Scrapbooking is a decorative way of preserving personal memorabilia such as Family, Friends, Events, or History, using photographs and printed media, also included is Digital Scrapbooking.

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What do you need to make a scrapbook?

A scrapbook is any collection of items that help you share or recall memories, in book form.

To make a scrapbook, you need:

A Book

Depending on what your scrapbook will be used for, you have lots of choices. There are blank books designed specifically for scrapbooking that can be purchased at scrapbooking stores, craft supply stores, and many big-box retail stores. These often have removable pages that are protected by a plastic cover. You don't have to purchase a commercial scrapbook, you can use a notebook, a sketchbook, or even an old book.

Store-bought scrapbooks provide extra space in the spine for embellished pages. When you put items in your book, it will make it thicker. When using a book that was not designed for scrapbooking, you'll find that your book fans out, with the spine being more narrow than the stack of pages. You can minimize this by tearing out excess pages. Make sure to tear out pages throughout the book instead of tearing out most of the pages at the beginning or end.


The items in your scrapbook tell a story. These items can be photos, letters, concert tickets, plane tickets, postcards, or small mementos like buttons or leaves. Anything non-perishable that is mostly flat can be put in a scrapbook. Scrapbooks can be themed based on the items put in them. You might have a scrapbook dedicated to a specific event, like a vacation, or a single scrapbook for one kind of event, like concerts or trips. If you are scrapbooking for your children you might have a family scrapbook, or individual scrapbooks for each child.

Adhesives and Fasteners

To fasten your memorabilia to your pages, you need some kind of adhesive. Tape or glue are common adhesives, and there are many different decorative tapes and strengths of adhesives to choose from. Instead of using an adhesive, you can use a fastener such as a staple, paperclip, or brad. Some scrapbookers use a sewing machine to stitch items into place. You should tailor your choice to the materials you are using.

If you want your scrapbook to last for generations, you should use an adhesive that is acid free. Adhesives sold specifically for scrapbooking will generally be acid free. Acid free materials will protect your pages and memorabilia from rapid deterioration.


You can add additional embellishments such as stamps or stickers to your pages. Scrapbooking embellishments and decorative scrapbook papers can be purchased at a craft store to enhance the look of the pages in your scrapbook. These embellishments can add to the story you are telling and make the book more aesthetically pleasing. You can also use crafting supplies to create your own embellishments.


The photos and items you put in your scrapbook tell a story. You can strengthen this by writing down your memories. This journaling process captures your version of events for future generations. When journaling, you may want to share the names of the people in photos, write about what was special about the specific event, relate a story, or just share the day and place that photos were taken. Regardless of the items you use to create your scrapbook, remember that your scrapbook is your own collection of memories. More than items pasted in a book, it is a tactile memoir of an event or series of events in your life, and an opportunity for you to express your own personal style.

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How do you make a homemade scrapbook?

It would get some kind of borders or something to frame the pictures, maybe some glitter, stickers and some colourful pens to doodle and write little messages. You'll also need some scissors and glue or tape. Ribbon might be nice to use as well. You should make it about the size of a large textbook.

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How do you stop leather photo album cover from getting sticky?

If your leather photo album cover is getting sticky, it's probably not leather, but instead vinyl. The best way to get it less sticky is to us some spay cooking oil (remove or cover pictures/pages with a gallon sized zip bag). Rub the oil in and let is soak in, repeat as necessary.

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Why did your glue stick turn black?

Most likely because it was left somewhere damp and then got mouldy.

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Can you use a scrapbook for a portfolio?

If you're making a portfolio then you already have some creativity.

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What is paper piercing?

Paper Piercing Paper piercing is a technique used in scrapbooking. The basic tenet to the technique is this: create a pattern on a piece of paper or cardstock with pierced holes through the paper. The pattern can be created either by laying a template or an image copy over the paper and piercing the pattern through the template, or by freehand creating the image or words on the paper. The piercing can be performed by a long needle or a special piercing tool sold at scrapbooking stores. Once the piercing has been completed, you can ink or chalk around it to give the image or word or letter dimension. This technique can be used to create images, words, letters, or any other design to use as an accent or background for a scrapbook page or greeting card. Paper Piecing Paper piecing is a technique used in scrapbooking to create images or accents to custom fit your scrapbook page. The technique involves cutting a pattern of an image (such as a cartoon character) out of various pieces of patterned paper and cardstock, then putting them together to form the image. For example, a paper piecing of Garfield might have his body parts cut out of an orange fuzzy paper and his night shirt cut out of patterned paper, and once it's pieced together properly and detailed with markers, pens and chalk it will appear as Garfield. Often paper piecing patterns are images cut out of coloring book pages, but it can involve any number of templates or even freestyle cutting.

