MySQL is a Relational Database Management System. It was first released in 1995 and is most commonly used with the PHP programming language. MySQL is open source and 100% free to use.

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What is a sample objective statement for a programmer?

Objective: I like making robust, user-friendly software that helps desktop computer users get their work done faster and easier.

Objective: Creating real-time software to fly state-of-the-art aircraft.

Objective: Maintaining and improving existing programs, especially COBOL, so they work better and/or work in new environments.

Objective: Creating the coolest new social website software to connect family and friends...think facebook 2.0.

I don't have a sample for a programmer (does anyone else out there?) but here is some advice on writing your own.

This is essentially copied from information published by the Federal Citizen Information Center in their Employment section.

A resume objective statement is placed immediately below your contact information. The objective statement tells the reviewer what kind of position you want -- for example, "Seeking a position as an administrative assistant." Some statements include more detail, such as "Seeking an administrative position using my organizational, word processing, and customer service skills."

Objective statements are optional and are most often used by recent graduates and career changers. "I like to see an objective on a resume because it shows focus," says Jannette Beamon of Dell Computers' Central Staffing Division in Round Rock, Texas.

But writing resume objectives can be tricky. A vague statement, such as "Seeking a position that uses my skills and experience," is meaningless. And an overly specific statement can backfire, eliminating you from jobs you want that are slightly different from your objective.

If you decide to include an objective statement, make sure it fits the job you are applying for. "Tailoring is expected," says Beamon. "A statement should show that you know the type of work the company does and the type of position it needs to fill."

Objective : To make a program that is useful for majority of the population in their day to day life. People should be using it regularly as a necessity.

Unlike any social networking sites, against which people consider avoiding so as to NOT to get addicted to it.

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Sql query to list all the constraints in the table?

SELECT * FROM user_constraints WHERE table_name='TABLENAME';


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How can you get the line breaks to work when you retrieve data from MySQL to PHP?

In most raw (not formatted) text, such as the text in a simple HTML input element, new lines are denoted by a special "newline" character (commonly referred to as \n). When the text reaches this character, it pulls the text following it to the next line.

For example, the string "hello\nworld" would actually appear as:



When you submit and retrieve text data in MySQL, it preserves these newline characters as they were originally entered. When you print them onto an HTML page, you may notice that newline characters do not seem to "work" as you could expect them to. The previous string would actually appear as "helloworld", instead of being broken up into two lines.

This is because the string is printed into the HTML source code as "hello\nworld". Browsers are supposed to ignore most whitespace and newlines, which would give us the resulting "helloworld".

In HTML, new lines are created with the
element. When pulling raw text data from MySQL, you will probably want to replace any occurrences of newline characters (which is the raw text's way of creating new lines) with the
element (which is HTML's).

A function exists which easily makes the replacements. It is the nl2br() function, which (simply put) accepts one string as an argument (the text data to replace newline characters) and returns a string (the text data with \n replaced as


$string_taken_from_mysql = 'hello \n\n hello';

echo nl2br($string_taken_from_mysql);






What is unsigned in mysql?

In any programming language unsigned mean you can store only non negative value.

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What are the components of database management system DBMS?

They are the Data, users/people, procedure, hardware and software.

Data is the most important component of this system which is the piece of information stored in tables. All manupulation is done with the data. It is stored in tables and then different queries are used to manage and manipulate the data. On can even generate reports to show the results of manipulated data and see the data stored in the databasel. users are the

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Is there any function in sql server to return all values of a column seprated by comma you dont want to use loop or sql sever cursor?

CREATE TABLE #T ( ID INT, [NAME] VARCHAR(50) ) INSERT #T SELECT 1, 'Row1' UNION SELECT 2, 'Row2' UNION SELECT 3, 'Row3' UNION SELECT 4, 'Row4' UNION SELECT 5, 'Row5' UNION SELECT 6, 'Row6' UNION SELECT 7, 'Row7' UNION SELECT 8, 'Row8' UNION SELECT 9, 'Row9' UNION SELECT 10, 'Row10' SELECT * FROM #T DECLARE @Values AS VARCHAR(8000) SELECT @Values = '' SELECT @Values = @Values + ISNULL([Name] + ', ', '') FROM #T IF LEN(@Values) > 0 SELECT @Values = LEFT(@VALUES, LEN(RTRIM(@VALUES)) - 1) --Remove trailing comma SELECT @Values AS CommaDelimitedResultSet DROP TABLE #T

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How do you connect Microsoft IIS Oracle 9iAS and MySQL to three computers when two of them are using Linux and the other one Win XP?

