Lehman Brothers

Lehman Brothers was a global financial-services firm which declared bankruptcy in 2008.

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Lehman Brothers

What kind of tree smells like vanilla?

Ponderosa Pine

Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning
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Lehman Brothers

How do you air condition an inside room with no windows or outside walls in a house with no central AC?

use a ductless split made by mitsbishi or sanyo

Use a portable a/c unit found in home depot or some other home appliance store.

There are unit that look like a window unit , but the the inside is conected to the outside by two copper tubes . The unit has to have freon added after it is instalded .


You know,,, it's been awhile since I've seen one in use,,, but,,, there are A.C. units available that have water cooled condensers instead of fan cooled outside condensers. In other words, if you have access to water and drain within your confined area then this system would do the job nicely.Most commonly used on commercial ice makers to help control heat build up in restaurant area. There are also many other good reason such a system would be needed and applied.It's been around forever but the forced fan over condenser coild in general has won out on cheaper to buildand covers a large percentage of the average applications anyway.Water cooled versions are available however if you should wanna look into it.


Lehman Brothers

Internship certificate letter format?

Content and Form

Apart from a description of the nature and duration of the internship, a qualified internship certificate includes an evaluation of the performance and an appraisal of the individual. Thus, internship certificates are of particular importance for the future career start, as they give the potential employer a first impression of a person's practical skills. Below you will find a list of things that should definitely be included in an internship certificate:

  • Company letterhead / paper
  • Intern's name and date of birth
  • Nature and duration of the internship
  • Areas of activity
  • Job description (qualified tasks only)
  • Evaluation of the willingness to learn and to work (motivation)
  • Evaluation of the intern's competencies
  • Description of the skills and knowledge acquired
  • Description of special professional skills
  • Overall evaluation of the performance
  • Complimentary close (wishes / thanks)
  • Date and certificate issuer's signature (including her/his rank and authority)
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Lehman Brothers

What countries have a mixed economy?

The definition of mixed economy remains somewhat subjective. Both the US and Cuba have been refered to as mixed economies as all economies are to some extent or another mixed. Pure capitalism and pure communism have never and most likely can never exsist. The world's developed nations are the most common examples of mixed economies. The United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, etc... are all examples of mixed economies. Examples in the developing world include Mexico, Slovenia, South Africa, etc... India is also a mixed economy where public private partnership co exists.

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Lehman Brothers

How do you invest in the Lehman Brothers Aggregate Index?

You could consider the iShares Lehman Aggregate Bond Fund (AGG), an exchange traded fund (ETF) managed by Barclays that "seeks investment results that correspond generally to the price and yield performance, before fees and expenses, of the total United States investment grade bond market as defined by the Lehman Brothers U.S. Aggregate Index." At 0.20%, the fund expenses are low compared to a traditional mutual fund. You can find more information on ETFs using tools such as the Fidelity Fund Screener (see Related Links).

Lehman Brothers

What are the main causes for negative balance of payments in Pakistan economy?


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Lehman Brothers
Arbor Day

How many people use web everyday in the UK?

Almost the whole of the uk use the web everyday. Nearly the whole world uses the web in their everyday life (especially japan, they have created new websites almost every day).

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Lehman Brothers
The Difference Between

What is the difference between prime cost and work cost?

Prime Cost has two meanings in construction.

1) Prime cost is the sum of all of the specialist works and specialist materials from nominated sub-contractors (NSC) and suppliers on site. The main Contractor can place a % profit and attendance on NSC, this must be adjusted in the final account. This is a Prime Cost as referred to in the Bill of Quantities

2) Prime cost in regards to a contract is the sum of all the major works which the Main Contractor must produce under the contract.

Maybe knowing this will help you see the difference? I have never heard the phrase "work cost" to compare with prime cost.

Lehman Brothers

How Unemployment influences and effect of economic growth?

It makes some people lazy. I know people that just try to sit on their butt and just collect there pay. They think its hard trying to get a job now, all I have to say is use your time wisley

2008 Economic Crisis
Lehman Brothers

The production of snowmobiles is in response to a blank?

just for fun but was later used by doctors

2008 Economic Crisis
Lehman Brothers

Why did Lehman Brothers file for Bankruptcy?

Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy in 2008 because it was insolvent. It such situations, bankruptcy is necessary.

Lehman Brothers

What does prepare a discussion paper mean?

A discussion paper is one that is written about a specific topic that can be debated. This is usually done in a writing class and then the teacher and students talk about the subject of the paper.

Lehman Brothers
Rocks and Minerals
Sedimentary Rock

What does sedimentary rock look like?

Sedimentary rock will most often display a fairly obvious layering, the result of multiple depositions of sediments. Fossils may be present, as well as loosely cemented grains of rock particles.

2008 Economic Crisis
Lehman Brothers
Economic Systems

What economic system could handle a crisis of epic proportion best?