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What is Scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking is pictures of your life, friends, family, and memorable events, that you put into a book, with writing about that particular image, and little things like stickers, and dried flowers. You can put paper behind pictures as well. You can also stamp images on paper, cut them out and paste them on your page. It is a lot of fun.

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How many electronic scrapbook websites are there?

If you're referring to Web sites where you can create a digital scrapbook online, here are some choices: Lets you create digital scrapbook pages online using your photos and CropMom's digital scrapbook papers and embellishments. You can download a low-resolution layout for free for sharing on the Web. Or you can purchase the high-resolution digital file for high-quality printing. Lets you create a digital scrapbook online using PhotoAlbum's graphics. You may order your scrapbook as a professionally printed and bound album. Lets you create digital scrapbook pages online. Lets you create digital scrapbook pages online. You may order your scrapbooks as photo albums from Picaboo. Lets you add your photos to pre-made layouts or greeting cards. May upgrade to a membership for higher-end designs or for printing your layout.

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How do I make page protectors for odd sized scrapbook pages?

They have "Laminating machines" at Office supply stores that will fix you right up.

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Is quilling hard?

It depends. I've had some students who have learned the basics very quickly and easily while others have had to really work at it. But you must really learn the basics of quilling to quill well and this takes practice and lots of it especially if you're not a natural. But you can start creating things as you learn.

I've been quilling since I was 5 or 6 and I'm still learning new things. My first few months were spent learning not only how to make coils but to make them the same each time (size, shape, how it looks when it expands, etc).

How much you spend depends on what type of quiller (aka quillest or quilling artist) you are. Some quillers spend all their money on quilling strips and reference material while other want all the bells and whistles (ie Quilling Corral© or quilling template, specialized items and every tool made.).

If you're disabled some tools are helpful. When I was injured 10 years ago there was nothing in the way of adaptive tools for quilling. My husband had to invent some so I could quilling again. Don't let injury, age or any cause of disability to stop you from quilling or actually doing anything you like to do. There is a lady who is blind and quills (I know because my husband created a tool for her!). You can find such tools by putting adaptive and quilling into your search engine. To find other quilling materials put in quilling along with the item you're looking for separated by commas.

I could list the supplies you'll need but these can be found easily by doing a search. I don't use any fancy glue. I use Elmer's Glue All whch has served me well through the years.

You can quill using a wide variety of quilling strip widths depending on what you're creating. Quilling isn't just done with 1/8" or 3mm strips any longer!

Quilling has pushed the envelop and there are many types of quilling including flat pictures, dimensional quilling, 3d quilling, fantasy quilling, realistic quilling and more. Every day quilling artists are developing new techniques and designs.

You can quill using no tools, a slotted tool or the professional tool (aka needle tool). Although you can learn from a good quilling book you actually do better if you socialize with other quillers (either online or locally) in a quilling support group. A good group to join it Quillers at Yahoo Groups. There are other online groups I belong to but quillers is a really good one. Another option is to join a quilling guild. with guilds all over the world you're sure to find one near you. Just put in the search engine quilling guild.

I'm not going to talk about specific techniques for quilling as there are plenty of articles online that do this. Just put in quilling techniques or how to quill or even quilling hints.

There are many sites online that sell supplies and there are tons of free resources too. Just use your search engine to find them. Want to see pictures of quilling? Put in quilling, picture or quilling, photo. I find using the singular helps locate more items.

Are you looking for resources? Again the search engine is a great help. Use quilling resource and see what comes up.

Quilling is an art form that can be married (used with) many other art forms. So move out of your comfort join and try something new. You may be surprised that there is a quilling artist in you just screaming to come out.