I want to wish you the best of luck. I would start off Number one by haveing a really good network admin. If your an Admin then you have some work. Number one Microsoft IIS, Oracle 9iAS, and the SQL server should all be stand-alones. You would have to link computers together with atleast a 10-Base-T hub. Call network something and make all Gateways, ISPs for these "servers". You would also need to have the "Servers" auto-handshake ISPs from other computers. HAve the Linux machines and windows machine tied into network. the windows machine would be easier to config. Make sure that you have made the "workgroup" name for the servers. That's going to help the XP machine reconize the "servers". For the Linux boxes, I have not really worked with Linux sence RedHat 5.0 but more than likely you are going to need to get dynamic ips for those boxes and have those dial direstly to the "SERVER" that you need to use at that piticular time. I hope that this helps minimally, Your taking on a task that most Admin would not you have 5 diffrent platforms that you are wishing to use in this network. The easy ones to takle is the "SERVERS" the ones that is going to be hard is the crossing of Linux and XP.

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How do you connect db2 and mysql?

Take a shot at adoDB - find it here:


What is the basic form of a SQL statement to read data out of a table?

select * from Table

1.SELECT col1,col2,... from Tablename

2.SELECT col1,col2,...from Tablename WHERE condition

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Explain normal forms with simple example?

Normal Forms

First Normal Form: Every field of the table must be atomic(indivisible)i.e there must be no composite or multivalued fields.Eg.Consider a table Employee such that it has 5 fields Name,Age,Sex,TelephoneNo,we represent it as


Empno Name Age Sex Tno

1001 A 24 M 234567,678901

1002 B 25 F 123456

Clearly, the above table is not in 1NF as the field Tno may contain more than one values because each employee may have more than one Telephones.

To make it in 1NF,however, we can do some improvisations,

First Improvisation

Add an extra field "Tno2", our table Employee now looks like Employee(EmpNo,Name,Age,Sex,Tno1,Tno2)

Second Improvisation

Repeate the remaining field values for each Telephone value

Empno Name Age Sex Tno

1001 A 24 M 234567

1001 A 24 M 678901

1002 B 25 F 123456

As you can see both these improvisations have added extra information storage overhead with them. So the most recommended one is the DECOMPOSITION.

Here we will Decompose our erroneous table into more tables.



Now our tables will look like this


Empno Name Age Sex

1001 A 24 M

1002 B 25 F


Empno Tno1 Tno2


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10 examples of Database Management System?

Ten common software packages that provide DBMS functionality include:

  1. Ingres
  2. Microsoft Access
  3. MongoDB
  4. MS-SQL Server
  5. MS FoxPro
  6. MySQL
  7. NoSQL
  8. Oracle
  9. Postgres
  10. SQLite

A DBMS, or database Management System, is a collection of programs that enables you to store, modify, and extract information from a database.

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What is need for normalization in dbms?

DBMS stand for data base management system

We normally use dbms systems to improve the management of the data and accesss of the data too.

well if the data is in normal form it is very easy to access it as well as manage it for the system.

In the process of normalization we increase the normality of the data by removing the dependencies redundancy applying the entity integrity and referential integrity.

there are many stages of Normalization process..:

1. 1NF

2. 2NF

3. 3NF

4. BC NF

5. 5NF...etc..



While the above answer is not incorrect, I don't believe it properly answers the question in a way that anyone who is not already a database expert would understand. The question is this: Why do we need to normalize data in a database. Here is the answer:

First, in order to answer this you have to understand what normalization is. Normalization is the process of removing duplicate information and dependent information from a database.

Lets say for example you have two tables, one called 'employees' and another called 'addresses'. In the employees table you include a field called 'city' and you also include this field in the addresses table. The reason you might do something like this is that you want to be able to get a basic idea of where your employee lives without having to look up the address so you include it in both locations.

Why is this bad? well it should be obvious but here it is. Its bad because it allows for inaccuracies. What if the employee moves and changes his address and you forget to change the city listed in the employees table (or your system crashes while you trying to do it)

the proper way to do this would be to not have the 'city' field in the employee table and instead have a reference to the address table. When querying this info you need to join the two tables and this will ensure that you always have the correct info.

-Dallas Caley

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How do you escape database queries with PHP?

Use mysql_real_escape_string(), after you've connected to your database. If that function doesn't work, use mysql_escape_string() or addslashes(). Never leave your database input vulnerable to attack.


Does Freewebs allow MySQL?

Unfortunately, Freewebs does not offer these functions.

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What is an entity?