NIMS (National Incidence Managment System) also known as FEMA.
When there is a natural disaster, emergency crews (fire department, ambulance, police etc.) is usually the first help on the scene to help people out. Socialism system offers the best solution for handling emergency situations because the government takes care of paying the people who work there so everyone can focus on helping the people in need. Being a not for profit organization means that everyone doing what they are supposed to and looking after injured people's best interest. Socialism in it's perfect form (which rarely ever happens) seems to be the best economic system because it teaches people how to share things with your neighbor and to help out on the time of need.

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Lehman Brothers

What are the causes and effects of recession 2008?

.- Stagnating oil prices (easily surpassing the $ 100 a barrel), driven by geopolitical uncertainties, the collapse of stock markets and subsequent diversion of speculative investment market and the expected oil production cuts by the OPEC.

2.-Continued escalation of prices of staple foods (around 15%), due to the effect called "second round" (translation by companies from increased costs of crude oil and raw materials along with wage increases the prices of manufactured products; abusive margins of companies and brokers and a totally inefficient administration and lack of mechanisms to control the ceaseless desboque with consequent rises in inflation and subsequent contraction of consumption.

3.-runaway inflation rates close to 6% and unbridled growth of foreign debt (d 2.5 billion U.S. dollars) and current account deficit (15% of GDP) for 2008 as a result of the above two points, with a consequent drop in state revenues Autonomies and loss of purchasing power of workers in a near future due to salary increases below the inflation rate or the freezing or reducing them.

4 .- Rise in interest rates by the European Central Bank to reach 4.5% in the last quarter of 2008 with the aim of trying to curb rampant inflation in the euro zone (close to 5%) the immediate impact on mortgages and bank loans due to increases chilling Euribor (up almost 6%); economic strangulation consequent extensive social and dramatic increase in delinquencies and embargoes banking collapse of securities (around the IBEX 10,000 points at the end of the year) and diversion of investment to fixed income and real estate.

5 .- An increase in the rate of unemployment up to 12.5% at the end of 2008, due to the outbreak of the housing bubble and subsequent domino effect in the sectors linked to the construction of a united euro artificially appreciated that the cause of the bottleneck exports and the stagnation of the tourism sector (into recession in the second half of 2008 and ending the year with a meager increase of 1.5% of GDP), with the proverbial drop in state revenues and the consequent contraction of investments basic infrastructure and social service

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Stock Market
2008 Economic Crisis
Lehman Brothers

Is lehman brothers a good investment?

No definitely not.

Lehman Brothers

What does sharp sharp mean?

Sharp sharp (Mostly a slang) means:

1) Quick, fast..e.g do this thing sharp sharp

2) Play a fast one on someone

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Lehman Brothers

When did Richard S. Fuld Jr. become CEO of Lehman Brothers?

CEO; 1994-, chairman and CEO.

Lehman Brothers

What is Alice's attitude toward the general?

What a negligent creature I am I should have been keeping a journal all this time to show to my rebel brothers. I have been studying all the morning and talking all the evening seeking & sighing for rebels. Our king (old Payne) has just passed. I suppose he has killed every rebel in twenty miles of Gallatin and burned every town. Poor fellow! you had better be praying old Sinner! His Lordship left Tuesday. Wednesday three wagons loaded with furniture came over. I do not pretend to say that he sent them.no! indeed, i would not.i would not slander our king .any old citizen can see by going to his (paynes)palace that his furniture wa taken from archie miller house & other places near by.he always goes for rebels but invariably brings furniture.i suppose his task is furnish the contraband camp of this (colored)

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Lehman Brothers

What is the definition of method overriding in java?

Method overriding is similar to method overloading, with a small difference. In overriding, a method in a parent class is overridden in the child class. The method in the child class will have the same signature as that of the parent class. Since the method in the child class has the same signature & name as the method of its parent class, it is termed as overriding. In situations where you may have to explicitly call the parent class method you can use the "super" keyword and for explicitly calling the current objects method you can use the "this" keyword.

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2008 Economic Crisis
Lehman Brothers

What is the ticker symbol for Lehman Brothers?

The ticker symbol for Lehman Brothers Holding Incorporated was LEH but the company no longer exists after it was forced into bankruptcy during the financial crisis of 2008.

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Lehman Brothers

What are accepted reasons for bankruptcy?

There is only one acceptable reason for c. 7 bankruptcy: inability to pay your debts when due. You have to show you do not have or expect your income to change, and you you do not have enough excess monthly income to allow you to file a c. 13 instead.

Symbols for Stocks Mutual Funds and ETFs
2008 Economic Crisis
Lehman Brothers

What is ticker symbol for Lehman Brothers Aggregate fund?

The ticker symbol for Lehman Brothers Holding Incorporated is LEH and it is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

2008 Economic Crisis
Lehman Brothers

What did the lehman brothers do?

they didnt do anything

Lehman Brothers

Difference between good news and bad news letters?

A good news letter delivers news that will make an individual happy or a company profitable, it delivers good news. A bad news letter delivers news that could make a person sad due to bad news.


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