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How can you make your gel ink pen work again?

Adults only....light a match and hold it under the tip of the pen for a few seconds, be careful not to burn the casing of the pen.
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How do you design a scrapbook page that looks like an open book?

Chose the color paper you want to look as if it is the binding or cover. this is the bottom layer. I think i would use a few off white or eggshell colored papers and cut one into strips that curve into a slight "C" make them about a 1/2" wide and about 1/2" shorter than your overall page length. your other eggshell colored paper cut eack of the sides in that slight curve to match the strips you cut before. then fold it in half. (it should be simetrical) think of the fold you just made the center of where the pages meet in an open book and the strips you will glue on to the sides in layers to make it look like multiple pages, in an open book. I would use pop dots to make the part closest to the "binding" of the book sit higher than the "pages" to give it a little dimension like a real open book would have. If you were really crafty you could type or write on the pages too. and number the botom of them too.


What are the best kinds of beads to use when making jewelry?

The best kinds of beads to use when making jewelry can be answered on several different points. Creatively, use whatever you like.

Jewelry is an art form, it has been with us since the beginning of the human race, people have decorated themselves with beautiful and unique objects that represent something special to them.

What is the message you want to convey with the jewelry you make? Use what you decide would get the message across most effectively. From a design aspect, using what is traditionally appropriate for that design, ie., glass seed beads for native American beadwork, is a good place to start, and then incorporating something a little different that you think would look good in the design will give it originality.

From a marketing perspective, semiprecious and precious stone beads are most popular, for example chalcedony briolettes, amethyst, ruby, tourmaline faceted beads, etc. While they cost more than using glass, they also demand a higher retail price for the finished piece. If you are going to spend the time to make jewelry to sell, make quality jewelry using fine materials and you will make more profit in the long run.

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What is the difference between brads and eyelets?

Brads and Eyelets Brads and eyelets are both used in scrapbooking as embellishments, to attach items to each other and the page, and for many other reasons. Both come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Brads have two prongs on the back - you insert the prongs through a hole in the item(s) and flatten those prongs on the backside to keep it in place. Eyelets require a special tool to set them, this can be a loud and time-consuming process if you do not have the right tool. The Silent Setter by Provo Craft is quiet but not always effective for hard to set eyelets. The Karen Foster Click-it tool and the Universal Setter (a spring load setter) are not as quiet but set even the hardest eyelets. The new We R Memory Keepers Crop-a-dile is said to be the best quiet setter on the market, but it does have a limit to range (can't set eyelets in the middle of the page).


Where do they sell scrapbooks?

Target, Walmart, Micheal's, any craft store


What is combination of color red and yellow?


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Who invented scrapbooking?

The current trend of scrapbooking is usually traced back to the "commonplace books" of the 15th century. Once common people had easy access to paper, they started collecting their favorite quotes, recipes, etc. In the Victorian period, people started adding ephemera to their books, such as greeting cards and advertisements.


How can you unlock the scrapbook of others?

First, you ask if they will let you view their scrapbook, if the answer is "NO" you don't view it. If you want to break into someones scrapbook, that's a violation of their privacy and should not be done, there are Laws dealing with this and you can get into trouble.

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How do you make a scrapbook?

Get a scrapbook and put stuf you like in it Today, you have to go to a scrapbooking store to buy a fancy album, archival qualilty document holders, themed pages, stickers, stamps, hole punches, etc. It also helps to buy a computer program that will help you put all this stuff together. And you can even take classes or attend workshops to learn how to do it "right". More. you can buy scrapbooking kits and all you have to do it put in photo . but you will need to select a theme, colour,papers. it will also depend on what types of scrapbook you want baby scrapbook, wedding or birthday You can also create a digital scrapbook online using a service such as CropMom. Just upload your photos. Then use their scrapbook graphics to make the layout. You can get the high-resolution file for printing. That makes it easy because you can print as many as you'd like.

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What is the purpose of scrapbooking?

to perserve your pictures in a creative and more effective way than by sticking them gumbled up into a photo album. it is also a great fun thing to do with your kids... it opens doors to life that u didn't know where there :)

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What type of glue should you use to glue leaves to paper?

White glue , Super glue . Leave it for about a few minutes for it to dry


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