Frying and Sauteeing Foods

Frying food is cooking in hot fat or oil until it is browned on all sides and cooked through. Frying is usually done in a shallow skillet. Sauteing is a dry heat cooking method. The pan is very hot with just a small amount of oil or fat, and the food cooks or browns quickly.

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Frying and Sauteeing Foods

Should I boil chicken before frying?


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Frying and Sauteeing Foods

Can you reuse oil after frying shrimp?

You can reuse oil after frying anything, but its generally not recommended. You should try to use oil only once, if you can. Reheating oil actually causes it to release toxins, they're not good for you, so you should try to avoid this if you can.

Ans 2 - You can re-use oil adequately if it hasn't been burned. I generally put my oil through a paper coffee filter after each use. This will give you 7-10 more uses before it's useless.

Frying and Sauteeing Foods

What type of flour is used for frying fish?

Plain flour, or if your prefered, wholemeal flour.

Corn flour, or plain cornmeal.

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Cooking Techniques
Frying and Sauteeing Foods

Why mix butter with oil for frying?

If you are lucky enough to have access to, or know how to make, clarified butter, this isn't necessary, because the clarification process removes the milk solids in the butter. Otherwise, you mix the two because the oil helps keep the butter from browning too soon. Regular unclarified butter will brown because it contains milk solids that brown, the oil helps prevent that.

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Frying and Sauteeing Foods

How do you freeze squash for frying?

The question is not clear, because squash need not be frozen before frying. Foods are frozen to preserve them for later use. Frozen squash would need to be defrosted before frying.

Pancakes and Flapjacks
Frying and Sauteeing Foods

Can you use pancake mix as a frying batter?

You can use it to dip the chicken and then put it into seasoned flour (I use Lawry's) it's a good way to use up extra batter, just put it in the fridge until supper. It might go a little gray; it won't hurt anything.

Frying Pans
Frying and Sauteeing Foods

Why does butter help un-stick food from a frying pan?

its because butter is oily and oil is slippery. The oil from the butter goes on the frying pan and it makes the pan slippery so nothing sticks.

Butter contains moisture, the moisture helps dissolve the stuck on portion of food, (sugars usually), water works better at removing burnt on foods, but butter generally won't alter food you intend to eat afterwards.

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Frying and Sauteeing Foods

What is double-frying?

Double frying is sometimes call par-fried. It is simply this: fry your dish (french fries, egg rolls, fish, etc.) for 2-3 minutes at about 325 degrees. They outside should be light golden, but not more. The food, such as french fries, will actually be a bit limp. Take the food out onto paper towels to drain away the excess oil. Let the food cool. Then raise the oil temperature to 375. Put the food back into the oil for 3-4 minutes, or until it is as done as you want it to be.

This process insures that the inside will be well cooked and the outside not burned. It will also result in much more crispy foods. Larger foods, such as egg rolls may actually be fried 3 times. Many restaurants par-cook the food well before serving time and refrigerate (or even freeze). Then they do the 2nd frying at serving time. This is how fast food restaurants generally do the french fries we all love.

Frying and Sauteeing Foods

What is the meaning of saute in cooking?

To saute something is to cook it over relatively high heat in a pan on top of the stove in very little oil. Keep the food moving around the the pan to keep it from burning.

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Frying and Sauteeing Foods

How long can you keep fried eggs for?

2 days at the most

Frying and Sauteeing Foods

What are the factors which affect the imbibition process?

cooking of rice, frying fish

Pancakes and Flapjacks
Frying and Sauteeing Foods

Is frying a pancake convection or conduction?

In frying a pancake the metal of the frying pan conducts heat to the pancake.

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Frying and Sauteeing Foods

Why might you want to consider the melting point of a substance before choosing materials for frying pans or engine parts?

You would do this because you have to know how much heat it can handle to be able to have people use it

Frying Pans
Frying and Sauteeing Foods

Is a Frying pan a conductor or an insulator?


Frying and Sauteeing Foods

What is the phobia of fried foods?

People believe, quite rightly, that they are fattening.

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Frying and Sauteeing Foods

Can dogs eat fried foods?

Yes, meaning that an occasional french fry or piece of chicken won't kill them. However, it isn't healthy for humans, let alone our pets, to eat fried foods frequently, so keep it to a minimum, if at all.

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Frying and Sauteeing Foods

What is the name of a kitchen utensil used for frying?

A fryer. * A skillet * a spider * A fry pan * A griddle

Frying and Sauteeing Foods

What is a solid fat for baking or frying?

It is a fat that remains in a solid form at room temperature, like butter, as opposed to one that would be liquid, like sunflower oil.

Soybeans and Tofu
Frying and Sauteeing Foods

Can soft tofu be used directly for cooking without deep frying it?

Yes, soft tofu can be used in many recipes without being fried.

Frying and Sauteeing Foods

Can you saute eggs?

yes, you can!!!!!! :D

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Frying and Sauteeing Foods

How do you clean off burnt vegetable oil off the outside of pots and frying pans?

There is a can of powder cleaner I buy in the grocery store called "Bar Keepers Helper" that works wonders on this. Use with some sort of scrubbie and you can polish burned oil right off.

To that good answer we add this: Work outside if possible. Use lots of newspaper. Wear eye protection and gloves. Be careful. (The "standard" cautionary offerings.) Oven cleaner will strip paint off of things, but it will not strip enamel off of vessels. The enamel is effectively a ceramic (it has been fired on), and, as such, is impervious to the sodium hydroxide in oven cleaner.

If the frying pans are cast iron, put them over a hot fire on your barbeque grill, leave till the crust that has formed burns off. After they cool, wash, dry thoroughly, then re-season by applying a small amount of cooking oil to the inside of the skillet, and place in a warm (225-250 degree) oven for about thirty minutes.

Here is another option I would like to add that I found worked great, and it is environmentally safe plus no soaps or abrasive steel wool. If you have access to wood ashes straight from the fireplace, they work great to clean almost anything. I was despairing about my heavy aluminum frying pan, but with a paste of ashes and scant water and a nylon scrubbie and a lot of elbow grease, I was smiling at the result!

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Frying and Sauteeing Foods

When was Alfred Hermann Fried born?

Alfred Hermann Fried was born on November 11, 1864.

Frying Pans
Frying and Sauteeing Foods

How do you re-coat a frying pan with Teflon?

I have been having my restaurant pans recoated by a company out of Wisconsin for years. It's called OPI Inc. I looked up there web address for you, and it's posted (linked) below. I hope this helps you. I know it's saved me a lot of money by not having to go out and spending $60-$75 every time my Teflon wears out.

The Full name is "Optimal Performance Innovations" their site is opicoatings dot com. While they do not list this on the website they do resurface pans regularly. Just give them a call

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Frying and Sauteeing Foods

Does fried chicken make you fat?

It depends an how you fry the chicken. If you use the deep frying method with a whole chicken, the oil from the fat does not significantly penetrate the chicken. Actually, the heat from the oil tends to seal-in the natural juices of the chicken. It is not necessarily a fattening result.

Frying and Sauteeing Foods

Why is grilling healthier then frying or baking?

Grilling is healthier because u do not put it in fattening oil or baked comes with the extra skin which is also unhealthy so grilling is healthier because no oil no extra skin and just burnt on a grill hence grilling.


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