?

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There is more than one definition describing South or Southern Asia. According to the United Nations, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Burma, India, Iran, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are the only South Asian countries. However, the Maldives, Tibet, and the British Indian Ocean Territory (while not all countries) are widely considered to be a part of the South Asian region. The word "sub-continent" does alter things, though. The United States Department of State has had a definition of the Indian (or South Asian) subcontinent since the year 1959. They identify the subcontinent as including the nations of Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka only. This also seems culturally accurate, as Bangladesh and Burma could be included in Southeast Asia, while Iran would be accepted as part of the Middle East.
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Why is Bangladesh densely populated?

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The main reason is that it is in the Ganges Delta. The alluvial soils deposited here are very fertile.
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What continent is Guatemala in?

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Guatemala is in Central America, which is considered part of the continent of North America. WELL........I think that the continent Guatemala would belong to would have to be South America. I mean it's right next to the place! Does anyone look at a map anymore!?
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Why does are planet's continents look the way they do today?

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Continental Drift Their actual shapes are those of the Continental Slope outlines, but these generally and approximately follow the visible coasts at lesser or greater distances off-shore.
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What is the country and continent of Melbourne?

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Melbourne is the capital of Victoria, in Australia and is therefore in the continent of Australia.
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In what continent is Serbia in?

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Serbia is located in Southeastern Europe and is in the Balkan. It used to be the former Yugoslavia until the war occurred in the 1990's
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Which continent is accra?

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Accra is located in Africa and is the capital city of Ghana.
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In what continent is Puerto Rico in?

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Puerto Rico is part of North America, physically and politically. Puerto Rico is part of Insular America. The Caribbean is not considered North, Central or South American. The British Virgin Islands are part of the UK, politically, but they're not considered Europe. Ergo, the same is applied to any other colony in the Caribbean.
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What continent does Jordan belong to?

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Asia, Jordan is in western Asia.
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What is Afghanistan's continent?

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Asia is Afghanistan's continent and its capital is Kabul.
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What are the three smallest countries on the continent?

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Well first off, if you are talking about the entire world, the list would look like this: Vatican City (Approx. 0.17 sq. mi) Monaco (Approx. 0.8 sq. mi) Nauru (Approx. 8 sq. mi) Weird facts about each Vatican City id located inside Rome. It's so small that the entire country does not have a single street address. Monaco is only 382 yards wide and it's roughly the size of New York's Central Park. Nauru is the world's smallest island nation, the smallest independent republic, and the only republic in the world without an official capital.
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How is it spring in Antarctic in November?

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The seasons differ by six months between the northern and southern hemispheres. The spring season is from about March 21st until June 21st in the northern hemisphere and from September 21st until December 21st in the southern hemisphere.
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Is Australia an island or continent or both?

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Geographically, Australia is a continent, not an island. As a landform, it could be considered an island as it is entirely surrounded by water and not joined onto any other land mass. For this reason, it is often referred to as an island continent. Australia is too big to be formally classified as an island. The world's largest island is Greenland. Another reason why Australia is also considered a continent is because it sits on its own tectonic plate. This is different from Greenland, which uses the same land mass as North America. That is why the geological appearances are much different in Australia from anywhere else. A place like Greenland shares the same geologic attributes as North America. Australia and Antarctica are the only two true Continental Islands. That is, they are separated from all other continents by water. All other continents are connected by a landmass to at least one other Continent. If there are any waterways, they have been artificially created. Australia is the smallest continent and the 6th largest country, with an area of 7,686,850 sq km. A Continent
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How many continents does the equator cross what are those continents in order of largest to smallest?

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The equator crosses through 3 continents. Asia is the largest continent, followed by Africa and South America.
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How arid is antarctica?

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Antarctica is the driest continent on earth, with an average humidity of less than five percent. It is also the driest desert on earth.
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What continent is Cameroon on?

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Africa. Cameroon is located in west Central Africa. It bordered by Nigeria, Chad, the Central African Republic, the Atlantic Ocean, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, and the Republic of the Congo. It is sometimes referred to as "Little Africa" because of its cultural and geographical diversity.
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Which continents do not touch the Pacific Ocean?

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Actually, there are three continents that do not touch the Pacific Ocean, if you accept that the Southern Ocean is a separate Ocean. The continents are Antarctica, Europe and Africa. Otherwise it is Europe and Africa.
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Which continent does Spanish belong to?

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The spanish language originates from Spain which is found on the iberian peninsula on the continent of Europe. Spanish is also considered a national language in Mexico which is found in the North American continent. It is also spoken in Central America which pertains to the North American and South American continents. Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic also considers spanish their own and they are found in the Caribbean which belongs to the North American continent. Spanish is also spoken in South America except for the nation of Brazil and the Guyanas
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Which continent is located in all four hemispheres?

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Africa is located in all four of the hemispheres.
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Which continent is China located on?

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China can be found on the continent of Asia, more specifically eastern Asia. (or Eurasia where this is used)
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What continent is Canaan on?

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Asia. It is clearly to the east of the Suez Canal, which is the dividing line between African and Asia, which puts Canaan squarely in Asia.

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