The Wanted (band)

The Wanted are a British boy band formed in 2009 with members Max George, Nathan Sykes, Tom Parker, Jay McGuiness and Siva Kaneswaran.

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The Wanted (band)

What are the lyrics of glad you came by the wanted?

the sun goes down,the stars com up the univers will never be the same i'm glad you came,glad you came.

The Wanted (band)

Does Nathan Sykes from the wanted have a secret lover?


The Wanted (band)

Where does Nathan Sykes of The Wanted come from?

He's from Gloucester

The Wanted (band)

How did The Wanted come up with their group name?

Nathan named the band. He was inspired by the song Let's Get Ugly. The song had a wildwest theme and he thought of the Wanted posters. So thats how they come up with the name.

The Wanted (band)

Which university did Nathan Sykes from the wanted go to?

He didn't go to university, he joined The Wanted when he was 16 :)

The Wanted (band)

Who is the most popular member of the wanted?

Nathan. He's super popular. Second is probably Tom then probably Max.. And more.

Max has the most followers on twitter xxx

The Wanted (band)

How old was siva kaneswaran out of the wanted when he started modeling?

he was 15 years old when he started modeling.

The Wanted (band)

How do you play glad you came the wanted on guitar?

Ultimate Guitar tabs should be very useful, if not there should be videos on YouTube that go into detail on how to play it.

Good luck! :D

The Wanted (band)

Where does does the wanted live?

They are currently living in flats in London but will soon be moving to America for 2 months.

The Wanted (band)

Who is dating Nathan Sykes?

no he is currently single

The Wanted (band)

How many songs has the wanted made?

They have released these songs

All Time Low

Heart Vacancy

Lose My Mind

Gold Forever

Glad You Came


and they've released Two Albums titled

'The Wanted'


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The Wanted (band)

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The Difference Between
One Direction (band)
The Wanted (band)

Who is better One Direction or The Wanted?

This answer is open to Opinions only

Definitely The Wanted because One Direction had to go on the X factor to get famous and The Wanted got found just for being amazing.

I disagree! One Direction is better because they are young, cute and POPULAR! The Wanted is just a normal band. Also, if you're young like 17 and under, you love them! But The Wanted isn't that popular. The only hit song they have is Glad You Came. One Direction has TONS more! SO ONE DIRECTION IS MUCH BETTER!

NO the wanted are so much better. all their songs are hits and also One Direction is only popular because they were on x factor and everyone watches that and the wanted just are better looking as well :P person at the top i agree with you because 1D have like 3 songs the wanted have like 10 so there :P

i believe the wanted is better because they didn't have to go onto a show to know if they where good but they already knew they had talent they didn't need to be told that,plus one direction one of the boys i think it was harry styles fights with fans and some of the other boys do stupid things, but yea the wanted where talented way before they got chosen to be together any ways any, also im really happy they got together because then i wouldnt get to say this...

I think the wanted because they had the talent to get signed up and didn't have to go on X factor to get recognized, also there songs are much better, they are all better looking to, that's my opinion I may say this because i am a wanted fan:)

One Direction are better because they appeal to all ages, while The Wanted has 16-22 year old fans. Also, One Direction are better because their songs are more catchy than The Wanted songs, and the only song to argue with is "Glad You Came". While One Direction has What Makes You Beautiful, One Thing, Up All Night, Kiss You, She's Not Afraid, plus a lot more. And can you say that The Wanted has 2 Platinum albums, over 28 music and group awards, sold out concerts everywhere they go, and fans across the globe. I don't think so. So, I suggest that The Wanted fans better check them selves if they know what's good for them.

one direction is the best among all they did most hit songs than the wanted so no competition for one direction one direction is the best and will be the best forever

The Wanted (band)

Does Nathan Sykes from The Wanted have a girlfriend?

Nathan Sykes is currently dating an Australian girl by the name of 'Maddi Jones' They met last September when The Wanted were doing a promotional tour in Australia, The couple were seen talking at a 'Nandos' Restaurant in Sydney, sources tell us that is where they first met.

Sykes was thought to make it official with Maddi two days before leaving Australia, since then the couple have decided to keep it on the down low whilst Sykes is still touring, although Maddi has been flown to Britain numerous times, and America whilst the band are in the country.

Her Twitter name is @Maddi1D_Sykes

The Wanted (band)

Did the boy band the wanted go to performing arts school?

Only two, Nathan and Jay

Drama and Acting
The Wanted (band)

How old do you have to be for modeling?

You can start modeling at any age.

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yea i guess im a model i am just 14 so yea u can start modeling at anyage 13-i dunno it dependes

on the agency that u represent

The Wanted (band)

Who are the members of 'The Wanted'?

Tom Parker

Nathen Sykes

Max George

Jay McGuiness

Siva Kaneswaran

The Wanted (band)

What is maxes full name of the wanted?

Siva Kaneswaram (Siva) James Mcginnes (Jay) Nathan James Skyes ( Nathan) Maximillian Alberto George (Max)

Harry Styles
The Wanted (band)

Does kelsey grammar speak fluent french?

yes kelsey does speak fluent french yes kelsey does speak fluent french

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The Wanted (band)

Is Nathan Sykes from the wanted on facebook?

he was until end of 2011 then he deleted his account due to never having time for it and too many friends requests.

The Wanted (band)

How tall is Nathan Sykes from the wanted?

like 5'6 or 5'7 ish

Nathan is 5'9 actually and not the shortest member however he does look it. the shortest member is Max George who is 5'8.

The Wanted (band)

What style of music do the wanted sing about?

Their genre is pop/rock/indie and they mostly sing about love, heartbreak and how grateful they are for getting this far

One Direction (band)
The Wanted (band)

Why do one direction hate the wanted?

The Wanted has criticized One Direction by saying that they're only famous for their looks, and that they (The Wanted) are famous for their music.

Both bands' members have taken swings at each other other the years, primarily on twitter. One Direction member Louis Tomlinson has been known to lash out at other musicians who criticize One Direction, including Jake Bugg, and, of course, The Wanted. Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, and Louis Tomlinson have bashed members of The Wanted on twitter.

The Wanted (band)

Was The Wanted on X Factor UK?

They have never been contestants but they have performed on the show.

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The Wanted (band)

How do you become famous in a band?

First, to avoid the band breaking up, make sure that everyone has a job they'd like. If more than one person wants to be somthing, there can be more than one person. But have a limit of two people. If it's lead singer, limit to 4-5. If you don't think your a good singer or you get scared when you sing in front of people, take up an instrument. Finding people that play instruments can be a real challenge. That's just making a band!

To achive fame, always practice! And if someone asks your band to play, say "We will think about it, don't ask somone else." Discuss the date and time. If everyone can do it, call them and tell them as soon as you can. The reason why you need to say yes to a gig somewhere, is very simple. First, if it's a club, they hang up posters to atract people. Second, a talent scout could come.


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