The Duggars

The Duggars are the main casts of an American reality television show 19 Kids and Counting. A conservative Christian, the Duggar family consists of Jim Bob, Michelle Duggar and their 19 children.

Salary and Pay Rates
The Duggars

What is Josh Duggar's annual income?

Josh Duggar's annual income is not public information.

Josh recently accepted a job as the executive director of a conservative family oriented lobbying group based in Washington, D.C.

Prior to taking this executive position, Josh supported his family with a used car lot and income from appearances on his family's reality TV show "19 Kids and Counting."

As the oldest of the Duggar children, Josh is paving the way into adulthood, providing a glimpse at how the Duggar children will transition from home and homeschooling into a career and supporting a family.

The Duggars
Cooking Measurements
Weight and Mass

How much does a fork weigh ounce or a pound?


The Duggars

Are the Duggar girls allowed to get haircuts?

Yes! If you notice, they all have layers and or bangs. Women who don't believe in cutting their hair, don't even get it trimmed. The Duggar girls explain in an episode that they simply like long hair.

Reality TV Shows
The Duggars

What religion are the Duggar family of the reality-TV show '19 Kids and Counting'?

  • They are Independent Baptists. They watch TV but not a lot, and they do have a computer. I know this because they have said so themselves. I do not know for sure if they are Quiverfull, the reason, (according to them) that they want as many children as God allows is because they were using birth control in the beginning and miscarried their first child. They also follow the teachings of Bill Gothard, which is where they get the beliefs of women wearing dresses and having long hair and no dancing. Josh and Anna were married in a Baptist church.
  • The Duggars also are associated with a Conservative Christian movement called Quiverfull. Quiverfull families try to have as many children as possible and do not use any birth control.They just have as many children as "God intends them to have."
Dieting and Weight Loss
The Duggars

Are any of the Duggars on diets?

JimBob was doing weight watchers and Michelle says she is a lifelong member. I saw Jana at the meeting as well but I would assume she just went to be supportive since she is a healthy weight.

The Duggars

Why did Michelle Duggar have her gallbladder removed?

Michelle had a large gallstone. When the gallbladder would react to certain foods, it would press down on the gallstone and Michelle would experience a lot of pain.

After it was addressed, Michelle said it was extremely painful and the recovery was difficult.

The Duggars

When did Grandpa Ruark on the Duggars die?

Grandpa Ruark died the same year missing Shawn Hornbeck was found.

The Duggars

How big is the the Duggar's grocery bill?

$2,000- a month!

The Duggars

Did Michelle Duggar miss carry?

Yes. During a routine ultrasound, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar found out that the baby passed away at 16 weeks gestation. Michelle was 19 weeks 1 day along. It was the same week that baby Josie turned 2 years old. (Week of December 4, 2011)

The Duggars

How do the Duggars homeschool so many children?

Once the children have mastered reading, writing, and basic math and science skills, their schooling and grading is mostly done through a homeschooling computer program. This frees up time for Michelle to tend to and teach the youngest children. The older kids who have graduated from high school help their younger siblings with their homework. Family activities often serve as educational field trips, where the whole family can learn together.

The Duggars

Is Jim Bob employed?

Jim Bob Duggar manages commercial real estate properties and is a real estate agent.

He is not anyones employee, meaning he doesn't work for a business.

But he is employed, he is busy earning money for his family.

Cars & Vehicles
The Duggars

What kind of car do the duggars drive?

The Duggars have many cars to carry so many children. They do have a trailer and I believe they have a bus but they have an SUV

The Duggars

Was Michelle Duggar pregnant during May 2011?

No. Michelle Duggar was not pregnant on May 22, 2011.
The Duggars

Will there ever be kids bob 19?

it will be kids bob 19

The Duggars

How old was Michelle Duggar when she had her last child?

i think she was 43

The Duggars

Do the duggars have any triplets?

No. Michelle Duggar gave birth to every one of the Duggar children, including 2 sets of twins.

The Duggars

Are the Duggars Amish?

No. They are Baptist. The family attends an independent Baptist church that they organize with other families in their area.

The Duggars

Did Michelle dugger have a child out of wedlock?


This rumor has been floating around since TLC did a series on big families that included a couple of families where the mother did have a child out of wedlock before entering into the relationship where they had 10 or more children.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar met when they were in High School, and married shortly afterwards. Their first child, Josh Duggar, was born about 3 years after they got married.

The Duggars

Is Jill Duggar pregnant?

No. The Duggars wait until marriage to have sex.

The Duggars

How old are Michelle Duggars parents?

Unfortunately, both of Michelle's parents have passed away.

The Duggars

Can the Duggar children move out before they get married?

The Duggars believe that you should live with your parents until you are married, just ask 25-year-old John-David, who yes, still lives with Jim Bob and Michelle. Joseph Duggar is the first unmarried Duggar to move out. Joseph is moving away to go to college and Jana (John-David's twin who is also 25) will be moving away to go to college as well soon.

The Duggars

How many weeks pregnant was Michelle dugger when josie was born?

25 weeks 3 days

The Duggars

Did the Duggar family live in Utah?

The Duggar Family has never lived in Utah. They have lived in North West Arkansas since way before the children were born, but Michelle's family does live in Ohio.

The Duggars

What does mr duggar do for a living?

Jim Bob Duggar manages real estate (both commercial and residential) is commercial real estate agent, speaking engagments and lastly the family reality televisions show.

The Duggars

How do the Duggars save money?

The Duggars carefully track their spending, and whenever possible they follow the motto: "Buy used and save the difference".

The Duggars keep a budget and look for the best use of their money. This includes creating their own laundry soap and other homemade items for cost savings. But the Duggars are not against technology.. they carefully follow auctions, resale shops and other sources against their needs.

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