The Wanted (band)

The Wanted are a British boy band formed in 2009 with members Max George, Nathan Sykes, Tom Parker, Jay McGuiness and Siva Kaneswaran.

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Celebrity Sexual Orientation
The Wanted (band)

What is The Wanted's sexual orientation?

Dog Circle

The Wanted (band)

Who is better the wanted or jls?

The wanted can sing are good looking (some) and don't sing sloppy lyrics

JLS can't sing are not good looking and their lyrics are sloppy etc

EDITED: The above is an opinion not an actual fact.

The Wanted (band)

How do you pronounce Siva from the wanted?

s-ee-v-a is how you pronounce siva

The Wanted (band)

Is Nathan Sykes from the wanted in a relationship?

Nathan Sykes is in a relationship as of what he said at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards. There is not other information involving his love life.

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English Football
The Wanted (band)

What is longest period Football team Bolton Wanderers have spent at the top?

The longest period Bolton Wanderers spent in the top flight of English football was 23 seasons between 1935-36 and 1963-64.

They have won several FA Cup titles, but never the league title itself (whoever wrote the previous answer was thinking of Blackburn Rovers).

The Wanted (band)

Where does tom Parker from the wanted band live?

He did originally come from Bolton however he now lives in London with the rest of The Wanted :) xxx

The Wanted (band)

Has Jay from the wanted got a daughter?

Nope!;) He Hasn't got a girlfriend either, just him and his pet Lizard (Tia) :D

The Wanted (band)

What instruments do the members of the wanted play?

Tom, Max and Siva play the guitar. Max can also play the bass. Nathan plays the piano and Jay can play the drums, the box and the tambourine :)

The Wanted (band)

What are some songs like Glad You Came by the Wanted?

All Time Low, Heart Vacancy, Lose My Mind, Gold Forever, Lightning, Warzone, Chasing The Sun and I Found You are the other singles that have been released :) xxx

The Wanted (band)

How many songs have The Wanted done?


glad you came


personal soldjer

heart vacancy

lose my mind

all time low

say it on the radio




behind bars

a good day

lets get ugly

high and low

replace your heart

many more copies

The Wanted (band)

Does the wanted sing im glad you came?

yes they do sing I'm Glad you Came

The Wanted (band)

How old is Nathan from The Wanted?

His birthday is 18th April 1993

that makes him 18 now (2011)

The Wanted (band)

Who out of the Wanted auditioned for the x factor?

Max George did, in a band called Avenue. They also released a song called Last Goodbye which is on Pop Party 6

Tom Parker also auditioned but didn't get through

The Wanted (band)

Who is the leader of the wanted?

The Wanted (band)

How old are the wanted?

The Wanted (band)

What is Jay McGuiness's twins name from the wanted?


The Wanted (band)

Which the wanted album contains glad you came?

The song Glad You Came is on thier new album Battle Ground.

The Wanted (band)

How old are the wanted members?

The Oldest Is Tom Parker Who is Currently 24 (4/08/1988)

Then There Is Max George Who is 24 (6/09/1988)

Then Comes Siva Kaneswaran Who is 24 (16/11/1988)

Then There is Jay Mcguiness Who Is 22 (24/07/1990)

The Youngest Is Nathan Sykes Who Is Currently 19 (18/04/1993)

The Wanted (band)

What boy band was max George in before the wanted?


The Wanted (band)

What are the full names of the boys names in the wanted?

Thomas Anthony Parker, Nathan James Sykes, Maximillian Alberto George, Siva Stephan Michael Kaneswaran, and James Noah Carlos McGuiness is there actual full names, NATHANS LAST NAME IS SYKES NOT SKYES! just so you know!

The Wanted (band)

Is Nathan Sykes the youngest out of the wanted?

Yes he was born on 18th April 1993

The Wanted (band)

What colour of eyes does jay of the wanted have?

Blue :)

The Wanted (band)

Has Jay from the wanted got a girlfriend?

No he doesn't! ;)

The Wanted (band)

Where does Tom Parker from The Wanted come from?

Bolton, England.

The Wanted (band)

Who is the oldest in the band the wanted?

The Answer is Tom parker


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