In VHDL, entity is the keyword for defining a new object. In SGML and its derived markup languages HTML and XML, an entity is a named body of data associated with a document. Once defined, an entity can be referenced any number of times within the document, via entity references. An entity typically consists of a sequence of one or more characters, either encapsulated within a declaration of the entity's existence, or encoded and stored externally in a text file. Such entities and their references are comparable to macros and include files in programming languages. However, entities don't necessarily have to contain parseable text; they may also be binary files that are included in a document only by reference, with the entity name as the value of an ENTITY-type attribute.


An entity is something that has a distinct, separate existence, though it need not be a material existence. In particular, abstractions and legal fictions are usually regarded as entities. In general, there is also no presumption that an entity is animate. Entities are used in system developmental models that display communications and internal processing of, say, documents compared to order processing.

An entity could be viewed as a set containing subsets. In philosophy, such sets are said to be abstract objects.

Sometimes, the word entity is used in a general sense of a being, whether or not the referent has material existence; e.g., is often referred to as an entity with no corporeal form, such as a language. It is also often used to refer to ghosts and other spirits. Taken further, entity sometimes refers to existence or being itself. For example, the former U.S. diplomat George F. Kennan once said that "the policy of the government of the United States is to seek . . . to preserve Chinese territorial and administrative entity.


An entity is a legally recognized and formally structured grouping of people focused on some common cause or objective.


Here are some examples of entities:


an SIL branch


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E-R diagram for hostel management system?

Need the E-R diagram for hostel managment system

hostel management is one of the best mini project for engineering students.

so we need an er diagram to enhance the database projects

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What is different between strong entity and weak entity?

strong entity is the entity that can stand alone

weak entity cannot be exist alone.

usually strong entity represent an real world entity such as course , student, patient, ward, department, employee,.... etc


the weak entity represents the relationship between two entities, so in connot be exist alone, there must be two strong entities that the weak entity will connect.


How do you replicate a MySQL TABLE?

I'm assuming you mean *duplicate* not replicate. Replicating refers to having the same data on multiple machines for either performance or backup issues. The following solution is for duplicating a table. I'm by no means a MySQL genius, but I've worked with MySQL for a while. If you have PHPMyAdmin installed, the easiest thing to do is go to your table, click Operations, fill in "copy table to..." If you don't have PHPMyAdmin, the easiest way I can think of is using mysqldump, editting the dump file, then importing the table: > mysqldump -p DatabaseNameToGetFrom TableName > SomeFileName.dump > pico/ee/edit/vi/emacs/YourFavoritePlainTextEditor SomeFileName.dump Use a find and replace on the old table name and change it to the new tablename, save it, exit the editor then run this command: > mysql -p -D DataBaseNameToPutInto < SomeFileName.dump That should do it fine. Another way is this command:

create table NEW select * from OLD; Then use:

show create table OLD;

alter table NEW add primary key (this,that);

Then add other keys as necessary;

Wine and Champagne

What is the best way to store Pinot Noir during the summer months?


Store it in a cool dark place on its side. Preferably in a basement if you have one.

Red wines should be stored at approximately 55 degrees. In the summer, you really should have a wine refrigerator to make sure the temperature doesn't fluctuate too much. Especially for Pinots that are quite tempermental.

For more info, see my website page on proper wine storage.

55 degrees is the best average wine storage temperature for all wines. Pinot noir can be stored and served at a slightly warmer temperature of 61 degrees Fahrenheit.

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What triggers xanthophobia?

The best way to have your carpets cleaned would be to hire a professional. These companies have the proper tools to make sure there isn't any damaged caused.



AnswerMySQL, like most modern Database Management Systems is based on the relational model. So it is a RDBMS (Relational Database Management System).

Is it possible have more than one person developing a website on a single MySQL database - i.e. two people working from two different computers?

It's possible that more than one person develops a website using a single MySQL database since the database doesn't protects against multiple access at the same time.

In that eventuality, one of the two version is erased, and the other one is keep.

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How do you update data in a MySQL database using PHP?

To update data from your MySQL database you need to use the mysql_query() function. Please see the example below:


mysql_query("UPDATE table_name SET field_name_2 = '77' WHERE field_name = 44");


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What is informix?

A database.


What does mysql error failed to establish connection with mysql server mean?

This is an error in MySQL that occur due to various reasons:

  1. MySQL database has been corrupted.
  2. Wrong database credentials.
  3. MySQL Server (Web Host) is not responsive.

But the most common reason of this error is database corruption and for fixing the error occured because of this reason you can make use of a tool named Stellar Repair for MySQL that safely restores all inaccessible database objects including primary keys, views, triggers, tables, etc. in the original format. The tool also provides preview of recoverable database objects in main interface. You can fix this error easily using this tool for free from Stellar's Official Site.


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